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Robert Downey Jr. praises 'Iron Man 3' script


LONDON (CONTACTMUSIC.COM) -- Robert Downey Jr. thinks the 'Iron Man 3' script is the "best" he has read.

The 46-year-old actor is set to reprise the role of businessman Tony Stark/Iron Man for the fourth time - following on from the character's appearance in ensemble comic book movie 'The Avengers' - in the highly anticipated film, and he admits he is excited to get working on the Shane Black-directed feature.

Speaking at the UK premiere of new movie 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' at the Empire Leicester Square, Robert told BANG Showbiz: "'Iron Man 3'? It's the best script I've read in five years. It's going to be a phenomenal theater-going experience."

Filming on the movie is set to begin early next year here in Wilmington ahead of a summer 2013 release.

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Just a few choice movies

Just a few choice movies over the years have done well with a sequel. A couple that come to mind are "The Godfather" and the "Lord of the Rings"...not "Starship Troopers #1-2-3 that it was obvious someone had way more money then common sense to cut and paste those together.
The movies like The Godfather/Lord of the Rings were built on a story line of intellect and hard work by writers/a great director/editors/casting directors/lighting techs/etc...all the way down to the theater's they were shown in.
In most of today's movies with sequels, it's unfortunately due to lack of imagination/dependency of computer generated FX...or simply just... they throw the public a bone and say..."You'll Love come and get it!"
Unfortunately...the public does accept what's thrown at them and before you know it...a run of the mill (or bad) movie is a box office hit.
I stick with Netflix and pick what I want from what I know and stop an unknown film 15 minutes after it's deemed "dull"/"bad"...and disregard a film critic's A- rating when I honestly believe it should be a C- or 1-2 star outta 4 star rating.
Just because a movie is filmed here in Wilmywood...the media places it on the highest pedestal...simply for that reason.
Even the bad entertainers on "American Idol" have promise of a promising crappy as it sounds.
Mr. Downey would praise "The Beverly Hillbillies Meet Godzilla" if he starred in it...all of its sequels! HA!

Newsworthy ???

Actor praises his own upcoming film. Wow. What's next; "chicken crosses the road to get to the other side"? Hey, I know it's starting to get a little colder outside, but put your collective coats on, get out of the station and please find some real news to tell us about.


What do expect him to say to the media???
I am sure he praises the paycheck more.

Robert Downey Jr.

There are very few things that are good about getting old. One of the few things is, "Who the hell is Robert Downey and why should I care what he thinks?"