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Candidate profile: Ricky Meeks

READ MORE: Candidate Profile: Ricky Meeks

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Election Day is right around the corner, and WWAY wants you to meet the candidates for Wilmington City Council.

Ricky Meeks has become a familiar name and face around town. The 42-year-old was born and raised right here in Wilmington.

"I lived here all my life, and I have seen a lot of changes in the city," Meeks said. "The main thing about Wilmington is traffic, and, of course, population comes with a city like Wilmington. I'm running for city council because I'm looking out for the future of the city and southeastern North Carolina as a region."

Meeks, who you can often catch at a bus stop, is an advocate for transportation. The city council hopeful says he will make transportation his top priority if elected in November.

"The number one thing in my mind is transportation; better roads and tourism, maybe one day have a train from Wilmington to Raleigh, and a train to Charleston, SC," Meeks said.

This election is not the first attempt by Meeks to get on an elected seat. The disabled and unemployed man ran for city council and mayor in the past.

"I ran for city council a few times. I ran for mayor in 2003, ran for New Hanover County School board a few times," Meeks said.

So why run again? Meeks, with a smile on his face, says he understands some people may not like the idea that he continues to run, but says everyone has the right to, including an everyday citizen like himself.

"We got to remember we have Constitution rights in America," Meeks said. "My great uncle fought in the Korean War. He was in the US Army, by the way, so that gave me some rights to run as a citizen. People who died for our country did not ask if you were black or white or didn't ask if you were poor or rich."

Meeks says he does not feel intimidated by the election process or the possibility of sitting on council. He says he was glad to see so many new faces running this time around, but he hopes in the end the voters will pick Ricky Meeks as their next Wilmington City Council member.

"One thing about Wilmington that we have to keep in mind, that is important to me, is the future of the city," Meeks said.

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His brain is very

His brain is very intelligent, as he has proven, many times. You can call it "developmental disability". In the old days we called it "Being lazy". It was usally cured when you realized people weren't going to let an able-bodied neighbor or relative ride on their back.
$10 says: Nobody's ever seen Ricky Meeks and Guest20 in a room together at the same time.


You lose your $10.00 bet. But you'll never pay up because you would have to admit you're wrong. I have met Ricky and spoken with him on a couple of occasions.

A developmental disability doesn't mean you're lazy, or stupid. Obviously, you didn't check out the website I referenced or you wouldn't make that statement. Or maybe you're just too hard headed and stubborn to admit you're wrong. It takes a real man to do that.

You coined it perfectly. He

You coined it perfectly. He hams it up at public events, hoping people will see him as this "Wilmington Mascot". Ironically, he can be very rude and arrogant, usally to people its safe to bully.

Same Message Again?

I've seen you post this same exact message every time Ricky Meeks is mentioned. It's getting pretty old. You should really try some new material, Gramps.

And your point?????

OK, what point are you trying to make? I have listened and watched current and past City Council members and Ricky is no more disabled then some of them. Maybe disabled for the current and past members was the wrong word or term. Lets try agenda driven. He has issues, but he cares about this city. Not for more money, or more real estate, but for the city. That goes along way with me!!

You may have known OF him

You may have known OF him for 15 years, but you obviously don't KNOW him. No, Ricky is not dumb, he may not be as quick witted as some, but he is not dumb. No, he is not innocent, you cannot live 40+ years, be tormented for who and what you are and remain innocent. Ricky is compassionate, caring, and REAL. He does not pretend to care about Wilmington, he actually does care! He may walk around town a lot, but with no other means of transportation, what would you want him to do? Ricky does something most of don't... he keeps going, whether he feels up to it today or not, whether he is defeated, rejected, or mocked, he still puts a smile on his face, and takes his umbrella just in case, and he keeps going! I would be proud to call him my Council man. He is honest, and will do what he thinks is best for our town, and he will ALWAYS consider his constituents' needs, something most politicians forget about after election day!
Not all disabilities are obvious, Gramps, for example, your closed mind and disparaging attitude have probably disabled you more in your life than his "disabilities" will ever affect him!

Great post!

Great post, Rosegarden. I couldn't have said it better myself!

Sounds G-R-E-A-T!!!

Yep! Sounds SOOOOOOO Good to me!

AND, he does NOT have special interests in Real Estate, nor is he from a Real Estate family, and has NO PRONOUNCED VINDETTA'S against City Workers for goodness sakes!

Instead, he seeks out City Workers to ask, "what job do you do?, What department do you work for, and "thank-you for working so hard in this 100 degree heat today".
He actually understands that if we did not have city services, the City would be under garbage and would look like occupy wallstreeters torrential mess in about One Day.

NOW, that's a man who should be representing this fair city!

And, he loves to talk, to laugh, and to dance.

My kind of "politician"...a regular joe blow!

Unlike the duffos' who is running for CITY COUNCIL and denouncing the WORTH of City Staff. Sounds like 'sour grapes' for not getting hired by the City when showing up in Wilmington from New York.

May the Luck of the Irish be with you Ricky and the wind always at your back, my friend.

Beats catlin

Better a genuine deal like Ricky than a self dealing phonies like catlin or padgett.