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What do YOU think Commissioner Berger should do?


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Commissioners demanded fellow Commissioner Brian Berger resign Wednesday after a week of drama. Many of his Tea Party supporters, the StarNews and this television station have also recommended he step aside, but he's refused.

What do YOU think Commissioner Berger should do?

Let him know by calling or texting him at (910) 431-3115. Or e-mail him at

You can also email your thoughts with New Hanover County Republican Party Chairwoman Rhonda Amoroso at

Also feel free to leave your comments here!

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Hmmm...I wonder why...?

It's probably really hard for him to "do his job" and get to meetings on time because he spends so much of his time writing angry letters to various angencies who have "wronged him" in some way. Plus, he has to be sure to schedule a few hours here and there to defend himself on a certain media outlet's comment section (ahem) by calling people names while assuming food-related aliases.


Shut up Berger!!!

Do It

I will repeat what I've been saying for months. It's time to man up and do what is right. Resign! You can no longer serve effectively.

What does it matter?

It's up to Berger now, not the citizens, not the board of commissioners and certainly not WWAY or their polls.

Can we move on to some newsworthy reporting here? Forget Frog, forget Arra C Soles, forget Berger. It's really getting old and hum-drum...

Old? Hum-Drum?

You think it's "old and hum-drum" now? Without Burger, Frog, and Soles, there would be nothing to report. Boring!


Mr. Berger should resign and get the help he needs.With everything in his personal life upside down he can't do the job he was elected to. So it's time to step aside.

To all his friends out there do something before it's too later. We all know the saying woulda, coulda, shoulda....

Our Republican and Tea Party leaders should publicly demand!

Our NHC Republican and Tea Party leaders should publicly demand that Berger step down!

Straight Shooter... yes, you

Straight Shooter... yes, you are right that the Republican leadership should step up. Unfortunately they have chosen to remain silent.

Mr. Berger's performance is not the biggest disappointment in this whole story. The true failure rests with the NHC Republican Party's leadership.

Does the NHC Republican Party actually function or does it host group naps together??

Just Curious....

Is the cell phone that was used for the personal text and pictures sent in last weeks cry for attention also the same cell phone that is for county business?

Put an ammendment in the

Put an ammendment in the county bylaws for New Hanover County and give the commissioners the auth to discharge any member who violates the ammendment.
The majority should rule over altercations which degrade the county, such as Berger's instances..This is very unprofessional and these types of leaders should be discharged.