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Student charged with bringing shotgun to school


PENDER COUNTY, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- A gun was found in a student's car on school property friday night in Hampstead. Today Pender County Sheriffs deputies charged the young man with possessing a gun on school property.

The gun was found while Topsail high played its homecoming football game. A deputy patroling the area saw a gun case containing a shotgun in an SUV.

The student 16-year-old Robert Lee Cox the Third from Hampstead, was charged today with possessing a gun on educational property. He appeared before a magistrate in Burgaw and was given a 500 dollar unsecured bond.

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Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


here...had my rifle behind the seat...never ONCE thought about it being there until I got it out to hunt that evening...

"...never ONCE thought about it..." is exactly the problem!

As an avid hunter and concealed carry permit holder, I am acutely aware of where ALL of my firearms are at ALL times and WHERE it is appropriate to be in possession of them. Banks, government facilities, airports, schools, liquor stores and public functions are ALL off limits to firearms possession, it's general knowledge. This isn't complicated at all, it's as very simple component of the reponsibility of gun ownership!

Some have it...some don't.


back in the old days he carried his gun behind the seat of his truck, read the previous posts..reading comprehension.He did not say he lsot it or never knew where it was, it was second nature back then to carry them, I carried mine in a rack on the back window in those days...

Maybe you did, but would you

Maybe you did, but would you do it today is the question. And who doesn't know that it is illegal to carry a gun concealed or in plain sight onto a military base. You don't do it or you pay the price. It is illegal to carry a gun onto school property so if you do you pay the price ,end of story. Yes times have changed. I can remember when I lived in Florida we could get in three or four innings of baseball in the middle of the street before a car came down the road. Try that today, there are just to many cars on the road. So yes times have changed. I know that if I am going to fly I am going to have to get to the airport extra early and not have more than a few ounces of shampoo, cologne, toothpaste, baby bottles, Let alone a pocket knife in my carry-on bag. or it will be thrown out. Times have changed, sad as it is.* Possible headline story * Officers stop Teen with gun in school parking lot. Recognized as kid who hunts in the morning before school. Pat him on the back and send him on his way. At lunch he/or someone else who know he went hunting this morning and brings his gun to school in his truck goes to his truck and retrieves his gun. goes back into the school and murders someone over an argument they had in second period. Maybe unlikely but an entirely plausible scenario. Point is times have changed and we need to be more conscientiously aware of our actions. I wish him the best of luck. And in hindsight I think his was just a dumb mistake. But I thank the officers for their foresight.


do we need to be reminded...of exactly what the 2nd sais...

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED." the law you speak of is unconstitutional...of course our Constitution is nothing but a silly document now....

THE LAW IS A DO NOTHING LAW...I can walk into ANY SCHOOL RIGHT NOW and do whatever I want before I am'm the guy you WANT to have a gun in the's simple...I'll dispatch expeditiously anyone doing harm to the public with a firearm....I remember a woman getting stabbed to death at the GoGAS years ago...nobody stopped the guy...I would have shot him dead in the head!

No my friend you are not the

No my friend you are not the one I want shooting away at one of our schools. No where in the 2nd amendment does it say you can carry the gun anywhere you please ! DUH!
In 2008 and 2010, the Supreme Court issued two Second Amendment decisions. In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia[1][2] and to use that arm for traditionally LAWFUL purposes, such as self-defense within the home. Additionally, the Court enumerated several longstanding prohibitions and restrictions on firearms possession that it found were consistent with the Second Amendment.[3] In McDonald v. Chicago (2010), the Court ruled that the Second Amendment limits state and local governments to the same extent that it limits the federal government. Notice the word lawful above.

In the context of the Constitution, phrases like "shall not be infringed," "shall make no law," and "shall not be violated" sound pretty unbendable, but the Supreme Court has ruled that some laws can, in fact, encroach on these "phrases." For example, though there is freedom of speech, you cannot slander someone; though you can own a pistol, you cannot own a nuclear weapon.


a crock of CRAP! Unloaded gun, in the case...first he SHOULDN'T have let them search his vehicle...and a good lawyer might get him off since he is a minor if they didn't have parental consent. The no guns on school campuses does NOTHING...I can walk in to ANY SCHOOL in the county and do whatever I like before getting caught...laws like the one that got this kid in trouble only get honest people in trouble...shame on the PIGS..yes I said PIGS in this instance...that didn't just send the kid home.


Your a freakin Moron, why did he need parental consent to search the vehicle of a 16 year old ???? He is old enough to go to big boy jail now, drive like a big boy so he gets his car searched like a big boy !There is NO diference in searching a 16 year old boy's car or a 60 year old man's car if you have a reason to you backwoods idiot ! BTW Next time you have a shotgun in your front seat and the "PIGS" want to get it out, let me know how it works out for ya to tell them your not gonna let them. Id love to catch you in a school doing whatever it is you think you can do , (prob to the little boys) without getting caught


I have a gun in the front seat ALL THE TIME...I get stopped, I point to it...NO PROBLEMS...and no they wouldn't take it out...why would they..I'm a law abiding citizen...the GOOD GUY...

See...its people like YOU that kill people...I was making a point that a criminal can do what he pleases..his very nature allows him to circumvent your silly little law...and IF I WAS a criminal with a would pea your pants and DO NOTHING but whimper like a little baby!

Once again you open your

Once again you open your mouth and inserted your foot. No you will not drive onto a school, military base government facility, airport and casually point to your gun and " no problems. You would be removed from you vehicle and arrested on the spot. And possibly have your car and your gun confiscated. And what does -- "See...its people like YOU that kill people" mean.....and -- "I was making a point that a criminal can do what he pleases..his very nature allows him to circumvent your silly little law" Yeah you made your point because you clearly feel you can "circumvent" silly little laws as well. Lets stick to the issue. He broke a law he pays his due . If you run a red light and " Get caught" you pay your dues. Then you move on and if you learn from your mistakes then you are not branded a " bad person"


I've seen people like you, but I had to pay admission.

Such a BRAVE "Dirty Harry"!

Guest 7969, you repeatedly brag about what you will do and how you will act with your pop pistol. I can only hope and pray that YOU, as an individual that brags about poppin' people "dead in the head" or "making them pee their pants" is NOT a legitimate firearms owner, much less possesses a valid CCP!

You have issues! Get a mental evaluation and a reality check!


are you guys MENTAL? I am making a guys think some little law will save you from being shot...ask the women who die every day when a restraining order is in place how the law works. My point is...I AM a law abiding citizen. I have guns, I carry guns...I am the one you don't have to worry about..however, I now can be charged as a FELON...for the actions of a FEW...the law will NOT change the actions of the FEW in the future. So..if you feel all good at night with your little laws in place....please feel free to do so...

As far as me taking a really doesn't matter what I have/haven't or will/won't do...taking a life of a human is a serious action...I can honestly say that I have NEVER though of taking a life like that out of anger or depression...just doesn't cross my mind...THAT is why I am the guy you don't have to worry about...the other guys...laws are MEANINGLESS!

So you are saying that

So you are saying that "Anyone" who has ever used a gun to kill someone was never a law abiding citizen or could say that they have NEVER thought of taking a life like that out of anger or depression...just never crossed my mind. Friend, you are the one who is mental. And if there were no laws I could go and by a fully automatic assault rifle and drive over to your house, kill you and take what ever I wanted and drive back over to my house and face no repercussions. After all law are meaningless. There will always be those who think that laws don't apply to them or that they will never get caught or who don't care. But, I guess in your world there would be no laws and you would just use your gun to protect yourself from whomever or whatever.Imagine if you owned a store and I wandered in and decided that I didn't want to spent any of my money on gas or groceries so I just took them. Since there was not laws it wouldn't be illegal, so I would have every right to help my self. And since you couldn't make any more you wouldn't be able to afford to hire anyone so I would just wait until another fellow decided to do the same thing and distracted you. Silly, no, not in your world but wait you could move to a third world country and guess what they don't have laws let alone law enforcement. Yes you are the real mental case here pal.

I guess you don't understand

I guess you don't understand that the deputies were enforcing the existing laws, they don't get topick and chose which ones to enforce and ignore, especially felonies. Go tell the judge in the case he is a pig, or go to a law maker and make your sad rant, you are barking up the wrong tree friendo.

It is not the job of the

It is not the job of the police to make laws but to enforce them. The people at fault here are the school board for a zero tolerance policy and the kid who brought the gun to school.

They didn't have to search

The weapon was in plain view in his vehicle. If you ever need police assistance, make sure you ask them to "send the pigs" you immature little person.

We've really gotten crazy with this stuff

Wow! Who would have thought a country boy living in a rural area of NC would have an UNLOADED shot gun in his CAR at a football game during hunting season?!?! What do you bet he had been hunting or was planning to go hunting & just didn't think about it?

Thank goodness they don't have zero tolerance anymore. I think it's a crying shame this young man is in this kind of trouble over an UNLOADED shotgun.

obviously, you aren't a

obviously, you aren't a hunter. Gun hunting season doesn't start here til October 16. So, if he's hunting now, or was doing so the, then he was doing it illegally! Which is a whole nother issue all together.

To the person posting as Hunt. Check the NC seasons.

Just so you know Duck season was still in on saturday morning. The day after the game, as was dove season, crow season, and several other seasons that require the use of a shotgun. Oh and it could have been been a muzzleloading shotgun, which is legal to use during muzzleloading deer season.

I think that our society is a bit too harsh in most of these cases. We're often driven by fear of a few lunatics blown out of proportion by the media. How many children go to school and come home safely everyday in this country. A lot more than are harmed. Yet our schools are really no more secure than they were 20 years ago. I know, I went to them through the times of the Jonesboro and Columbine events as well as the bomb threats after the 9/11 attacks. Few things really changed.

This young man will have to face the consequences of his actions but maybe someone in the judicial system will have a bit of leniency on someone who made a stupid but forgivable error.


YOU aren't a hunter and YOU can't read...they said DUCK HUNTING...which was IN SEASON last week..MORON!

Muzzle loading

Im sorry to correct you, Muzzle loading season is in right now and has been since the 1st of OCT. Please get your facts straight!

muzzle loading

NO you get your facts straight. There is a difference between a Muzzle Loader and a Shot gun. It may have been Muzzle Loading Season and Bow Season and Duck til the 8th, but he didn't have a Muzzle Loader buddy it was a shot gun. Hello. He is 16 he has a student handbook somewhere. Why risk it!!! I hate so much it is a felony I hope it gets reduced but if it had been the kid who was going to shoot up the school this would be totally different.........


IF it had been the "kid who was going to shoot up the school" you ACTUALLY think the laws in place would have stopped him?...It's kinda like the morons thinking I was playing patty cake in the sand with people that want to KILL YOU in Iraq in Afghanistan...PEOPLE THAT WANT TO HURT YOU DON'T FOLLOW YOUR RULES!..However, it is cute that you think the world works like that...

Correct me if I am wrong

doesn't dove season start around Labor Day week-end?

I'm not condoning what the young man did; but it was in a case, in clear view, in the locked SUV.

Another meaningless statement from SCT.

"I'm not condoning what the young man did; but it was in a case, in clear view, in the locked SUV." Wow...incredible...

Yeah? So that brilliant statement and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee at a cheap reataurant. So tell us SCT, with that mentality, what do you think would happen if that same "locked SUV" had a visible gun "inside its case" was left unattended at an airport drop-off? What if that same "locked" SUV were discoverd broken down just outside the gates of the Gov's mansion, a Federal Courthouse or sitting in front of a large bank facility?

"Oops...duh, sorry occifer ser. I didn't know I still had that thang...", as you are stringently handcuffed and whisked off for about 3 days of questioning before charges are applied.

Sometimes, the very brilliance of the sun is dimmed by stupidity!


GOD we have people just like you that NEVER make mistakes...this was a mistake...the kid probably didn't think twice about it...after all...we didn't have it there to do any harm to anyone. I can say he didn' think about it...because I have picked up my son before..sitting in line to pick him up...look back to clear the seat and forgot that I still had my rifle sitting there...something as simple as that..FELONY..again..punishes NOBODY but the honest tax payers...

Again..CRIMINALS...the reason the law was written..DON'T FOLLOW LAWS...the law is STUPID!

Don't follow laws?

Waiting for you to say something intelligent is like putting a candle in the window for Jimmy Hoffa.

LOL can Google that if you'd like...