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Teen arrested after clerk turns tables during robbery attempt

READ MORE: Teen arrested after clerk turns tables during robbery attempt

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- For the second time in a month a Wilmington store clerk has turned the tables on a would-be robber. The owner of the store says the man who allegedly tried to rob the store is "lucky to be alive."

The owner of A&J Food Mart on Princess Place Drive says Jaquan Martin said, "Please don't kill me, please don't kill me," when his apparent attempt to rob the store went wrong.

Police say Martin fumbled as he pulled out a gun giving a store clerk a chance to pull a gun of his own. The clerk did not shoot, unlike a foiled robbery attempt last month at another store.

Abdel Homid owns the store right next to A&J. He says he would deal with a situation like that in much the same way.

"I feel like if anyone's going to rob somebody they deserve what they get," said Homid, who said his clerks are armed. "I instruct them if he pulls a gun on them then pull it back on them."

The clerk that pulled the gun at A&J Food Mart did not want to speak to us on camera, but he did say off camera that Martin was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A&J's owner told us off camera that Martin's mother came into the store and kissed the clerk, thanking him for not killing her son.

Homid says the clerk should have at least wounded Martin.

"They should have just let him stay there, for what and shot him in the legs," he said.

Martin escaped with his life, but not from police. Officers caught him in woods near the store and charged with attempted armed robbery.

Last month Police Chief Ralph Evangelous stuck up for clerks who defend their store.

"It's unfortunate any time anyone gets shot, but people have to do what people have to do to protect themselves," Evangelous said.

Martin is due back in court January 5. This is not his first run-in with the law. The 17-year-old was supposed to be in court for separate drug charges Thursday morning. Instead he made his first court appearance for the attempted robbery Thursday afternoon.

Martin is in jail under a $30,000 bond.

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This the responsible parent here. I put all caps on my post because if I could have Yelled it to the world then I would have. However your comments are just what they are, comments. I have always tried to let my child learn from his mistakes in hopes that it would make him a better human. Regardless of popular belief over his recent run in with the law. A as far as my Methodology as A Mother goes it would seem as though I have faltered, but picture this, he is behind bars and I will not be posting any bails and have never posted any bails in the past. One day he will get it. Hopefully this will be his wake up call. But GOD only knows. Right and wrong was the first thing I taught him coming up, and shy of putting a security camera into his eyes or wiring him with Surveillance equipment, I did what I could raise a young black boy into a man on my own, so forgive me if it seems as though I have failed. But as you so elegantly put it he is not a man yet, so therefore he still has time. Have a good life and with prayer and me giving my son over to a POWER HIGHER THAN MYSELF, HE WILL BE SAVED. Have a good day.

Nice try but fail

This isn't your little babys first time in the legal system. Since he is a validated gang member of the Folk Gangsters Disciples, I'm sure this won't be his last run in. Not until he is killed. He has been arrested for drugs many times, resisting police and now armed robbery. He is nothing more than a punk.
Unless you can straighten him out, you better start planning and preparing to have his funeral. As a gang member, his death will happen sooner than later.


I'd like to some evidence to back up what you are saying about my son when it comes to gang involvement as far as his arrest record unless you are in the judicial system I can't imagine you having the authority to have his records. Thanks for the 'vote of confidence when it comes to actually knowing that my son will be dead and me needing to get the funeral home on the line. When that day comes hopefully it's later rather than sooner, and he does get his act together. I DARE YOU TO COME BACK AND APOLOGIZE OR AT LEAST LOOK ME UP SO I CAN SAY. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR MY CHILD, THAT IN THE PAST NEITHER YOU NOR I COULD EVER IMAGINE. thank you for your time. have a nice day.

Sadly enough. .

. . . I totally agree.