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FIRST ON 3: Mother of baby mauled to death by dogs charged with involuntary manslaughter

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Mother of baby mauled to death by dogs charged with involuntary manslaughter

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The mother of the nine-day-old baby who was mauled to death by dogs in Bladen County last month was arrested on Friday after being indicted on one count of involuntary manslaughter.

According to Bladen County Sheriff’s deputies, Chelsea Lynn Brigman was arrested around 5 p.m. on Friday and was released from Bladen County Jail a few hours later under a $50,000 bond.

The Sheriff's Office confirms the 18-year-old Brigman, identified on the initial incident report as Chelsea Camerino, is the mother of nine-day-old Addyson Camerino, who died after at least one dog attacked her at a home in Clarkton August 30.

Animal Control seized five dogs from the home.

“Everyone there that was there and had the dogs around in the house, to me they're all responsible,” said Sandra Guyton, a Clarkton resident. “Something should have been done before now, I mean how long has it been since the child was attacked? I don't know it just seems something should have been done.”

Susan Butler, who also lives in Clarkton says the death of baby Addyson is not only a tragedy, the situation, she says could have been easily avoided.

“We don't think about our animals because we love them so much and they're a part of our family as being still animals,” said Butler. “We don't think about electrical cords or about little things that could hurt children. We have a lot of preventable deaths and unfortunately this is one of those cases.”

Both district attorney Jon David and the Bladen County Sheriff say a more detailed statement about Addyson's death will be released some time tomorrow. According to a deputy at the Bladen County Jail, Brigman is scheduled to be in court on October 4.

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well , I dont see all of you talking now. The ones that want to talk all that heartless crap about chelsea. Now that she has been through a trial bringing back the horror that she already has to face everyday knowing her baby is gone. She is still devastaed as is the whole family over the loss of Abby. Thats right ABBY , this baby has name , although most on here talked about her like an object. She had a mother and father , two sets of grandparents, a uncle, cousins , a whole family that loved her very much. Chelsea went to trial for a week, she did not take any plea bargains offered to her because she wanted it known to everyone she did nothing to cause her baby to be hurt. She went through pure hell for the last year, and has the rest of her life to picture still to see in her mind and nightmares what happened to her little addy bug. She was not found guilty of doing anything wrong and this was ruled an accident. Just what it was , an accident and a nightmare to this family. You on here want to act like you care , well we loved her . She was our baby , and everyone of you who took time out of your day to get on here and judge and say awful things about a young mother when you knew nothing of what really happened on this day should be ashamed of your self. I see no one on here saying . Wow , so I was wrong about her and what really happened maby I should think about how sometimes the media does not always know or rightly say whats going on. Shame on you , who took the courts and Gods job into your own hands by wrongly makeing accusations about a young girl that only wanted to love and raise her only child,.


I meant to say ADDY. I was so upset when I was writing that I didnt even proof read it or look up to realize I was hitting the b instead of d. We called her Addybug.


Involuntary manslaughter? That's it??? How about child endangerment for even having those dogs in the house with a baby? And child neglect for leaving the girl alone while she went to shower? And wrongful death for the child being killed because of the situation she created? So many things to charge this idiot with, but she really should be sterilized as she is definitely not mother material! You can't change stupid!

the mother did not leave the

the mother did not leave the child alone. she was the baby in the care of of her father inlaw, the babys grandfather. So glad you think you are god and can put judgement like that on someone. maby you should get the facts before you start opening your stupid mouth.

Oh please.

If the mother did not leave the child alone then how were the dogs able to get, AND KILL, her child? I fear that you are the ignorant one here. And, since you obviously know everything, then please let me know why it is a man would not save his own grandchild from the dogs attacking her. You need to stop acting childish and calling others stupid just because they have an opinion or thought that differs from your own.

sterilized hmmmmmf

first off hmmmm, i put my name on here unlike you for a reason. Is there a reason you did not. As far as calling someone names I was responding to a women that was already calling someone stupid and saying that a person should be sterilized, with out knowing the facts here. you said since I know everything, I will tell you what I do know. I know that my neice the mother this women was talking about, Is devasted and still in shock. I know that my sister, the childs grandmother, crys everyday, and talks about the babys little feet, and how she smelled ,and how her skin felt, and that she wants her grandchild more than anything shes ever wanted in her life. My family will never get over what happened to addy.I think I already stated that the child was left in the care of my neices father in law while she got in the shower, NOT LEFT ALONE. What happened then , we dont know yet, but I know it will come out before this is over. My family also wants to know why this man didnt protect the baby. He apparantly is not saying. It did very much upset me for this women to say someone should be sterilized when she, or I suspect you, being the same person has no idea what happened . Everyone has there opion yes, but people on here seem to forget that this is a baby that was very much loved . my neices family, My family , are good people. Not the same people showed on the news in clarkton. That is my neices inlaws, and have nothing to do with us, because we , excluding my neice, have never had, not have ever wanted anything to do with them. people should think about things before they judge others , especially with out knowing the facts.

Random Thoughts

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion. There is such a thing called freedom of speech. But I don't think anywhere in the constitution is there a place that says we can choose who is guilty, innocent, or otherwise viewed to be a bad parent.

So she left her baby on a kitchen counter thinking that the grandfather was going to watch the child while she took a shower.

So Grandfather thought the child was still in the mother's care

this sounds like a mix-up in communication.

How on earth did the child end up on the kitchen floor face down?

Where was everybody when this child was screaming her head off?

Baby Daddy was allegely locked up 1 hr away from here (that's Fayetteville)

I have so many more question but will not judge anybody because as the good book says Judge not least ye be judged.

Let the powers that be figure this out.

At least they holding somebody accountable. even if it was an accident.


I understand what you're trying to say; however, I think when the safety of a child is concerned, the adults (especially the mother) need to clarify who will be watching the child. I also wouldn't leave my child just sitting on a counter by itself when I walk away. I would take that child and place it in the arms of the responsible person to let them know I am passing the responsibility of this tiny person to them. That way, there's no "miscommunication".

The baby probably ended up on the floor face down because of the dogs pulling her off the counter.

This whole thing makes me feel physically ill. It's a preventable death, and the mother (and possibly the other adults in the house that day) needs to be held accountable for the death of this precious life.

WWAY: I am writing to make a


I am writing to make a respectful request that you consider not allowing commentary on news items which involve the deaths of individuals. By all means, report the story but close comments.

Recently the commentary on the other local case of the highschool junior accused of the shooting death of another degenerated into the usual pattern of prejudicial race baiting. The public does, of course, have the right to know but the accused also has the right to be presumed innocent...

This current case has "inspired" a spate of stomach turning sick speculation that is truly beneath contempt. Speculation is all that it is.

Partly Agree

I don't agree on the completely closed comments because I think it's important that people can comment on any subject to gain a better understanding of it; however, I do agree with you that some of the comments are over-the-top cruel and heartless, and are more attacks than comments.

I would suggest WWAY monitor more closely and omit the personal attacks where posters call other posters names. I have seen a lot of these posts get completely out of control with no monitoring on WWAY's part. I have also read personal attacks on families who just lost loved ones. That's totally uncalled for, no matter what the deceased did. It's hurtful to the family. WWAY, please be responsbile and stop displaying posts where there are personal attacks.

If you dont

If you don't like the comments, the solution is plain and simple: DON'T READ THEM!!! Your problm is solved! Thanks and have a great day!

How Come.....

The report states that when police and EMS arrived at the home they found the baby face first in the kitchen, why was the baby face first in the kitchen. If I was this "Caring" mother my child would have been in my arms dead or alive. This looks as though she did not try to help the child or see that she was living.


That little detail alone does makes this whole situation very much suspect. If the mother found her child down and injured, WHY did she leave her right there? Any normal mother's instinct would be to get her child off the floor at the minimum. The very BARE minimum! Another commenter here inquired if it was known if the child was injured before the dogs got to her. I wouldn't be surprised if it came out that the child was a victim of abuse and the mother tried to cover her tracks. I'm not saying that is what happened… we don't have the information to say one way or another. But as repugnant a scenario that may be, people have done worse. I've read elsewhere that the father was in jail when this happened. I'm curious to know now why he was in jail, and for how long before this went down.


If I remember correctly, didn't the autopsy state the child died of a head injury and internal injuries? You don't die from internal injuries if you're "mauled" by a dog. I think the media may be giving the wrong impression about what happened to this child and how the dog(s) were actually involved in her death. People need to be kind and remember that tragedy can strike anywhere.


I think if a dog chomps down on a baby's head, that's considered a "head injury", and if the dog also chomps down on the chest or stomach, it can lead to "internal injuries" (usually internal bleeding).

I want to know what breed of

I want to know what breed of dog this was. If it were a pitbull it would have been paraded in the headlines, so I'm curious as to the breed.

I think

I think the first reports stated that there was a pitbull and rottweiler and 3 other dogs in the home.


That is what was reported. But before anyone jumps to conclusions, it's not known if those 2 dogs initiated the attack or were even involved, and furthermore I have to applaud WWAY for not "parading" that detail around. Both of those breeds get a very bad rap as a result of negligent owners who mishandle/mistreat those breeds and who would do so to ANY breed for that matter. Addyson's death is certainly a tragedy, and any of the dogs that may have been involved should be put down. But let's not further the tragedy by blaming a breed.

If it turns out that a pit

If it turns out that a pit bull was responsible, that would be the 28th out of 41 fatal dog attacks in the United States since 2010. That's 68% of all fatal attacks, or TWO people killed by pit bulls for every person killed by EVERY OTHER TYPE OF DOG. When rottweilers are added into the mix it shoots up to 80%. And if you go back to 2005, 26 out of the 31 fatal attacks (84%, not counting the one case of a pack of 11 unspecified breeds) on adults between the ages of 9 and 49 (i.e. ones strong and healthy enough to survive a dachshund attack) were pit bulls and/or rotts.

So yeah, you're right. On average, we can go 23 days at a time without someone being killed to death by a pit bull. Compared to things like cancer, or heart disease, or drunk driving, pit bulls are like taking vitamin C!

How can you hold the mother

How can you hold the mother of the baby responsible? She was in the SHOWER for crying out loud. Chelsea doesn't deserve this. And it's wrong for people to think she does. Nobody even thinks of a dog mauling a baby. Especially if they've had the dogs for a long time. I think every single person who thinks that Chelsea should be charged, is ignorant. You need to put yourself in the situation, before talking crap.

This is a terrible thing

This is a terrible thing that happened. I do think it was a accident or lapse of judgement on behalf of the mother and grandfather. I myself was a young mother, but when I went to shower I placed my son in a bouncy seat, car seat, or other safe place usally in the bathroom with me. I have always had big dogs. Common sense says you have to use caution when introducing a baby into a home with existing dogs. To those dogs a little baby may look like a play toy, or they can get jelous of the owner paying more attention to the baby than the dog. Reesponsible parents and dog owners dont let the two be alone together. That being said this was an accident and a tragedy. The family has to live with the death of this little baby on their concious forever. That is enough to pay for an accident.


We don't have to put ourselves in the situation because there are people in the world who have common sense and who are also responsible enough to know NOT to leave a defenseless newborn unattended. The nurses at hospitals are required BY LAW to go over things like how to wash a baby, feed a baby, and not to ever leave a baby alone for anything. You aren't even supposed to turn your back on a baby for one second. I'm sure she is suffering, but if I knew I was the cause of my child's death I would feel terrible too.

Perhaps, when you grow up you will learn....

...that you don't turn responsibility on and off like it's a light switch. Being in the shower doesn't give you a pass on protecting your child.

Accused Mother

I could not resist the opportunity to reply to you. I have shown dogs, breed dogs, raised dogs, trained dogs, and you say "who would even think about a dog mauling a child" I hope like hell you don't have children and dogs. You ALWAYS are aware of your surroundings and a CHILDS!I think about it all the time when a dog runs down the road first thing I do is find out where my children are! They are 14 and 12 and play outside with many kids in our neighborhood, I look not only for mine but all the kids cross my mind. Your a sad person with no education.


I have dogs from the size of 4lbs. to the size of 80+ lbs..... Any time anyone approaches my dogs and they ask do they bite, my response is ALWAYS "They have teeth don't they" You can never predict what a dog can do, you can always assume they will not.
Any parent, or parenting book will tell you..... also common sense will..... if you have animals in the home and you bring home a newborn child. Be extra cautious.... A family pet can become jealous. I am not judging anyones character. Only the action of adults that were in the situation at the time.
In my opinion, being a mother of 3,the infant should have never been "Still on the floor face down when medics arrived", if thats where the infant was... Thats just crazy to even believe. If my sons get cut on the finger i still put them in my lap to see if its okay.....

I wish yall would read

I wish yall would read things more carefully instead of going on what people say on here. THE EMS DID NOT FIND THE BABY FACE DOWN ON THE FLOOR. It states the MOTHER ound the baby face down on the floor. she grabbed the baby and tryed to perform cpr on it. the baby was left in the care of the grandfather while she was in the shower.

Let's see, the mother is

Let's see, the mother is responsible because she left a baby unattended around the dogs. When my daughters were babies, when I took a shower they were in either their car seat or bouncer with me in the bathroom. The couple of times they were in their crib, their bedroom doors were closed. Why, you ask. Because I have 3 dogs, a mutt, a chihuahua and a rottie mix. And while I LOVE all 3 of my dogs; I know they are still dogs. My dogs are my other children, but to trust them around a 9 day old baby or any other baby or small child is just plain stupid. They have never snapped, growled, bitten or anything, but they are still ANIMALS. And no matter how domesticated an animal is, it's still an animal. Anyone that does not understand that, well, is plain ignorant.

Wilmywood, you nailed it.

Wilmywood, you nailed it.


When my son was a baby, we didn't even have pets, but I made sure he was in the shower area with me when I took a shower. I didn't even leave him with my husband, just in case my husband would get distracted by a phone call or whatever. I never took ANY kind of risk with my baby, and I would have NEVER, EVER left my baby alone with 5 dogs.

Overprotective? Maybe. But my child is still alive and just turned 30 this month. Unfortunately, that's not the case for this little one.

Hi, I give you credit,

Hi, I give you credit, because I, too, like to believe I never took risks with my son. Once he was born, I was "Daniel's mom" not Tess any more. I'd go a month (it didn't happen lol) without a shower if it meant that my baby was not being supervised by a responsible, trusted adult.

Every baby book, hospital "New Baby" check sheet, etc, lists things that are dangerous. Fluffy pillows (any pillow really)and blankets in the crib, leaving a car carrier on an elevated surface, leaving your child on a sofa. The list goes on and on! I did all those things, exactly right. My baby is 10 now, and I still live my life for him. But that doesn't mean there haven't been moments that could have ended tragically. I was folding laundry one day, while he was sleeping in his bedroom at 2 years old. Apparently, he woke up and went outside. I heard my neighbor (we miss you Bob!) yell DANIEL! I looked out the window, and he was in the front yard!! The next day I installed an alarm system, not to alert me to someone coming in, but my son going out. I also installed chain locks at 6 feet high on my doors. They looked atrocious, but, they kept him in :)

God only knows what would have happened that day if Bob hadn't been outside tending his flowers. I'm sure if something had happened, I would have been demonized, and I am a wonderful mother. If this mother isn't a terrible person (and there isn't anything, at all in the news to say that she is) then we need to show some empathy. If there is more to the story (leaving the baby face down on the floor IS weird to me) then allow the jury to hear it, and make a decision.

Please quit passing judgement, and let this family grieve. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt (not that she or her family really cares about my opinion, they have a child to mourn.)

Not everyone is perfect, or a monster. There are those of us, in between, who do our very best, and it still doesn't make it impossible for something bad to happen.

I suggest getting off your high horse.