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NHSO lieutenant quits after DWI arrest


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy has quit after being pulled over for drunk driving.

The Sheriff's Office says Highway Patrol stopped Lt. Lawrence Miller for DWI over the Labor Day weekend. Troopers stopped Miller during a checkpoint at the Snows Cut Bridge.

Miller has resigned from the Sheriff’s Office before an internal investigation concluded.

"I continue to stand firm on my position concerning alcohol related incidents," Sheriff Ed McMahon said in a statement of his zero-tolerance policy.

Miller was a 19-year veteran with the Sheriff's Office. He is at least the fourth Sheriff's Office employee to quit or be fired after an arrest since May 2010.

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It's funny that you refer to

It's funny that you refer to Lt. Miller as a ZERO.... not too long ago a lady who was visiting our fine part of the world lost her freedom for a night while registering ZERO on an alochol intoxication meter.

Hey, if we are going to have roadside "checkpoints" why don't we link up to the Department of Revenue's database and be sure that citizens are in tax compliance? Why don't we be sure that citizen's are current on their child support?

That isn't judgement...

...this is! An officer that you say defended our safety for 19 years, then goes out driving drunk to put the lives of the public IN DANGER is a "MISTAKE"? That's no mistake by any means, that's called pure stupidity! If anyone one in this county knew any better, it should be Lt. Miller. He could've even given himself a breathalyzer for criminy sakes. A taxi is even easier, not to mention a crapload cheaper.

Is your surgeon allowed to leave a scalpel in your abdominal cavity after surgery as a "mistake"?

Is you mechanic allowed to forget to put your oil plug back in after your oil a mistake?

Is your preacher allowed to molest an underage member of his a mistake?

Is your vet allowed to give your animal a lethal injection instead of a rabies a mistake?

Is your banker allowed make that 10,000.00 deposit of yours to the wrong a mistake?

Is this concept beginning to sink in with you yet?

As professionals, we maintain that signature by doing what is expected in that profession! Lt. Miller broke his own golden rule and is no longer considered a professionl in law enforcement...and never will again! It was HIS concious decision, he will greatly suffer the consequences he very well knew about as a former professional!

Hate to disagree with you

Hate to disagree with you 461, but all of the fact patterns you have laid out have civil remedies available except for the "molesting preacher" to which you refer...

The sad situation here is that in your example of a molesting preacher, he has superior rights in court compared to the accused "intoxicated" driver...

If he was not guilty why did

If he was not guilty why did he resign? He also resigned before the internal investigation could be completed, huh..amazing ain't it. McMahon should have fired him and not let him resign. If he was not guilty why did he refuse the breathalizer test? By resigning he can go to work for another dept, so watch out we will hear from him in the future.

Where did you get this info?

I saw no mention in any article that he refused a breath test. Where did you get your information?? Also, there seems to be a bit of confusion that this man would not be able to get another job in law enforcement if he were fired instead of resigning. It does not matter if he was fired or resigned. Unless the state takes his certification he is eligible to take another job anywhere in the state.

ILM Nat.... I checked the

ILM Nat.... I checked the other reports on Lt. Miller and did not see it reported anywhere that he refused the test. Do you know something we don't or are you trying to add some other spin to the debate?

Breathalizer test.

Where does it say he refused a test? How do you know this?


OK maybe I misread something about the breath test BUT why would he jump the gun and resign before the internal investigation was completed? If there was a chance he would be found innocent why would you resign?? Because he KNEW what the outcome would be that's why. Looks better on the resume to say you quit rather than be fired. Wonder why he left BCSD to come back over to the NHCSD after he had already left the NHCSD before that? HMMMM Get in some trouble over there also???? Well he can go over to Pender next I suppose.