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Police called after ‘Teen Mom 2′ star Jenelle Evans & her mom fight


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (HOLLYBABY.COM) -- Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara Evans just can’t leave each other alone. They got into another physical confrontation on Sept. 6 — and Barbara called the police on Jenelle. has exclusively obtained the police report from this upsetting incident!

“On September 6, 2011 I received a call from dispatch in reference to a domestic,” the responding officer wrote in the report. “I spoke to the caller, Barbara Evans, who stated her daughter, Jenelle Evans, started cursing at her, calling her names, and was destroying the residence.”

The report continues: “Barbara stated Jenelle went into Barbara’s room and knocked her things off her dresser to the ground. Barbara stated she did not think anything was damaged at that time and did not want to press charges.”

Jenelle, on the other hand, blamed her mom for starting the fight. “I spoke to Jenelle Evans, who stated she was washing her clothes when her mother came into the laundry room and was arguing with her,” continues the report. “Jenelle stated Barbara knocked over a shelf spilling bleach in the washing machine with her clothes. Jenelle stated she was unsure if it had ruined her clothes or not.”


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I agree, it has been a weird cpl of months here in brunsco

Not a good look for the brunswick islands for sure!

Whats even more embarassing then that

Is somebody on a fictional show (True Blood on HBO) actually dressed up as Jenelle for some scene for a Halloween Party in the show. Seriously I wonder how swelled Jenelles head is by now over that. Her 15 mins was up long ago somebody forgot to tell her or anybodyelse for that matter. I was like YOU cant be serious that the little twerp Jenelle Evans is getting a subtle shoutout by a major TV production.. Ugh please if this is what this town/state/country is coming to Im so ready to move it isnt funny..

**If somebody told me 25yrs ago you'd have a better ability to play a card game online for a few dollars in Russia then the USA Id have called them nuts.. Well its 2011 and the cold hard truth happened because it is easier to play online poker in Russia then the USA, Cant figure out but apparently somebody decided to crap on the Constitution and destroy the personal freedoms we hold dear all in the name of nannystatism**

Now this is a clear example

Now this is a clear example of white trash and no one really cares!!

Wow! That's what you say when there is nothing else to say....

My mom and I had an argument yesterday and I was certain she bumped my car door when she was getting back into her vehicle. While I am positive there was some type of damage, I couldn't see anything. However, I DID NOT CALL THE POLICE to report a report that was not going to be a report for reporting purposes of a report! I mean really, WWAY?! Tell me something about my economy and possible jobs instead of tying up the homepage with ridiculousness such as this. I have tried to resort to this station for news (IMPROTANT) even while others are turning their backs on this site. But really!?
I also had a itsy-bitsie pushing match with my brother yesterday but neither one of us called the POLICE! Report that!

so don't read it.

Why are you wasting your time reading this story and posting on it if it is so beneath you. FYI: you don't get to decide what should or should not be reported on. This is entertainment news. If you don't want to know about it, just don't read it.

It is quite clear you have

It is quite clear you have some mental block or just problems reading. However, you always have your critical thinking skills. You will notice from my post(since it obviously concerned you a great deal) that I simply stated my opinion that the news should be more news worthy. Just in case this is missing its mark, from my INFERENCE, you can easily discern that I refer to this site for my news but have a great amount of disturbance for issues that are not news worthy. Why would I deprive myself, such as you have, from possibly getting SOMETHING that actually might be news worthy because of such an unimportant reporting. This was the comments column, right? Do yourself a favor and go get a degree in EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION and then take that to the house, light it up and mind your own simple-minded business! If this posting bothers, you, please feel free to read it again and again and again!


Wow. Guess i hit a nerve there. For someone who is so in favor of everyone having anopinion, you sure don't want me to share mine. I am just sick of reading comments on news stories that say "this is not news" or "no one wants to read about this". As silly as it may be, i enjoy entertainment news. It's my guilty pleasure. Those who do not like it, or feel that it is not worthy of their time, should not read it. Just skip over it to the next story. I don't like reading about high school sports, but i don't comment on every score update saying that it's a waste of time. That's all i was trying to say. I just don't want others determining what i should or should not find news worthy. That being said, i'll go burn my college degrees now, or whatever it was that you said i should do. While i'm doing that, you may want to take a nice relaxing walk or have glass of wine to chill yourself out. It's really not that big of a deal.

maybe news but old news

The report states it happened Sept. 6th and they reported it October 10th on the local news. Its really not news when its 2 months old. I think its sad that our local news media waits until the tabloids report this story then reference in their news story. Another fine example of WWAY streaming towards the tabloid media.

i agree

im so sick of brunsco news, leland cops need a babysitter, and nobody cares about some lowlife teen mother and her mother, who i may add is just as responsible for causing all this drama. please someone call DSS and end this crap. no child needs to be anywhere near thies two idiots!