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Monkey Junction residents successfully fighting annexation

READ MORE: Monkey Junction residents successfully fighting annexation

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY)--The New Hanover County Board of Elections needs 60% of homeowners in Monkey Junction to sign the petition against annexation if the town is going to avoid that action from the city of Wilmington. As of Thursday, the board has received 62%.

Although these results are still a couple months from being officially certified, it looks like the unincorporated area south of Wilmington has successfully combated annexation.

The Board of Elections has received 847 petitions of the nearly 1,400 sent out. That means the city of Wilmington will be out nearly 3,000 new residents on almost 1,000 acres of property.

City leaders are already reacting to the news.

"I'm very disappointed," says Wilmington City Councilman Kevin O'Grady. "I'm disappointed that the folks in Monkey Junction haven't seen the value that would be provided to them by being city residents."

O'Grady says some of those values include the service of the Wilmington Police Department and trash collection.

"Obviously there was a lot of resistance to the annexation. I think it was an emotional rather than analytical opposition. I think if they had thought about which side the bread was buttered on, they'd of taken it," O'Grady says.

Residents of Monkey Junction were excited about the new petition count.

"I think it's very good news," says Maria Honan. "You also have to realize that people living here are older people that have lived here all their life, they don't want to be annexed into the city."

"We have everything we need, absolutely, right here, without being annexed," says Sheila Brothers.

Numbers won't be official until late November.

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Thank the Lord! It's about

Thank the Lord! It's about time City Council took one on the chin from the "little People". We have all of the services we need, provided by the county or private sources. Last time I looked, we had our own Fire Dept, multiple deputies, and a reliable trash service that isn't very expensive.
Why would I want to pay another $1200.00 per year just to be in the City?? I think the Council needs to quit smoking crack and get a reality check. They have already proven their corrupt ways with the convention center that continues to be a disaster. Stay away from Monkey Junction!


Wilmington City Councilman Kevin O'Grady, what value is there in being annexed? Trash? Are you kidding? I use Trash-It-Now for FAR less than the city can provide.

WPD instead of County Sherriff? Are you kidding? The City is all about revenue. Tickets bring cash. How about address the violence and drug issues instead of traffic infractions.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for consolidation of all the redundancies. I feel bad for all my "City" friends that pay increased taxes for NOTHING.

I guess the message is the same as the one the Federal Govt is getting: work with the money you have (or downsize for the money you don't have...) and stop thinking you can just extent the borders of your tyranny to refill your coffers.

Democracy is making a comeback. Way to go Monkey Junction!

Yes and NO

I agree mostly with what you have said..... As for the reduction of traffic enforcement I don't know if that is needed.... Yes we need to focus on more crimes...

You do know the Sheriffs office has Deputies assigned to "Illegal Dumping" unit right?

I have seen some serious accidents in monkey junction resulting in death due to ignorant speeders... so I am not willing to say we should let off that at all..

Down with annexation.

This story is the greatest news I have heard in a long time. I am thankful that my fellow neighbors and I have successfully fought the money grab that was forced annexation. The city from the start gave us no real reason why this would be better for us. It was obvious to anyone who looked at this annexation that it was nothing more than a money grab. The city has out spent it's current tax base and needed to make up for their mistake. Thank you Mr. Goolsby and your counterparts for taking on the challenge of the current annexation laws and giving the affected citizens an option.

Down with annexation.

I live in this area and never received a petition and don't know where I would go to find one and send in. Any chance you could point me in the right direction? My family would love to get involved.


you aren't a property wouldn't get a petition. Only the owner can sign the petition, not a renter.

Use this link

And put in your address and it will let you know if you are in the potential annexation area.


What is wrong with those people living at the monkey???

Higher taxes and your water and trash on one bill is awesome!

I live in wilmington and wish the monkey would annex me.....

My parents live in that area

My parents live in that area and I can assure Mr. O'Grady that my parents are much better off without the City of Wilmington. They have always had their trash picked up without problems and the Sheriff's office has always been quick to respond if there ever has been an issue. There has been times when my father would be out of town and if he called the Sheriff's department they would keep an extra eye out on the house to insure that my mother is okay. They get all of that without the additional taxes that they would have to pay the City of Wilmington.

Good job, Monkey J! As a

Good job, Monkey J! As a resident, I'd like to say I'm completely happy with my sanitation services and service that the NHCSO and county fire departments provide. I'll pass on additional city services and attempts to take my money. Keep up the good work!

Your happy with fire

Your happy with fire services because your house has not caught fire. Unfortunately, the county got rid of their volunteers and are now trying to cover the county area with extremely limited manpower and recources. They do a good job....but they will even tell you they are WAY understaffed. This is why the City is having to send their trucks into the county to help the county fire services anytime they have a structure fire. In the last 3 months, the City has actually had more trucks and manpower on the scene of a fire in the county than the county has. So, you are getting some City services for ZERO! And unfortunately, this leaves the City residents at a disadvantage if something catches fire in the City area. The City residents tax dollars are being used to provide service to the county.

Secondly, the county residents are soon going to have to pay a tremendous mandatory fee to hook up to the sewer systems whereas if they had been annexed, it would be Zero.