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ONLY ON 3: Judge Sasser defends bond policy

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Judge Sasser defends bond policy

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- As you saw ONLY ON 3 last night, in the last four months, hundreds of people in Columbus County, including some with violent charges, have been issued unsecured bonds. The judge responsible for the new bond policy spoke to WWAY this afternoon to defend the policy.

Columbus County Superior Court Judge Douglas Sasser says though it may *seem* alleged violent criminals are running free, the system is running smoothly and according to plan.

"Listen, I live in this community. I have family. I have friends. I don't want to be unsafe," Sasser said.

Tuesday WWAY obtained copies of hundreds of unsecured bonds all issued after May 1 in Columbus County. Among the charges are drug trafficking, sexual battery and assault on a child under 12.

"There may well we some charges that you would not normally see an unsecured bond on, but I would say probably take a little closer look and see if there's some extenuating circumstances," Sasser said.

Judge Sasser and Judge Jerry Jolly drew up the new bail policy for Columbus and Bladen Counties.

"It was actually just an attempt to bring it back up to date with what these current statutes provide," Sasser said referring to state laws governing bonds.

Under the policy to issue a secured bond, magistrates must fill out a three-page questionnaire on each defendant, making it a more cumbersome process. Sasser says he does not know of any other districts in the state who have a worksheets for a secured bond, but he says it is beneficial.

"I want them to take the extra step to jot it down in writing and make it available to myself, to the district court judges, whoever could possibly hear this case down the road," Sasser said.

Sasser said he trusts the magistrates to make the right decision in determining what kind of bond to issue.

"These people aren't bleeding-heart liberals," he said. "They're not trying to turn these some of these people loose on the streets. They're trying to make this place safer."

We also spoke with District Attorney Jon David. He said he plans to speak with other officials to see if changes to the bail policy need to be made.

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drunk drivers get a free pass here in thei judge's county

Driving drunk in this county under this judge's policy means nothing more than a slap on the wrist. They do not issue warrants anymore but something called "summons." Summons means that they ask that the "criminal show up for court" and do not order him to do so."Please please Mr. criminal will you come to court?" Also I discovered that drunk drivers get free bail under this judge's policy as do other offenders charged with violence. The voters should be made aware of the kind of judges holding the purse strings of justice in Columbus County. If they are mad at certain people, they will rewrite the policies of justice. How is that fair to the victims and the rest of us?


Can you guys not find a better choice for judges in the county?

Out on Unsecured Bail for Rape and committing Rape and more

"...In a separate case, a Bladen County teen was arrested on a rape charge stemming from an incident reported just four days earlier.

Brandon Scott Johnson, 16, of 43 Archietown Road, White Lake, was charged with second degree rape. He was served with the charge at the Sheriff’s Office, placed under $25,000 unsecured bond and released..."

The Sampson Independent - Child sex charges leveled

Let’s take a look at another rape case as it appears that this violent charge holds no value under the Sasser Jolly Bail Policy.
On the 28th of December 2010, it is alleged that Dempsy Robert McKoy III committed the act of Second Degree Rape (10CR 052818). For this charge, Mr. McKoy was released on the 30th day of December 2010 on an “Unsecured” Bond (a bond which holds NO obligations and which he himself signed.)
While out on the Unsecured Bond for the violent crime of Second Degree Rape, it is alleged that he committed additional crimes which also includes another Rape. In addition to the latest Rape charge, it is alleged that he also committed the violent offenses of First Degree Burglary and Assault with Serious Bodily Injury.
Mr. McKoy, while out on the Sasser Jolly Bail Policy, had no job or stable residence. He also has a previous record of violence. These are factors which should have been considered according to the Sasser Jolly Bail Policy for Columbus and Bladen Counties. These factors obviously were not considered or were totally disregarded. What is wrong with our judicial officials? Have they forgotten about our victims?

Thank you WWAY

Thanks WWAY for breaking this story. These judges think they can get away with anything and seem to be doing just that. Most folk never knew about this type of bond. I know I had not. I had to pay a ticket for using a wildlife access improperly as I pulled over at a boat ramp to talk to my dying mom. The ticket was for $275 and I was told I could tell it to the judge and he may decide to go easier. But losing a days work at International on overtime would have cost me more. So they let some rough people off with a slap on the wrist I now see. This is a crying shame that we have judges supposed to work for the innocent victims on here speaking for those committing violent crimes. I hope we have some better choices come election time. Judge Jolly and Judge Sasser, it is time you men go sit at the house or whereever you come from.

You have to be joking

Tell me that judges are not releasing rapist on free bonds. I cannot believe this. I understand that there is a presumption of innocence but judges should be erring on the side of caution. This is wrong. And if you have a prior record of violence, you do not let someone just sign themself out of jail. Obviously this judge defends his lame policy that is far from being tough on crime. This is an amazing case of stupidity. WWAY should follow this closely as someone will eventually get killed while out on this free bail policy. Good work judges. You have crossed over to the criminals' advocate. Yeah for criminals rights. Thumbs down to victims' rights under your lame amazingly stupid policy.

Challengers beware

These judges could care less about laws and victims' rights. They are put in office by stolen and bought Columbus and Bladen County votes. These are RC's judges and ex-felon Gov. Easley's appointments. They have more power than Supreme Court justices and they know it. No one can or will run against them or challenge their abuses of power. To do such would be tantamount to committing suicide-political suicide that is. Any attorney attempting to run against these power broker's boys will pay dearly. Just look at what they are doing to this bondsman and this new DA.

Doug Sasser and Jerry Jolly

Crazy and insane are two words I would use to describe the judges' bail policy. I recently had the honor of representing a client in Columbus County. Being from another area of this great state, I had, in the past heard about the policy someone has termed the "Sasser and Jolly bail policy." While I did get to meet both judges, Judge Sasser and Judge Jolly and found both to be nice and very respectful; I was shocked at the number of defendants appearing who had $0 bonds. I have not in 18 years witnessed such a ludicrous demagogy. Armed robbery, incest, child molestation, attempted murder, habitual felons and you just about name it; these people are running loose free and out of jail on no bond. This policy is a direct reflection on the two judges who crafted it and it should be placed into a deep waste basket. The public safety be damned. How Judge Sasser could obtain an appointment on the crime commission is beyond me. The next governor should look closely at this appointment.