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FIRST ON 3: Mother of baby mauled to death by dogs charged with involuntary manslaughter

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Mother of baby mauled to death by dogs charged with involuntary manslaughter

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The mother of the nine-day-old baby who was mauled to death by dogs in Bladen County last month was arrested on Friday after being indicted on one count of involuntary manslaughter.

According to Bladen County Sheriff’s deputies, Chelsea Lynn Brigman was arrested around 5 p.m. on Friday and was released from Bladen County Jail a few hours later under a $50,000 bond.

The Sheriff's Office confirms the 18-year-old Brigman, identified on the initial incident report as Chelsea Camerino, is the mother of nine-day-old Addyson Camerino, who died after at least one dog attacked her at a home in Clarkton August 30.

Animal Control seized five dogs from the home.

“Everyone there that was there and had the dogs around in the house, to me they're all responsible,” said Sandra Guyton, a Clarkton resident. “Something should have been done before now, I mean how long has it been since the child was attacked? I don't know it just seems something should have been done.”

Susan Butler, who also lives in Clarkton says the death of baby Addyson is not only a tragedy, the situation, she says could have been easily avoided.

“We don't think about our animals because we love them so much and they're a part of our family as being still animals,” said Butler. “We don't think about electrical cords or about little things that could hurt children. We have a lot of preventable deaths and unfortunately this is one of those cases.”

Both district attorney Jon David and the Bladen County Sheriff say a more detailed statement about Addyson's death will be released some time tomorrow. According to a deputy at the Bladen County Jail, Brigman is scheduled to be in court on October 4.

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Observation vs. Judgment

OK, you started out great and ended up sounding like a self-righteous, pompous moron. I'm entitled to give my opinion, just like you, even if no one agrees with it. This is a public forum, and I can voice my own opinions.

I don't believe in my original post that I was passing judgment on the mother. I was simply observing that I, personally, would never have placed my infant in the situation of being alone with the grandfather. If you read that as judging, then so be it. That was not my intent.

However, after careful thought, I believe you are making excuses for the mother, and I believe that making excuses are nails used to build a house of failure.

Excuses are made to release someone from blame or criticism for a mistake or wrongdoing. They serve no useful purpose, other than attempting to make the person feel better, appear blameless, and appear as being unable to control or change circumstances that were out of their control.

The mother had everything in her control when she had possession of her infant. When she laid it on the table for the grandfather, she gave away that control, and everything after that was an excuse. Again, this is an observation, not a judgement. I suggest you look it up in the dictionery, as I did, and learn the difference.

You're not helping the mother or her family and friends by continuing to make excuses for them just because it almost happened to you. You happened to come out lucky, the other mother did not. When my son was little, I always kept my doors and windows locked, and I had an alarm system installed BEFORE my baby was born. Again, an observation, not a judgment. Because I did that, my son was never placed in the same serious, life threatening situation that your son was placed in. That's not saying you were a bad mother, only that you waited until something serious happened before you changed your situation. I changed my situation before something serious happened. No judgment, just observaton.


You guest 20 no name have got to be the most self righteos know it all, I have ever heard in my life. I bet you are also very pretty. It seems to me that as wonderful and smart as you are you would have married a man you could trust to leave your child with while you ran an errand. That is what you said in an earlier post isnt it . that you would not even leave your child in the care of your husband. Im surprised you didnt use your name on here. If i was as smart as you I would sure want this forum and everyone everywhere to know who I was.


now that everyone knows you are the Mother in disguise, let me ask a question or 2.

Have you ever seen a dog tear into a living being? Have you seen the dog swing its prey from side to side?

Even though the prey was only 9 days old, how do you think that baby felt as its life was seeping away?

And how could the Mother leave 5 dogs in the same room with the baby?

You are another one of those who prove it is better to remain silent and appear stupid then to speak and remove all doubt.

It looks like you join Frog Strickland as another front runner in the Forrest Gump "Stupid is as Stupid Does" contest for 2011.


She was responsible for the baby ! You never leave a baby unattended with dogs EVER ! When my child was a baby I put him in his stroller and rolled him into the bathroom while I bathed unless he was asleep in his crib away from animals with his door shut. This baby was left alone and the dogs had access to it. That is horrible !

She is charged because SHE WAS RESPONSIBLE for that babies safety. Period. If she couldn't handle a baby she shouldn't have had one ! She is obviously uneducated on animal behavior as well.

the baby was not left alone.

the baby was not left alone. she was left in the car of her granfather. Have you by chance ever heard ( innocent until proven guilty, ) She was my great neice and very much wanted and loved. I see how devastated my family is everyday, and I know .


on the head, as much as we disagree sometimes you are totally correct..good post.


She should have never had any dog in the house with a newborn! Any dog is gonna be jealous if you are paying more attention to anything then it! The baby could have been crying and the dogs, yes dogs, felt threatened by this! Jeez in my book she is a SORRY MOTHER and did NOT deservea child if she ould not protect it! People need to put their children FIRST AND PUT THE DOGS OUTSIDE WHERE THEY BELONG!!!!

So interesting how this is

So interesting how this is everyone's business. This is a tragedy, noone meant for it to happen, I think the only thing that will make everyone happy is to rid the world of all pets in any house that is occupied by a baby. I am so glad everyone is PERFECT as parents, when I had a baby an instruction manual did not come out with the children... Hopefully another tragedy can be prevented by someone with a child and pets around. This wonderful little child is in Jesus' arms now, crying for her parents who are being persecuted for her death, by even "friends" of the family now. Noone is perfect except for Jesus. Addyson was very much loved and cared for by her mother, and this going to court is outrageous. So I hope all those blood thirsty people out there who are without any mistakes or sins in their lives are happy now. It wasn't enough that they lost their child, niece, grandchild, they have to be ripped to shreds by the media and the law.

"So interesting how this is.."

You're right, this is a tragedy and I'm certain no one meant for it to happen, but it doesn't change that fact that it did happen. No one truly knows if the dogs were attacking the baby or if they were innocently playing with her. Either way, the baby suffered until her death. The mother should have known better than to leave her daughter unattended. She was aware of the fact that dogs resided in the home, and equally aware of how defenseless her daughter was. The public has a every right to know of this incident. If things happened differently and the dogs, instead, attacked a neighbor's child, don't you think the public should know? It not only proof of how dangerous pets can be to child (of any age), but also how dangerous neglect can be. I do not want the mother to die, and I'm sure she is suffering, but honestly, who wouldn't be suffering if they were the cause of their child's PREVENTABLE death? This precious child died because she was neglected, and she needs to pay for the actions she decided to make.

So interesting how this is everyone's business.

Manslaughter is everyone's business!

grow up

That poor baby is dead ! It is NOT in the arms of Jesus, that sounds so ignorant to say.

It doesn't take an

It doesn't take an instruction manual to know to keep animals away from your newborn baby. I'm not a perfect parent, but I have always been very meticulous about providing a safe environment for my children.

And there is nothing outrageous about this going to court. A nine day old baby is dead. This baby did not die of natural causes. I for one cannot see how this was not, at the very least, a case of negligence on the part of the person who was supposed to be watching and protecting this baby.

The point is

The point is that animals do not belong in the hosue with a newborn!!! She should have been a MOTHER and put HER CHILD FIRST!

Why don't you just show up

Why don't you just show up at the Sheriff's Office Monday morning and be a part of the Circus frenzy.? Everyone else will be there!!

Can you determine if the

Can you determine if the baby was already dead when given over to the dogs?


That is a very awful thing to say. I dont see any reason why you would say that this baby was given over to dogs. You are a very sick minded person.

Oh my...

To Sheree Harrell..never would I've thought about the baby being dead before the dogs had gruesome..if that was the case. An excellent question though.

The county coroner said the

The county coroner said the baby was dead when they arrived.Cause of death was blunt force trauma.

If it was blunt force trama

Can they prove the dogs did it? Blunt force trauma could have been done prior to the dogs having their snack...guess it was just easier to blame the dogs entirely.
You don't leave a baby alone with any dog at all, no matter what the breed or how big or small the dog is. All dogs are dangerous with a baby.

Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt force trauma could have been caused when the dogs dragged the baby off the counter and she hit the floor upside down. The autopsy should be able to narrow down the actual cause of death even more.

Baby Mauled By Dogs

Sheree--that is just disgusting. This girl wanted her baby and was excited about her new baby. Don't you think she already blames herself for what has happened??? She has to live with this for the rest of her life. A life she probably no longer wants to live...She is paying for her loss more than anyone will ever know. Now she has to deal with criminal charges on top of losing her little baby. I wish people would leave her alone and just let her mourn the loss of her baby. Accidents do happen and this is an unfortunate one for this young mother and her family--who wanted this baby and was excited about the baby's arrival.

"Baby Mauled By Dogs.."

What is disgusting is how people try to make everyone feel bad for her. It might not be out of the ordinary for you, and obviously her, to leave newborn babies out alone by themselves, but common sense should kick in and tell you something about that situation just isn't right. Sheree can ask any question and have any opinion she wants. So can you. What you need to realize is if she had of been the responsible mother she should have been, she still would have her baby girl.

It's not a disgusting

It's not a disgusting question. On the contrary, it is a perfectly reasonable question. With the likes of Susan Smith, Andrea Yates and Casey Anthony, people are starting to believe that anything is possible. And as horrible as it sounds, I do believe that there are people who would kill their baby and try to cover it up. Now, I am not saying that is what happened here. I am just saying it's possible and again, I do think that it is a good question.

You can't be serious.

You can't be serious.

do you really know what

do you really know what lurks in the hearts of all people?

there is just as much reason to believe that she intentionally left that child out to be killed (level 0) as there is reason to believe that she loves her child with all of her heart and will follow up this tragic situation by killing herself to be with him (level 10).

the truth probably lies somewhere between these two extremes. but to say that you KNOW that she feels like an 8 on a scale of 10 cannot possibly be true. only she knows the truth.

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better myself.