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Son shoots mom's boyfriend after she's hit with beer can


ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- A Sunday morning domestic at 3332 Hwy. 701 S. ended in one person being shot.

Paul Lewis Sawyer, 44, was shot in the thigh with a shotgun Sunday morning following a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend, Tina McDaniel. Sawyer allegedly struck McDaniel with a thrown beer can, and her son retrieved a shotgun and shot Sawyer.

Deputies were called around 3:15 a.m. and found Hunter Lynn Guyton, 18, of the same address as Sawyer in the front yard. A shotgun was removed from the residence that is believed to have been the weapon used. Sawyer's injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

Sawyer was transported to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and will be charged with Assault on a Female for the assault against McDaniel once he is released from the hospital.

Guyton was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury and was released from the Bladen County Jail after posting a $10,000 secured bond.

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I hate that he used a shot gun; but no matter the situation boys are going to take up for their mothers. I wish that it was something else that he picked up to defend his mother; possibly another beer can or if the guy wasn't too bit to use his fists.



shooting someone with a shotgun

nice........and you dont mind your son going to jail ?.....WOW

Right of passage.

It should all turn out really well...

"You ain't mah deddie!

...and gitt outa our trailer afore ah shoots you in thuh uther laig!"

What a nice looking young man. 18 years old, tatt on the neck, an angry look, just trying to take up for mamma. Just look at what happens, a thrown beer can (alum. foil) at 3am, shoot and axx questions later.

Isn't it amazing what education will do for you?

Are son's charges proper?

Did the son fire as revenge for his mom's assault, or
to prevent further assaults by the boyfriend?
That's the important element in his defense.
Personally, I hope he was protecting her. Proving this is
for the courts, now.

I don't blame the kid. I

I don't blame the kid. I hope my son would do the same thing if anyone ever hit threatened his mama.

All he had to do was call 911...

...not go blasting a darned shotgun. It was an aluminum beer can, not a rock. Now the kid is going to have a criminal record for the rest of his life due to lack of prudent judgement. That's what happens when your a hothead.

What was he supposed to do

What was he supposed to do until the 911 guys got there? Sometimes a situation has to be dealt with. If the boy felt that further assault was coming after the beer can was thrown that would cause his mom severe injury, he was within his rights to use deadly force. Obviously, he did not shoot to kill.

I agree, except I don't have

I agree, except I don't have a son. I think he would have done what most sons would have in his position. I think the bringing charges against him seems harsh given the circumstances.

i agree

this shows that you dont mess with peoples mom especially people who have guns. I applaud him, i would of done the same.