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Occupy Wilmington takes message on the road


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Occupy Wilmington was back at it again this afternoon, sharing the group's message with drivers at one of the city's busiest intersections.

Protestors took their movement to the corner of S. College Road and Oleander Drive this afternoon. The Wilmington protesters waved signs, played the drums and even used a loud speaker as part of their demonstration.

The movement is part of the wider national group that says it represents the 99 percent of people suffering in the economy. Protestors had specific reasons for being there.

"I'd like them to pass some legislation that would help not only people get jobs, but that would help us to save our homes," protestor Kris Gupton said.

Another protestors, Brian Cox, said, "I would like to see a more equitable distribution of the wealth in this country, but more than that I'd like to see a better future for my daughter."

Protestors say they can achieve their goals by continuing these demonstrations, sharing their message on Facebook and by letting congress know what they want.

Members of Occupy Wilmington say they will hold another protest October 29 at Riverfront Park.

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Bank of America tried to steal my house. They took over our mortgage when Countrywide Financial went bust. We were trying to get our mortgage re-negotiated so we could pay a lower interest rate. They put us in something they call "forbearance", and said we didn't have to make any mortgage payments as long as we were in forbearance. I made the payments anyway, but BoA sat on our case for more than six months, not making any decision one way or the other. We finally got our mortgage re-negotiated through another lender. I have heard since that time that Bank of America was foreclosing on people whose houses were in forbearance, even after they told the mortgagees that they didn't have to make any payments during that time. The bank deliberately tried to trick us into not making our payments so that they could steal our house from us.

A cynical person might say that anyone who trusts what the bank says deserves to have their house taken. But that's the problem. A bank is an entity that we should be able to trust, because we give them our hard-earned money to keep safe for us while it is deposited with them. If a bank can't be trusted, it shouldn't exist.

Regardless of BoA's practice

Regardless of BoA's practice of foreclosing after saying not to make payments, you have to keep in mind that foreclosure would not be an issue if the home buyer had made the payments that he promised to make. If the home buyer cannot live up to his side of the agreement, that is hardly the bank's fault.

You don't seem to understand

You don't seem to understand the importance of what I am saying. They tried to TRICK us into not making our payments. They DIDN'T WANT us to make our payments. They even made it as difficult as they could for me to make the payments by blocking me from using our online account, forcing me to make my payments at one of their branches (I never pay by mail, because my payment could get lost and I would have no record of it). What they wanted to do was steal our house from us so they could double dip on the guaranteed payment from Fannie Mae, and also the proceeds from the sale of our house. They were fraudulently trying to take our house so they could make a profit off of the foreclosure.

They fraudulently foreclosed on people who never even owed them any money in the first place, on people who had never even had a mortgage, but had paid cash for their homes, and they even fraudulently foreclosed on some of our military men and women who were at the time serving overseas, which is against the law. The Bank of America is a criminal organization.

They rail against capitalism...

while they talk on their smart phones, email from their I-pads, and drink their bottled water.

When these nutjobs walk to their protest site wearing the clothes

they made themselves having eaten food they grew themselves...then and only then...will they have the slightest possibility of being taken seriously.

Until then...get a job.

I talked with one of these kids last Saturday while they were demonstrating across from the Bank of America building. He was holding a sign that said "Glass-Steagall". I asked him what Glass-Steagall was. He said..."I don't know. They told me to hold the sign"


What a Stupid Argument

Claiming their message means nothing because they use products made by corporations is extremely weak. Its the same as these folks railing on the Tea Party for using public roads and infrastructure. If they were wearing home made clothes you'd be calling them names for that, too. Indians used rifles made by the same white man they were fighting to try and stop their genocide, to suggest they should have used bows and arrows is moronic. Sorry. P.S the whole "get a job" thing has been unoriginal for like 40 years now. "Get a life".

Occupy Wilmington

Hey Taxpayer, I'm a taxpayer too and I have had a job since I was 14. I'm also not a "kid" I'm almost 50. You have NO IDEA what this movement is about. Perhaps if listened to some other news source than Fox news you would know. The main point of the movement is to reduce the influence of large corp. and large investment banks on our goverment. If that is communism than I guess I'm a communist but I think if you believe that you need to look up the definition of communism. As to Glass/Steagall, it was a bill enacted after the financial crash of 1929 that prevented investment banks like JP Morgan and Commercial Banks merging their operations. It was to prevent "to big to fail". It was repealed in 1999 by an bill brought up by Republican Lawmakers Phil Gramm and Jim Leach. Wonder if you knew that.

Two details you left out

It received broad based bi-partisan support and was signed into law by a VERY supprtive Bill Clinton.

Remember, a half-truth is still a lie.


Taxpayer, I was one of the 'protesters' at College and Oleander today. I have a full-time job, I own a home (or at least the bank lets me live here), I pay my taxes and I vote. I also have a garden. I am 59 years old and am no kid.
I will argue the merits of Glass-Steagall with you anytime and explain to you why we are not anti-capitalists, as you claim. We only seek to expose the greed and corruption that has infiltrated the American political system and our government since the demise of Glass-Steagall and the deregulation of multi-national corporations and megabanks.
Time will tell who among us has made the right call. Until then, I stand with the 99%. The 1% who stole our government don't need my help.But you can stand with them if you must. Kindest regards, my friend.

Occupy Wilmington

The movement has no message. This article is meaningless.

There is a message

The message is: End the toxic relationship between the financial sector and our elected representatives, and return our government back to the people. We want our voices and votes back. Period. I doesn't get much clear than that.

I beg to differ...

It in fact does carry a message. Take from those who work for a living and give to those who refuse.

If you want to insure your daughter's future....

...perhaps you should not be advocating a failed economic system (Marxism) and hanging around beating drums on a Thursday afternoon while you could be earning money.


Or maybe you could be like Nonsense, waiting for your government check to come in.

I was not really advocating

I was not really advocating Marxism. Yes it true that I called for a redistribution of wealth but this is because it was so completely distributed to the wealthy in hopes that it would trickle down. Well it never did.Politicians from both parties sold the average American out to corporate and bank interest. Massive deregulation over the past thirty years has stripped us of the protections offered after the Great Depression. I live in a capitalist system and have actually read Adam Smith. You can't tell me that what we have today allows the unseen hand to work. The system has been tilted to big money interest and our politicians on both side of the fence are in the back pocket of their corporate sponsors. Get the money out of politics.
Peace and may God bless you,

Brian Cox


you actually had a brain and were paying could SEE both hands! Protections? need to look up how much money corporations LOOSE EVERY YEAR following regulations that protect don't seem to understand something...corporations WILL NEVER pay taxes...EVER...they will simply pass the cost down to YOU, the'll NEVER be able to punish them..because Capitalism allows them to charge what the heck the market warrants for their products...and in pads my retirement account! THANK YOU BIG CORPORATIONS!!!

IF you were would take this opportunity to OWN part of these evil corporations...because when times turn's gonna be GOOD!

It was "distributed" to the wealthy?

Exactly how was wealth distributed to the wealthy? Those people entering DSS to sign up for direct cash benefits aren't the wealthy, Brian.

Like too many people, you have a micro view in a macro world. Trickle-down economics works quite well, but because of global trade, it is diluted across the globe. The average wage of a factory worker in China has climbed so high that some companies are now moving production from China to lower paying countries, such as India and Lesotho. I recently purchased additional stock in Caterpillar, which is helping them build new production facilities that will be located in China. My money is improving life for a Chinese family. When I invest in a company with domestic operations, such as Progress Energy, it will help pay for new jobs building the power plants they have on the drawing board.

Our current economy is not due to some evil conspiracy by Wall Street or Washington, though many individual issues can be lain on Washington's doorstep. It is primarily the result of Economic evolution, the fact that I can now place an order from a company in Malaysia as fast as I can from a company in California, get it just as quickly, and at a far cheaper price. Fifty years ago we had Railway Express and UPS (ground only), not FedEx. We used telephones with dials on them, not computers connected to the Internet. You didn't order from Malaysia because it could take hours to set up the call, and the call would cost you thirty-dollars.

I find it astounding that the OWS crowd owns and uses iPhones, Androids, PCs, they download music, they cruise the web, but they cannot comprehend the advantage that such rapid technology gives to corporate America, especially the banking industry. A currency trader for Morgan Stanley can execute two trades over a matter of minutes and make millions of dollars for them.

As opposed to most of my conservative friends, I don't see prosperity being just around the corner, regardless of who we elect. The world that you and your OWS buddies picture is gone. It is dead, and can't be brought back through punitive taxation of the successful and the redistribution of wealth. We have too many people vying for too few jobs, and until American workers agree to markedly lower wages and a lower standard of living than they are used to, those jobs aren't coming back home. Taking money from the wealthy will simply mean even fewer jobs, and what happens when even they have nothing more to give? It's the epitome of the old adage about giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish. What happens when you take all the fish away from those who have them?

The key is learning to prosper in the world as it exists today, and not waste time raging against the machine as the Luddites did.

Capitalism is the greatest

Capitalism is the greatest engine for wealth creation ever devised, but it creates that wealth without regard for who it displaces, what environmental havoc it wreaks, how many lives it destroys. At the very least--and I don't think this is a revolutionary proposition--it needs something in place to mitigate that destruction and bring a greater portion of that wealth to the people who create it. That's why Adam Smith called it The Wealth of Nations and not the wealth of individuals: it belongs to everyone who has a hand in creating it, not just the CEO who is managing it. And even free market hero Milton Friedman knew that those left by the wayside needed to be taken care of through a minimum income guarantee.

Why does the American worker have to agree to a lower standard of living? Why can't the executives making 400 times what the average worker makes agree to take home only 100, 50, 20 times what the average worker makes? Are you telling me that those people are going to go Galt if we only let them make $10 million instead of $20 million? Is the United States going to fall apart if we cut the defense budget from $700 million to $600 million?

Who sets their salary caps?

I have no problem with a board of directors or shareholders setting salaries, but beyond them what the CEO makes is nobody's business. That includes employees.

I'm not seeing how the defense budget relates to what the average American worker is paid.

Hmm interesting

Nothing about he counter protest on the opposite corner nice balanced reporting wway against the flea party


there was one person counter protesting also Marxism failed jus as much as capitalism has so i dont see the point there. Oh and i have a job. k thanks

Umm... are trying to compare our lives to other countries with Marxism? Do you realize that our POOREST are the RICHEST in the world? If you love Marxism so much..please exit stage left to the country of your choosing!


That is a lie. Even our richest aren't the richest in the world. The richest are: Qatar, Luxembourg, and Singapore. We are 6th. Sounds like a TEA BAGGER lie.


You OBVIOUSLY have a cup of koolaid your sipin on...and you obviously have never been out of this country to see how poor people's not with electricity and food stamps!


I have been all over the world and some of the poorest people I ever saw were right here in the good ol' USA. Try going in the country outside of Big Clifty, Ky or some of the Indian reservations in Arizona and Utah. You have no clue how poor people live. If you saw the people I saw with dirt floors in their houses and with absolutely nothing at all going for them you would be appalled. Try to talk about something you know, if there is such a thing.

Our Poor

Our poorest don't have electricity or food stamps. They live in the street and they eat out of garbage cans. And this includes an absolutely atrocious number of War Veterans.