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Girlfriend of Soles shooting victim dies in crash


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A witness to the shooting at R.C. Soles's home in 2009 has died.

Highway Patrol says Jessica Nealey died yesterday from injuries suffered in a car crash Monday night. Troopers say Nealey's car ran into a tree off of State Road 1141 east of Tabor City.

Nealey was the girlfriend of Kyle Blackburn. She was at the senator's home in August 2009 when Soles shot Blackburn in the back of the leg.

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I would like to know how an

I would like to know how an event that happened 3 years ago would have anything to do with her death. People should not speculate, they should pray for the family mourning the loss of their loved ones. The title of this article is inappropriate and only used to stir up drama.

How dare WWAY print facts?

Past highlights of a person's life are a journalistic standard in any obituary or article reporting the death. When Frank Sinatra died, did they mention that he was a singer and actor? When Jimmy Carter dies, do you think that they might mention that he was once president?

This girl's claim to fame is that she was the girlfriend of a notorious criminal. That didn't bother her in life; why should it trouble her family in death? WWAY may report elements of a person's life story, but they don't write the script.

I keep asking myself....what

I keep asking myself....what kind of sick man must this Soles person be? All these kids, so fascinated by this man. Mr. Soles, be glad I'm not the investigator in this case. I would make it top priority to find out exactly what you are. You're hiding, be a man and stand up for whatever it is you've done to create such drama. Things like this don't go on for nothing.


Please allow her family time to grieve and not make this a highlight of the news.

Things that make you say Hummmmm!

Tis is one of those things that make you say Hummmmm. Or as Mr. Lewis Carroll once wrote, "It gets curiouser and curiouser said Alice."

She is not the first person

She is not the first person associated with Soles, his boys' crimes or his law practice to die in an "accident". Remember, there is an open SBI case on RC Soles, Jr.

Curiouser and curiouser...