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THE RANT: Leland Police Chief Jayne calls media coverage "witch hunt"


LELAND, NC (WWAY'S 'THE RANT') -- Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne did his first interview this week with the 'Local News Review' since allegations surfaced of misconduct within his department. Jayne did the interview against specific orders from Town Manager Bill Farris for city department heads and council members not to talk to the media.

In the interview, Jayne tells LNR co-owner Mike Leggett that the stories reported here and in the Wilmington 'StarNews' are a "witch hunt." "Long after I'm gone and long after I have completed my task here," he said, "what the other news media have done will remain here and I'm sick about that."

"If you look at what the 'StarNews' did, "What's Wrong with LA Law?," that's an insult to the town of Leland, to go back to that old LA moniker," he said. "People should be standing up and defending the fine police department we have here."

Jayne also contends the media coverage is an attack on the Town of Leland and blames former Assistant Town Manager Michelle Cox for trying to destroy him personally. Farris fired Cox back in July after she claimed the office had become a hostile work environment and she stopped coming to work. Cox says she offered to work from home until the issue was settled.

During the investigation into the shooting of former Officer Sherry Lewis, Cox also recommended that Jayne be terminated for misconduct and sent the recommendation in writing to Farris.

Chief Jayne, if these allegations are not truthful, why did you literally run away from our cameras after a recent town council meeting and have your officers try to keep us from asking you any questions? Why do you refuse to sit down with us to answer these allegations?

Because Chief Jayne, I'm having a hard time equating your "fine department" with your lieutenants encouraging the shooting of Officer Lewis in the crotch 12 times. I have a hard time believing you have a "fine department" after you hit one of your officers in the gut last year at a bachelor party. Why does a "fine department" continue to employ an officer who shot his revolver in the air on New Year's Day? Or an officer who repeatedly pulls his pistol on other officers? Do other "fine departments" have the high turnover rate that yours does? Do the officers at other "fine departments" live in fear for their lives if one of their fellow officers decide to snap that day? Do other "fine departments" order their officers to take lie detector tests so you can find out what they told an SBI investigator? Is it the mark of a "fine department" for its officers to have sex in a house donated to the town or sex with each other at the station house? Does a "fine department" need to be investigated by the SBI?

Chief, if this truly is an attack on the Town of Leland, then I would encourage you to stand up for its residents and defend these allegations. So far, not ONE person has come forward to say that ANY of our reporting is false or incorrect. Why is that Chief Jayne? Could it be that everything we've reported so far is accurate and you're just trying to deflect the blame and say it's the media's fault, or that we're out to get "the town?" No Chief, we're out to expose and report on what's happening in YOUR department. If any of it is not true, you have an open invitation to sit down with us anytime, anywhere, with any reporter or anchor of your choosing, to be the leader your profess to be and defend your and your department's actions. Feel free to call anytime.

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Well said...

I am Kblue and I approved this message.....Say's who? Say's Kblue!

Hey, Guest of the Police, I

Hey, Guest of the Police, I have a suggestion... Don't eat too many donuts. When the police are engaging in corruption and thuggery I will damned well open my mouth and say what is wrong and you have no capacity to tell me when I am entitled to an opinion.

Since you've asked, here's my opinion. We should immediately fire the 100,000 cops hired with the Clinton administration crime bill grants from 1994. Next, we should fire 100,000 more.

As a citizen who pays taxes,

As a citizen who pays taxes, I am entitled to an opinion regarding the police department in my town and any other entity funded by the taxes I pay. In fact, as an American I am entitled to an opinion on anything. It does not take a cop to know when another cop is bad any more than I have to be a fire fighter to know when a building is burning.


You don't have to be a plummer to know when the toilet is stopped up.

Why??? Because no one with

Why??? Because no one with any integrity would speak to a tabloid, so called "news organization" as your self. One that is only looking to report lies, and exaggerations being told by UN NAMED sources! Your station can not be trusted to report the truth, cannot be trusted not to "spin" an interview as to serve your own purpose...That is the answer to your "Why"!
It is you, Mr Pickey, that is an embarrassment to your profession!

To whom it may concern,

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I forgive you Blue.

Bravo, WWAY!!

Thank you for keeping this issue alive. It is truly pathetic that Chief Jayne can not take responsibility for destroying a department by populating them with bullies and thugs that kick out officers that they can't control, intimidate and threaten others so they fall in line or are scared to speak out or hire new officers, teaching them the wrong way of doing things so that they can be destroyed for the rest of their careers. Most, if not all, police agencies are distancing themselves from the Leland Police Department because they see through these "smoke and mirror" stories Jayne is throwing out and hear from the officers what is really going on in the department. The "click" is in control, but hopefully not for long. And shame of the town administration and council for not putting an end to the insanity of this man!! Yes, we in Leland are ashamed - not at our police department, but, more specifically, at the man on his enforcers that not have a strangle hold on the town!!

Good luck with getting him

Good luck with getting him to sit down with you. The only shot of that happening is if he really wants to let his ego get the best of him and thinks he can make you look silly. I truly understand why I left this field of work after 17.The thought of having to deal with the likes of him everyday would drive me nuts.

Talk of the State

The shenanigans at the Leland Police Department are the talk of the state people. I was at a training event recently for police officers and police supervisors. The Leland Police Department and its reputation is shot. They are openly being used as shining examples of what not to do for police supervisors. From what I gather, there is not an ounce of respect or sympathy to be found among Leland PD’s peers. I feel sorry for this police chief, his employees, and the citizens of Leland. He seems to be is ill-advised and foolish as to how his police department is really perceived.

Do like Spring Lake PD

The SBI investigated the Spring Lake Police Department and the findings are very similar to the "charges" that are starting to surface with the Leland department. Spring Lake ended up having their authority revoked and the sheriff's department temporary took over law enforcement duties in the town. Sounds and looks like that is what is needed in Leland. Shut down and clean out the department and let the Brunswick Sheriff's office take over until Leland can rebuild a new department.

amen let brunswick county take over

then the leland police can get jobs at their favorite hangouts with thir girlfriends at citgo ,or ricky d can get a job with the girl hes been chasing at food lion

Poor Lelandnights

I bet the admin.And the citizens of the Town of Leland wishes they had Sanders back. Sanders might have had his flaws, but none of this B.S would be going on. I worked under Sanders and as much as I thought he was a micro manager he knew what was going on in his department. This clown you have now is just that a clown. Wanna be LT. Kozak is nothing but a joke, he is a yes man, he couldn't investigate his way out of the good old Waffle House. Now for C. Bost, you were the only brains that Dept. had left that wore brass, and I see you used those brains and got the hell out of dodge. GOD HELP THE PEOPLE OF LEAND, and the few and I mean few poss. 3 officers that Leland has left!!!!!!!!

Bravo to Chief Sanders after the storm.....

I was given the wonderful opportunity to work in direct capacity with Chief Sanders during his service as Chief of Police in Leland. I joined his staff in an awkward role maintaining responsibilities assigned to me in broad technical areas. I went on to work with Chief Sanders for close to, i believe, 7 years.... And what I observed happen from day one til we departed years later, was a professional police department missing a few cards in the deck.. What I observed Chief Sanders do from day one was his embracing of his "new" police department that he had just took command of there recently. He immediately begun the process or learning the department as i was, and began integrating into the department his professionalism, experience, years of working with much bigger agencies, and most of - Common Sense and understanding. Understanding that this is how it is, and this is how "he" see's it though growth, changes, policy creations, education, and many plans for the many changes, some small,some big, that was all ultimately the big plan to get that department right. Right meaning Good people, Good ideas, and most important, wonderful supervision at any level in efforts to guide and educate employees and staff so that they all two grow together into the wonderful plan to get the department right; Because it needed alot of work.... Another vision, uniformity, rules, policies, pride, trainnig, Work ethic, Honesty, strategically hiring, moving, shuffling employees into areas right for them and then helping them succeed with the job responsibilities by always communicating with each of us and always willing to provide to us tools, education, supervision, just so many tools to help us grow, do our job, and make a difference. Which he did. The leland police department was soon being recognized by area departments as a clean, uniformed, and organized department and there was much more to do.. new projects, cars, training, offices, command staff, promotions to encourage officers to do well and grwo and bring someting to your job means someting and do a good job while you're doing it. And last but not lease, the Accountability. Accountability plays a roll in almost every action given, taken, ordered, and so on... But Accountability is also used to lead, account, and sometimes accountability can be mis-understood....That's where most have problems with Accountability and it's because if you do someting right, or do something wrong, you have be be held accountable. This person that is driving the "accountable ship" u could say, is the one person that the accoutability becomes the number one tool.. And with that so, most staff and employees from any organization end up fighting accountability just becuase it has all the power, the answers, the questions, the answers, and generally speaking, some do not like to be held accountable for their actions and in this department they would be NOW. I feel that The Accountable Unit that all staff and employees reported to fault it in a sense, and that is what ulmiately drives poeple out. But it is fair to say, Without Accountability, we have no roof over our entire ogranizational house that we al work under together. Chief Sanders was tough but firm. He was fair but would laugh with you. A career professional in the Air Force and many other departments, earning the most highest law enformcement award in the state and keep going. I miss Chief Sanders. He's a good friend of mine that helped me greatly. Sorry to hear he had to move on, but today, Bravo Chief Sanders, You did a find job and thank you for what you taught me and many officers that came though your door. Forever FRiends.