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Student charged with bringing shotgun to school


PENDER COUNTY, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- A gun was found in a student's car on school property friday night in Hampstead. Today Pender County Sheriffs deputies charged the young man with possessing a gun on school property.

The gun was found while Topsail high played its homecoming football game. A deputy patroling the area saw a gun case containing a shotgun in an SUV.

The student 16-year-old Robert Lee Cox the Third from Hampstead, was charged today with possessing a gun on educational property. He appeared before a magistrate in Burgaw and was given a 500 dollar unsecured bond.

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Oh well.

Yeah Tres broke a law and got caught with a gun in his SUV. Was he trying to hurt anyone? Nah.
And yeah most people have gotten a speeding ticket before. Were you trying to endanger the lives of everyone else on the road? Nah.
Both are dangerous instances and both have potential to kill people, I'm glad the officers are out trying to protect my school, but Tres shouldn't be charged with anything more than what ticket holders are considering he had no shells. A fine and some school privileges taken away are a reasonable charge. He's a criminal get him off the streets? Get yo crazy booty off my road then ticket holders.

Tres is a great person!!!!!

TRES is such a wonderful person!!! He is not a person who would hurt anyone EVER!!! He is just a sixteen year old boy who wanted to go see his sister on the homecoming court and wanted to go straight over to his friend's house to spend the night and go hunting in the morning. He had his duck hunting UNLOADED riffle in his case in the back of his LOCKED SUV !!!! ( he didn't even have any shells!!!) CLEARLY he wasn't there to harm a soul!!!!! IT's a shame that in this world that a teenager can't make a mistake but an adult can kill their own baby !!! How would you feel if this was your Dad, YOUR brother, your uncle, your son, your cousin, or your Nephew???? ( or that girl in your life.... whover that person in your life that likes to hunt ) Most people would love to be half the person that TRES is!!!!!!!!! GOD's got you TRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, I feel sorry for the

Yep, I feel sorry for the lad and yes if it was a relative of mine it would hurt. He just broke a law and he has to pay his dues as sad as it is. I have had a relative jailed several time before and he never touched a soul. He has done his time and has made something with of his life. So I do know the hurt. but he did break the law.But this is not going to end in jail time, or at least it shouldn't. Check with the student at Pender High who had the almost exact same thing happen to him. He might be able to offer up some advice.

We love you Tres!<3

Don't think of it as "gun control", think of it as "victim disarmament". If we make enough laws, we can all be criminals! It's sad you adult's have nothing better to do then to make harsh comments as i have seen on here today about how "he should be thrown in jail". You are pathetic! Yet someone who KILLED A CHILD; got a slap on the wrist and some probabtion? I mean was it really that big of a deal? No threats were being made, no one was hurt, and he wasnt running around with it in his pocket like he was going to kill someone. Why dont you people lay off, and worry about the ones that really are KILLING PEOPLE rather than a younge boy who was caught between making it to a football game after a evening hunt! Society these days are becoming much over rated on the things that DO NOT MATTER rather than worrying about what really does. You parents give your children too many demands these days, having to be home at a certain time, having to make a certain grade, having to be here and there when you want them to be. Wanting a CHILD to be perfect and a adult when they are only younge and to make mistakes as Tres has here and shouldnt have to be a convicted felon and have no future. You people complain about how much our drop out rates have increased and why kids do not want to attend school and this is the reason why! Acting silly over a child at a football game that has done ANY HARM! We have Pender County Police running around like the Barney Fife, acting as if they had a free pass to society! Sad to say it took Police less than 5 minutes to find a gun in a childs car with no harm, but a man lost his life due to their laps in resonding because they were too busy worrying over something that DIDNOT matter as this. It sounds like your using Tres to make a bad example for the school because the deputies are slack. How many deputies THAT NIGHT that were NOT on duty had guns in their cars? Quit making him look like he has done such a harsh crime when in reality he has done nothing wrong! Just a simple boy trying to make it to a football game in time after hunting that evening!

As sad as this is, it is

As sad as this is, it is where we are today in America, with respect to violence in schools. It is not about making enough laws so we can all be criminals. I am sure in this case it was just a stupid mistake on his part. However, with respect to so many other incidents involving students at other schools in America, I am sure the parents of the students who were brutally murdered asked the question--What could we have done differently to have stopped the senseless and tragic deaths of our young people. It is unfortunate but necessary with respect to weapons at our educational facilities, that we apply the law/rules with a no tolerance policy. How ever this works out in the courts is another issue. I hope leniency is used in this case, given the facts in hind sight. But it is better to have used this measure than for it to have been a case of someone actually having planned to use a gun at a school. Because it could have just as well been another tragic event. Remember, hind sight is almost always better than foresight, especially when it could have turned out to be something so so bad. In closing I am sure that those who matter to this student do not think poorly of him but rather just plain old wish he had stopped and thought just a little more before putting that gun in his car. It happened almost identically at Pender High School as well. I wish him the best...................

One good reason not to have

One good reason not to have a gun on campus is because school campuses can have a very high car break-in rate. While this student may or may not have had bad intent, a thief may not be so considerate of your right not to get shot while fooling around with a gun they just stole. Obviously it wasn't too secure if the Deputy saw, it could have been a break-in thief that saw it instead.

we love you tres. <3

we love you tres. <3

Do you all know how many

Do you all know how many parents are off on Friday, hunt in a club, leave the hunt long enough to drive and pick up their child at school and go straight back to the hunt so their child can join in on the Friday afternoon hunt? Most of the time, the parent's gun is right there in the 4 whhel drive truck. We need to monitor this so we can arrest all of these people. It happens everyday during season but more so on Friday. Maybe we can arrest some of these taxpaying, school PTA members because they are criminals for circling thru the parking lots to pick up their child with a weapon in their vehicle. It will be another source of income for the government and the schools if they will "fine" them in court. (This was sarcasm)

By the way, I am a 13 year teacher and the visible gun doesn't scare me. It's the ones in the bookbags walking around me everyday that I fear.

I agree with you. They

I agree with you. They should be arrested just the same as Tres. And what has " Tax Paying" or school "PTA members" got to do with it. It matters not whether the gun was brought to school in a " 4 wheel drive( I think this is how it is actually spelled and I am not a teacher)" or a "book bag( two words or maybe you meant backpack which is one word)". The point is to keep them away from school.

Eventhough he is 16, in the

Eventhough he is 16, in the NC court system a 16 year old is tried as an adult. Whether his intentions were to go hunting after the game or not, rules are rules. If he's been a student in the U.S. at all, he knows the rule is no weapons on school property. That is not a new law which has just been passed, Im pretty sure it is a law at every school in every county of every state in this country. If the cops saw the gun, the must take precautionary measures; that is their job.

Well said.................

Well said.................

a criminal, get him off the

a criminal, get him off the streets? whoever thinks like that is an idiot. no tellin how many cars in the parking lot at that football game had pistols in the car. probably a good ol country boy who didnt think much about it and this is probably going to ruin his potential future.

here we go one step closer to tightening down on coming as close to losing our 2nd ammendment rights as ever, and most of ya'lls idiotic mentality is why.

i dont want to hear no crap about felony this, deputy that. i know how it works.

How in the world could this

How in the world could this ruin his potential future? Please explain the statement -- "here we go one step closer to tightening down on coming as close to losing our 2nd amendment rights as ever, and most of ya'lls idiotic mentality is why." How lame and paranoid can one be. And -- "no tellin how many cars in the parking lot at that football game had pistols in the car." No telling how many drunks drove home from a bar last night but wait that's against the laws tooooooooooooo. What, its's just as good analogy and reasoning as your idiotic mentality.

Possessing a gun on school

Possessing a gun on school property is a FELONY. He should be punished, no matter what his intent was. I am a teacher and the possession of any weapons on campus puts me, other teachers, and all of the students at risk. Not to mention the fact that if he had gone unpunished, other students would think they could do the same and also receieve no punishment.

Hey guestteacher it's nice

Hey guestteacher it's nice to see that you put yourself and other teachers first ahead of your students......YOUR SORRY

Hey guest1308, you are so

Hey guest1308, you are so far off subject the moderator should have refused to post you comment. Stay on point...............


YOU REALLY think this law protects you? I can drive home right now, get a gun and walk right into your classroom....criminals don't follow your silly laws...ITS WHY THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!! The law does nothing but punish citizens who aren't a threat. The still going to walk in and kill you.

Dear guest7969, So according

Dear guest7969, So according to your reasoning.......... only those who are caught with guns at school are the ones who are not the criminals............ how lame. No, law enforcement is not going to catch all of those who break the law by carrying a gun onto school property. But how pray tell are they going to know who is the one planning to use their gun in a manner that is consistent with the "LAW". Exactly, they can't so they have to treat everyone equally. Or just maybe you should be the one to stand at the gate and decide who is there to blow someone away or just go hunting. And then you can explain how someones son or daughter will not be coming home tonight because you-" thought that they had just been hunting."


Then why don't you try it? You won't do it. You know why? Because there are LAWS in place and you know you would either be shot to death by police, or sent to prison for a long time and become another inmate's girlfriend.

There may still be the occasional idiot out there who is dumb enough to try this sort of thing, but they always get what they deserve in the end. That's enough to keep MOST of them in line. It's better to have laws like this and enforce them, than to not have them at all.


THE LAWS were created AFTER "There may still be the occasional idiot out there who is dumb enough to try this sort of thing"...just the occasional the MASSES get punished for the crime of an occasional idiot.

How sick is it to think of a

How sick is it to think of a law that protects our sons and daughters as a punishment. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, embarked on a massacre, killing 12 students and 1 teacher. They also injured 21 other students directly, and three people were injured while attempting to escape. I am sure that the relatives of these victims wished they their punishment could have been this law and not the fact that their lives are forever changed because there was no law, as such until after it altered lives forever.

What was a deputy doing

What was a deputy doing snooping around vehicles in the first place? What a bunch of crap....we, as citizens have let lawmakers get by with stupid laws like this for too long. Guess we are getting what we deserve.

I guess you are just as

I guess you are just as guilty as the officers. I mean, have you ever walked by a car and not looked in. " Snooping" by officers has saved a lot of lives and put a lot of criminals in jail. And no I do not consider this student a "Criminal". He broke a rule, plain and simple. I suppose you also think it wrong for law enforcement to work undercover. That is surely "Snooping" by your definition.So "Snoop" on officers. I just hope that anyone snooping around my property is doing so to look out for my safety, and well being, like these officers were doing, and not some crook.

Snooping wow what a "slackard" comparison.................

what was Deputy doing?

I would think the Deputy was watching out for the children in the school. Do you have children? I do and I say Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep snooping and keep the children safe! Thank you!

It is called a job

The deputy was doing a little task called "His job" It appears as something you obviously have yet to master.

He is a criminal, get him

He is a criminal, get him off the streets!!!

Times sure have changed. We

Times sure have changed. We used to hunt before school in the early '80's and you'd see a dozen student trucks with rifles/shotguns in window racks in the parking lot. No ill intent. Nobody threatened.
The world has gone PC crazy.

times have changed

You need to wake up and get with the program. Times have changed...back then did you hear about school shootings like now? It is a different generation and the parents of this generation are not taking care of their kids like we were taken care of. We were taught what was right and what was wrong, now a days kids are lucky if they even have parents that are not sitting up in the jail house.

Those were days when parents were in control...

...of their children. The days before gangsta gangs proliferated and the days before the Columbine massacre and other mis-guided, rotten a$$ed kids decided it was cool to see how many people they could murder before getting subdued.

Sorry Mac, you're 100% correct, it's a different world these days! You just can't walk around with your eyes shut anymore, especially with todays lack of parenting and guidance with todays teenagers. There have been too many girlfriends murdered, students and teachers massacred by stray and mentally deficient, psychotic teens. Thus...the rules. They've been out and made clear for a long time. This young man surely knew better. Now, he'll be kicked out of school for the remainder of the year, can't play on the football team and won't graduate when he should have.

Yes sir, times sure have changed! We have, what we have to deal with and we know what the rules are. This young man decided he was exempt from the law and, unfortunately he will pay dearly. Prudent judgement and review of the consequenses go a long way BEFORE making a decision!

Good Old Days

Well said! I remember a time when the worst thing that kids did in the classroom was throw spitballs on the blackboard when the teacher wasn't looking. And going to the principal's office was a fate worse than death. If a kid got in trouble, his reputation was ruined, because other parents made sure their own kids didn't hang around with the troublemaker (they would tell you that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch). My, how times have changed!

Ah....the good old days!