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Occupy Wall Street spreads to the streets of Wilmington

READ MORE: Occupy Wall Street spreads to the streets of Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to more than 800 cities across the country and has now made its way into Wilmington. More than 100 citizens went to Occupy Wilmington's first meeting to voice their concerns and ideas and discuss their goals and role in the Port City.

"It's not about anything other than people getting together to spread a message,” Occupy Wilmington member Archie Caufield said. “If we do it here, we do it just because the people in Wall Street did it, and it was a good idea, and we thought maybe we could do it here and maybe help change the community just a little bit in a productive, peaceful kind of way."

Caufield says the group is leaderless and is about individuals of all ages, colors and backgrounds spreading a message of inspiration, enlightenment and change.

Member Joe Santos says that message is economic inequality and putting an end to the greed of the nation's wealthiest one percent.

"This is simply pointing out that there are a great deal of people in this country that are truly having problems, and we want to present that on a local basis,” Santos said.

Occupy members call themselves the 99 percent; meaning they are not part of the one percent they say stockpiles money and controls our economy and politicians from top to bottom. The group's first general assembly lasted several hours and was full of many personalities and ideas. Members say Saturday was all about figuring out the what, when, where and how they will make their presence known in Wilmington.

"It's not unorganized if we stand as individuals for a common movement and a common voice,” Caufield said. “Which is not that we are individuals, not that we have any relation to money or anything other than we just wish for things to be fair and equal."

Occupy Wilmington is looking for a home base because they say they are a 24/7 operation. The group plans to organize marches around the city, specifically around the corporations they say control our local economy, like big banks and New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

"We are nonviolent,” urged Santos. “We mean no violence to anyone, no one's property, no one's person."

It was proposed that members remove their money from national banks and put it into local banks and for members to move to a doctor who is not affiliated with New Hanover Regional Medical Center if possible.

The group adopted the Occupy Wall Street Statement as the foundation for Occupy Wilmington. Occupy Wilmington members say the movement is not just made up of the unemployed or young college students but people from all walks of life who have grievances against the power that big banks and corporations have.

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I think the fact that people

I think the fact that people are actually beginning to find some type of voice in smaller communities is wonderful. We may not all agree on the same issues but the fact that people are finally standing up for at least something instead of sitting at home whining about everything and are now actually trying to make a change whatever that may be. Is this not what our country is based upon. I am so sick of watching people sit around on smart phones and staring at their Ipads. I am just thankful that people are once again coming out and joining together for a greater cause, and possibly strengthening their community.

These people are being used

These people are being used by the radical progressive left to advance a socialist agenda.

Be careful, even good intentions can be used to promote evil.


I was wrong. You guys are .00049342% of the 99% ... DO THE MATH! Which means, you speak for nobody! As far as the harming nobody and no property...ever hear of the news???? Maybe you should watch it!!

They're F.L.E.A.'S!!!

Freeloading Liberals Encouraging Anarchy.

Let's just watch and see how the president continues to
encourage these numbskulls...while calling good solid Americans


Oh, that was so witty! Did you think that up by yourself or did a 5th grader help you?
I suppose you like that the big lending institutions help get us in this economic mess. We bailed them out, they had no repercussions, and they are making more money than ever. Meanwhile, everybody's net worth has fallen, there are more houses than ever in repo status, and unemployment is at 9.1%. How much more does it take before you get mad at the right people?
Obama didn't do this; the bailout was worked out under the previous administration. So, if you want to be mad, be mad at the right people.

No repercussions? Making more money than ever?

Are you totally ignorant of what the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is doing to the banking industry?

Also, remember that GS, WFC, JPM and USB (among others) were FORCED to take bailout money by then Secretary of the Treasury Paulsen, and they have all repaid the bailout money WITH INTEREST. The treasury made money on the bailout.

If you want to get mad at the right people, look to Washington, not Wall Street. We've had three Liberal, big government presidents in a row, and a Congress from 2006 to 2010 that was dominated by people slightly left of Trotsky. Our economy is a direct result of THEIR tinkering and outright interference.


So now we hear from Nonsense... The champion of what I don't understand. He sounds like an anarcist; just wants to tear down with no thought of what to rebuild. Remember how well we were doing 12 years ago? Maybe that business and government model should be re-visited instead of having a do-nothing congress dominated by republicans whose only agenda is vote no to everything that doesn't benefit the 1%ers. By the way are you a Tea Bagger, Christian Coalition, or a John Bircher? I'm just trying to find out with which far right fringe group you associate yourself.

Typical....very typical

I present facts, you simply insult me. (Ooooh, and it hurts SOOOOOOO much!)

Twelve years ago? Yeah, we were doing great:

1. The oil patch had collapsed and unemployment in parts of TX, LA, and OK was hitting double digits. People had lost bundles in oil stocks and commodity trading. (I went out on a limb and threw $200k into energy stocks and energy services. By 2007 I was convinced that it was the smartest move I ever made. Just threw that in to tick you off even more!)

2. We were about to face the "dot com" bubble bursting. Investors lost billions, and people saw the value of their IRAs and 401ks plummet. I wasn't very big into technology stocks (not my area of expertise) so I lost very little.

3. We just had a president impeached for committing perjury, a felony. Of course, the Democrat-controlled Senate said that committing a felony while in office was okay. The Arkansas Bar disagreed, and disbarred ol' look-in-the-camera-and-lie Bill.

BTW, mister short memory, the Congress (hence the purse string) was controlled by Democrats from 2007 through 2010. During that time our deficit and debt skyrocketed, and unemployment surged.

Those are all FACTS, so go ahead and start calling me names.

It's all you've got....


Those are the facts, Nonsense.
1. Unemployment in 1999 was 4.2%.
2. The only years since 1976 with average annual gains in national debt occurred when Republicans were in office. The biggest was under your idol, Ronald Reagan.
3. As a % of GDP nat debt has been trending worse since 2000 when the Rhodes scholar George Bush was president.
4. "Trickle down" or "VooDoo" economics does not work. Where are all the jobs the "Job Creators" have created?
5. BTW, the Chief Prosecutor of President Clinton was unfaithful to his wife as well as Newt Gingrich was to his.
You seem very sure of yourself, which is good. You're just wrong.
You still didn't answer my question about which fringe group you most identify with,

George Bush was president in 2000?

Better check your history, Albert.

See, my facts are FACTS. Your facts are what I like to call "made up or pure opinion."

Who mentioned anything about infidelity? I mentioned PERJURY. LYING UNDER OATH. You know.....a FELONY. Clinton's impeachment had nothing to do with his dalliances.

Obviously the fringe group I belong to is "People who know what they're talking about," and that troubles you.


Still flogging Clinton are we, Nonsense?
National debt percent of GDP went up by:
1. Reagan 189%
2. Bush 1 55.6%
3. Clinton 36%
4. Bush 2 89%
5. Obama 34%
Even you can read this and see what the REAL facts are.
How about lying about WMD and getting innocent young men killed. Which is worse? I don't remember anyone dying over Clinton's lies.

Now we've moved to WMD?

Sorry. This has gotten TOO silly. You're all over the place and pick selective issues while ignoring anything else that rains on your fantasy parade. I referred to Bush as a liberal president in my original post, but you somehow think I'm defending Bush. I mention how things were also crappy ten years ago and you somehow think I'm bashing your impeached buddy, who YOU think was impeached for fooling around. Plus, you totally discount the fact that Democrats were in charge of the House for the last two years of Bush's presidency, spending money like drunken sailors.

There's no sense in continuing this. It's a waste of time.

BTW, since I DON'T ignore the RARE facts you bring up, if you look at the RATE of debt increase under Obama, he's set to eclipse Bush's record by a long shot. That's what makes the prospect of a second term so frightening.

Common, you know better

Common, you know better than to argue with an idiot like c-man. Idiots attempt to drag you down to their IQ level and then will beat you with experience. Or the other saying of don't argue with an idiot because those watching may have trouble telling who is who.

more like a red bug-under

more like a red bug-under your skin and sucking the life out of you


One good QUISTION to ask these 99%’s. How many of you receive a Government check every month? I work hard and average about 200hrs a month. I am so sick of the 29% of Americans who can work but choose not to and get a GOVERNMENT check every month! These LEECHES are going to drain our GOVERNMENT dry!!!!!!!!

Im a service connected

Im a service connected disabled Vet. I get a check every month. I'm not a leech.Remember there are reasons for getting SSD. If it's so EASY to get WHY ( Don't tell me you wernt raised to take free money! ) dont more of you guys who think everyone is scamming the system go get some free money apply for the free money? ..Only it aint free...Being disabled will cost me years out of my life. Getting a "Free" check every month for being disabled was not a life goal of mine when I was younger.

Looks like folks like this

Looks like folks like this commenter just does not get it!
Where are our jobs going? Who is resposible?
Do the research and understand that the FED is very much involved in sending our jobs offshore, and do not resort to that BS that Americans priced themselves out of the market. Only those that are ignorant of the FED system will try to raise that point.
Best thing one can do is serious research do not depend on corporate control media for your answers.
I believe in capitalisim but our criminal govt wants collectivism, socialism and communism to replace our Republic with.
By the way I have a good paying job and I do not excuse myself to criticizing those that are victims of criminal govt nor should anyone else.

Looks like folks like this

Looks like folks like this commenter just does not get it!
Where are our jobs going? Who is resposible?
Do the research and understand that the FED is very much involved in sending our jobs offshore, and do not resort to that BS that Americans priced themselves out of the market. Only those that are ignorant of the FED system will try to raise that point.
Best thing one can do is serious research do not depend on corporate control media for your answers.
I believe in capitalisim but our criminal govt wants collectivism, socialism and communism to replace our Republic with.
By the way I have a good paying job and I do not excuse myself to criticizing those that are victims of criminal govt nor should anyone else.

I am so sick of hearing your

I am so sick of hearing your ignorant generalizations. I have a job. I don't collect anything from the government. Wake up. If you honestly think the welfare crowd is protesting... Get a clue. Even with your special "200 hours" I doubt you are in the 1%. You're just too brainwashed to see it. Go ahead, continue to be a pawn and puppet to the government. They want you to speak out against this as not to make waves. Congrats on trading your mind for the capitalist dream you so blindly chase. We aren't stupid. We are fed up that the politicians chosen to lead for the PEOPLE are in the pockets of corporations, banks, and are bidding for everyone except their constituency. Keep your rose colored glasses on while people like you help drive this country to Hell.

Oh, but you and your unwashed buddies will save it?


never in my life...I am a

never in my life...I am a JOB CREATOR...only, I am informed...and I fully support the 99%...those that don't are truly ignorant...sorry


You support the .00049342%..if you can do math...and if your a job creator NAME your job creating business...all this is for SOCIALISM..if you cannot see that you shouldn't be voting...

Not as many as you may

Not as many as you may think. What about individuals that are trying and due to the economy just can not make it. I may not be a doctor, lawyer, banker or someone that you may see as a highly integral part of the community but I do my part. I am right there with you in agreeing that there are way too many people that abuse the system. It seems that the people who are against these movements only see it in one way ... low lifes against the rich. I believe these movements are for the middle people those that work everyday to better their community, the ones that want to be a part of the bigger picture. It is their way to get their voice out and if it is not directly affecting you then why not let them have their voice as long as it is peaceful. One day you might want to do the same.


The more I hear - the more I like. ???

Occupy Yourself!

Beggars looking for handouts! Just how many of the wealthiest 1% of Americans do you think live in Wilmington, NC?

Thats Easy...

1, and that is only temporary. Many visit the area and have summer homes here... but the answer is still... 1

Occupy Wall Street: PURPOSE

Occupy Wall Street: PURPOSE

(October 7, 2011) "Ron Paul says that the Wall Street protests are legitimate, and that they are really protesting against the Federal Reserve."

1. Read the entire article:

2. Pay special attention to "Maiden Lane" in the above article: (

Excuse me, but....

...if they were protesting against the Federal Reserve only, I might even be out there with them. You're missing the big picture, and I suggest you start listening, really listening, to their words.

I have not heard one protester yet mention the Federal Reserve. What I have heard is "seizing profits from big banks and big oil."

I've heard several mention various forms of redistributing wealth or "...taking money from the wealthy."

I've heard the bold-faced lie, that "...the rich aren't paying their fair share" ad nauseum.

I've heard about "...all of us sharing and not being greedy, so we can all live in prosperity."

This has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve. It has everything to do with the beginning of a typical Communist insurgency, one that is starting to reveal George Soros' money backing up Obama's class warfare hysteria. They are now freely admitting that some "demonstrators" are being PAID to show up! Where is that money coming from? Of course, not all are paid. As we saw yesterday, many are young dolts still shielded and supported by mommy and daddy's money, middle-aged losers who blame their life's failures on everyone but themselves, and lonely people who just want to be "cool."

I look forward to meeting them at my local bank branch, and highly encourage them to try and block my access.

Excuse me

Excuse me, did you forget the Koch brothers funded the tea baggers to the tune of 38 million dollars?

It's like Limbaugh said

You guys were so shell-shocked by the Tea Party that you are still sufferring from PTSD had to have one of your own....and you think this is your version of the Tea Party.

There's one big difference, however. We saw it in November of 2008. The Tea Party was a broad based movement that stirred America to her roots, and we'll be seeing it again in November of 2012. Your "tea party" is the usual collection of lazy weirdos, Socialists, unions, and absolute crazies that support the left.

Of course the Koch brothers contributed to the Tea Party. They are rich conservatives. Rupert Murdoch did too. So did I.

Um...did we uncover any evidence of Tea Party protesters being PAID to demonstrate, however? No, we did not. Much like the number of arrests, you guys are trendsetters who are way out in front. Please keep it up. No Tea Party member would ever have thought of defecating on a police car, for example.