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Occupy Wall Street spreads to the streets of Wilmington

READ MORE: Occupy Wall Street spreads to the streets of Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to more than 800 cities across the country and has now made its way into Wilmington. More than 100 citizens went to Occupy Wilmington's first meeting to voice their concerns and ideas and discuss their goals and role in the Port City.

"It's not about anything other than people getting together to spread a message,” Occupy Wilmington member Archie Caufield said. “If we do it here, we do it just because the people in Wall Street did it, and it was a good idea, and we thought maybe we could do it here and maybe help change the community just a little bit in a productive, peaceful kind of way."

Caufield says the group is leaderless and is about individuals of all ages, colors and backgrounds spreading a message of inspiration, enlightenment and change.

Member Joe Santos says that message is economic inequality and putting an end to the greed of the nation's wealthiest one percent.

"This is simply pointing out that there are a great deal of people in this country that are truly having problems, and we want to present that on a local basis,” Santos said.

Occupy members call themselves the 99 percent; meaning they are not part of the one percent they say stockpiles money and controls our economy and politicians from top to bottom. The group's first general assembly lasted several hours and was full of many personalities and ideas. Members say Saturday was all about figuring out the what, when, where and how they will make their presence known in Wilmington.

"It's not unorganized if we stand as individuals for a common movement and a common voice,” Caufield said. “Which is not that we are individuals, not that we have any relation to money or anything other than we just wish for things to be fair and equal."

Occupy Wilmington is looking for a home base because they say they are a 24/7 operation. The group plans to organize marches around the city, specifically around the corporations they say control our local economy, like big banks and New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

"We are nonviolent,” urged Santos. “We mean no violence to anyone, no one's property, no one's person."

It was proposed that members remove their money from national banks and put it into local banks and for members to move to a doctor who is not affiliated with New Hanover Regional Medical Center if possible.

The group adopted the Occupy Wall Street Statement as the foundation for Occupy Wilmington. Occupy Wilmington members say the movement is not just made up of the unemployed or young college students but people from all walks of life who have grievances against the power that big banks and corporations have.

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Just as I thought, you're a TEA BAGGER! I should know better than respond to you because my grandfather said "Never argue with a crazy person, because you can't win and it makes you look as stupid as they are". So long.

You're never think out of the box, do you?

I give money to the UJA, but I'm not Jewish. I used to give lots of money to two Native American charities, but I'm 100% WASP.

If I'm a Tea Party member, why do I vote for McIntyre? If I'm in the Tea Party, why am I pro-choice and why am I in favor of leagalizing all drugs?

You obviously like to pigeonhole people into categories that you can easily handle. Sorry if I don't fit into your neat little filing system.

Excuse me

I'd love to meet you. Name the time and place.

I look forward to it

See you at the bank, missy.


Which one?

That is so cute

If they really want an experience, they should take all their money (both dollars) and light it on fire. Then they should go sit at the low tide mark and wait for high tide.

Occupy Socialism

This is really ridiculous. They don't understand what and why they are gathering. What they are really standing for is communism...the redistrubution of wealth. What they don't understand is there is always someone who is wealthy and powerful. At least within capitalism, the wealth is controlled by people...not government. When governmnent takes over, the only wealthy ones ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

Look at the government now

Look at the government now what do you have socialism the american people have elected our karl marx we are headed for ruin

Your a retard. Our Karl

Your a retard. Our Karl Marx? Seriously? Respect the Office, idiot.

The office is respected, just not the current occupant

That is the problem, we respect the Office of the President, we just can't respect a man that has never had a job other than being a politician. He has about as much sense leading this country as my dog would have driving a car.



Under-whelming numbers!

It appears that most people who are mentally over the age of ten realize that "economic inequality" has been with us since the dawn of time and will always be a fact of life that adults have to accept. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and you're going to have to earn yours just like we all earned ours - in this world, no one GIVES you anything.

There is a free lunch

There is a free lunch, free housing, free cell phone, free medical and free utilities assistance. All you have to do is master taking up space, breathing & for added money, breeding.
Since we pay for them to exist, we should get a benefit from them. The recipient of welfare should come mow the yard once a week, clean the gutters in the fall & rake leaves. Only in government can we throw dollar after dollar without results and think it is a successful program.

Earning is one thing....

...bilking the American citizens to gain wealth is yet another! We all know the thieving antics that goes on on Wall Street and that many billions of dollars have rushed into their pockets in a shady manner. Even the SEC turns their back to it.
There's no telling how many Madeoffs are still pulling their scams as we speak. While I agree with your post, an "honest method" of gaining wealth these days takes the back seat on a long bus to the purveyors of absolute greed, dishonesty and cheating for wealth gain. I read about it every day and that's what gets my gall. Those with honor and integriy simply can't play the game.

Question my honor and integrity all you'd care to

I know me, you don't.

I'll be fifty-nine soon and could retire right now if I chose to because of "Wall Street." I could live off dividends and interest.

When I can buy $10k in corporate bonds on a Wednesday and sell them the following Tuesday at an $875.00 profit, I'd say that anyone who doesn't take the time to learn the basics of investing and avail themselves of money-making opportunities beyond passbook savings accounts and CDs is simply missing out because of ignorance and fear.

Please note that I don't hand my money to anyone beyond the broker who places my orders. I manage my own investments, I make my own calls. On those rare occasions where I don't make money, I have no one to blame but me.


Leave Nonsense alone. He's a Tea Bagger, he doesn't know any better.

Regardless of being a "legend in your own mind"...'s not always about YOU Commonse... I'm talking about the money wranglers out there with their shifty deals shuffling millions of dollars a day in a shell game, not your silly 875 clam profit, that's honest money. I'm talking about the Madeoffs, the Kenneth Lay's, Jeffery Skilling's and the other con-artists in that business. I'm talking about the lame SEC that appears to have the credentials of Barney Fife and the prowess of a deaf earthworm. Where do you think all of that money came from? Where did it go? Was the SEC not watching? Who pays? 3 guesses and the first two don't count.

Therein lies your error

Bernie Madoff - in prison

Jeffrey Skilling - in prison

Kenneth Lay - heading to prison, but he did us a favor and died

Yep! The system is obviously broken!

The problem is that you equate these incompetent boobs and thieves with "Wall Street." You believe they are representative of an entire indutry and indeed, all industries. What percentage of large cap stocks did Enron represent, however, and Bernie Madoff represented what percentage of financial advisor firms? If you had any idea of the size of the global financial markets, you'd realize how rare these people are.

"Wall Street" is every single person with an IRA or a 401k. It's pension funds, union retirement funds, and tens of millions of individual investors. It's retired teachers and grandmothers getting a check from a state retirement fund or her late husband's job at Norfolk Southern.

If it was nothing but scammers, cheats, thieves, and liars, why would people invest money there. Why would it continue, on and on, year after year?

It continues on because most people make money. That's what you're missing and what annoys these Socialist cockroaches from OWS. Lots of people are making money, but they're not.

I'd advise being more selective with whom you align yourself. These are not the dogs you should choose to lie with.

say what?

The group is leaderless? Really? How about some actual reporting here, instead of stenography?

Who's behind Occupy Wall Street? SEIU, ACORN, Working Families Party (socialist), F.I.S.T., AFL-CIO, teachers' & nurses' unions, etc etc etc - all LEFTIST causes. And bankrolled by taxpayers to some extent - because unions get bailed out by the government. And of course by evil billionaire George Soros.

Organic, grassroots movement? Really? Funny, because this website sure looks professionally done: Plus a very expensive public relations firm is supposedly doing PR work for free for the "unorganized" movement:

And the Working Families Party is hiring people on Craigslist:

Hundreds & hundreds of people arrested - protesters stormed the Smithsonian Air & Space museum today, so that had to be closed. The streets & parks are filthy & trashed - one protester defecated on a police car:

Obama is behind these protests - they benefit him - even though he's in bed with Wall Street - he got almost $900K from GoldmanSachs alone, dwarfing what McCain got in '08.

And stupid people said the Tea Party was a bunch of extremists? Yeah, right.

Oh, yeah...

Since I'm sure you're a fan of "The American Spectator" I'm sure you saw the article on the their website by an Agent Provocateur bragging that he was the only one to actually get into the museum. The story was later removed but here the Google Cache of the article:

As for the mess, the article you referred to stated that most of the protesters are trying very hard to keep the areas clean. I doubt the police and other officials are allowing porta potties to be put in the area.

I don't remember the same troubles being highlighted during the protests in Egypt or Lybia, but those protests served corporate and/or American foreign policy interests.

Go figure.

OK and Not OK

I gather from this entry that it is WRONG for the Left to have the support of other Liberal groups like AFL-CIO, SEIU, Teachers, Nurses and other unions and even Left Leaning Billioniars but it is perfectly fine for the Right to have the financial backing of the Koch Brother, other billionairs, Freedom Works and other Right Leaning groups. It's a good thing this Liberal is smart enough to know that I am as entitled to my beleifs as the Right and my views are no less in value than those on the Right. Maybe if the Right realizes that again, we as a nation might be able to come together again and compete in the world markets. Right now we cannot do that becasue we are to busy fighting eachother.

As long as you keep talking wealth redistribution....

...we'll keep fighting.

I absolutely will fight

I absolutely will fight against anarchy, socialism, and communism. That's what most of those morons on the street want.

Who's funding them? Soros, the billionaire who ruined the lives of retirees who had their retirement accounts wiped out when he broke the Bank of England. And even bragged about it. Why don't you go march on Soros' hedge fund offices? Go march on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave - because that's who's ruining the economy, deliberately.

Who's paying for bus rides, the food, etc? When Tea Party folks came to DC for Beck's rally, WE PAID OUR OWN WAY.

Oh, if those bad old, mean old Republicans would only get along ....

Too late. The Leftist Obama worshippers have awakened a sleeping giant. No way are we going to roll over & succomb to Leftist totalitarian rule. NO WAY.

Soros Funding?

You sir, are an idiot. No one is funding the Occupy Wilmington group but the members. I understand that like most conservatives you have a problem understaning the difference between facts and propaganda spewed by Fox News and right wing drug addicts like Rush (where's my dope at?) Limbaugh. However, I can assure you that we have recieved no funds from Soros or any one else or any orginazation whatsoever. We are also not socialists. Of course for you to understand that you would actually have to understand what socialism actually is and I doubt that is the case. What we ARE advocating is a return to sensable banking regulations, the kind that existed before the Reagan administration (where we a socialist nation then?), the end of the notion of Corp. personhood, the reduction if not elimination of the influence of big money on our goverment and elections. Which one of those ideas are socialist guest 1776? By the way, I have run a small business here in Wilmington for 16 years and am not looking for a handhout from anyone. I have no problem with Capitalism, I just have a problem with abuses of it.

Occupy Wilmington

One way we can change our broken government is to pay attention to
what our elected officials are doing. How are they voting on bills
that could put people to work or tax that top 1% to help balance the
economy. What is being done to crack down on the top feeders in the
banking industry/wall street?

We can change things with our votes. If they aren't working for a
better America they shouldn't be in office. Above! Get
out and vote. America's voters are getting younger, more informed,
and we have far more independents than ever before. We are the 99%
and change will happen.


If writing on this board is all you do, then you have already rolled over. You just don't know it yet.

Your post makes me wish.....

...that WWAY would add a tallying "like" button. You are 100% spot on.