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Murder suspect's brother arrested in Creekwood killing

READ MORE: Murder suspect's brother arrested in Creekwood killing

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A pair of brothers are now charged with a murder last week in Wilmington's Creekwood community.

Jermaine Hankins, 21, made his first appearance in New Hanover County Court this morning. Police say after several days on the run, Hankins turned himself in Monday. He now joins his 17-year-old brother Tevin, who police also charged with the murder in Creekwood last week. Jermaine Hankins is also charged with attempted murder and burglary.

"It hurts me to see both of them in this situation, because no one is winning in this situation," said a man who lives near the scene of the crime. He said he knows the Hankins brothers. He did not want us to show his face or say his name, because he is afraid of what could happen to him for speaking publicly. "It's kind of scary to think that somebody would just run in your house and gun you down."

But that's what happened late Wednesday night when police say a group of five or six men chased Jonathan Jones, 19, and Joseph Hanible, 24, into a home on North 30th Street and shot them. Hanible went to the hospital, but there's no word on how he's doing.

It's the latest example of violent crime in this public housing project.

"I've been in this neighborhood for a while, and it's like people aren't learning from other people's mistakes," the neighbor said. Afraid of being the next victim, he said he wants others in the neighborhood to realize that violence is not the answer.

Jermaine Hankins also was already scheduled to be in court today for drug charges.

Police say the murder investigation is still open.

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Their father is NOT in prison.

Why does this site allow idiots that prey on issues like this to spew hate and post inaccurate information? Facts: Their father is married to their mother. They DO NOT live in Creekwood. They are NOT on government assistance. Tevin does not have a police record.

Strike 3, you are out PCperson

You keep trying to say this fine young man doesn't have a record but the facts state otherwise.

Here is the link to the court calendar. I guess his name keeps showing up because his name was drawn from a hat.

You seem to fall into the idiot category since you keep trying to defend your criminal hero.

Would you like to try yet again?

Pillar of our Society

He is!
...he innocent, don't judge.

Let me guess...

Jermaine was a straight A student and football player like his brother?

Good...... But let me take

But let me take another guess.....
"The victim deserved it, he was in the wrong neighborhood."
"These two men are great schlors, and athletes."
No wonder our schools are the pits, no wonder certain neighborhoods are death traps.
We need to put all gang banging- murderers in the gas chamber. Something tells me, both will be getting arrested again within the next 5 years.

Well, Well

Germaine Hankins, Jr turned himself in. Guess he realized he should not have left little Bro, Tevin, facing the music all alone.

I won't post another word until one of the assorted cousins or other relations starts posting about what a good, role model and citizen he is. With three exceptions.

DSS -- get off your sorry, fat rumps; get into the household from which they came; determine if there are any at risk younger siblings still in the house; and take action to ensure they do not end up on the same road to ruin.

WHA -- if this family lives in public housing, as was noted on a previous report, get over there today to ensure the property is lawfully occupied and take steps to start ending this type of activity.

Mayor Saffo-- when are you going to declare a city wide "war" on youthful murders. When are you going to get the Chief focused on public housing projects to include placing officers on the project properties at night, if necessary? Take some action. It appears DSS & WHA as well as the NAACP have other issues they focus on.


Without question, it is easy to tell you are a white man that is far removed from urban issues. However, I must say I appreciate and agree with your post 100%. Thank you for the intelligent remarks (finally).

Good Boys

Give these boys a break. They were good boys that just went astray. They should be given the chance to share in any time given as a family or they should be allowed as a family to share the same needle in Raleigh's Central Prison.

Well said...

Well said SurfCity!!!! Well said!