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Political tensions continue to run high in Boiling Spring Lakes

READ MORE: Political tensions continue to run high in Boiling Spring Lakes

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) -- Boiling Spring Lakes city leaders met behind closed doors today to discuss what they say were personnel matters. Concerned and angered residents showed up to see what might really happen. Many believe Mayor Richard White and some other city leaders do not have the citizens' best interest at heart.

"Am I angry? I'm angry," resident Judy Thuer said. "And there are a lot more people that are angry. It's just not me. There are more people that are very, very angry."

Thuer is one of dozens of concerned Boiling Spring Lakes residents who showed up to the City Commission's closed door meeting Monday afternoon.

Rumors spread through town that the meeting was called to give interim City Manager Paul Sabiston the power to hire and fire city employees. It's a power that permanent city managers possess, but not temporary ones like Sabiston.

"Today was a special called meeting to consider two items: one was the contract for the interim manager, second one was the moving forward of the hiring of a permanent city manager," Sabiston said.

While Sabiston says they did review his contract, no decisions were made about the contract or filling the job permanently.

We asked Sabiston if we was interested in the job. He said he's submitted an application and is considering it. It's a thought Thuer is not happy about.

"Every job that he has had, he has left in the shambles," she said. "He has had multiple, multiple problems with any job he's had."

"There's always a lot of talk in small towns, I think, and I think that's part of it, and we've just got to take a step back, take a deep breath and move forward," Sabiston said. "We're trying to stay positive and keep things in a good light, but it's tough. With these times and the economy, there's difficult decisions to be made in the near future."

Thuer and other citizens are afraid those difficult decisions include firing people the mayor does not like.

"They have an agenda," Thuer said. "They only want what they want, doesn't matter what anybody else wants."

Thuer was the only BSL citizen willing to speak on camera. Many city employees and members of the fire and police departments did not want to talk publicly but told us off camera they fear for their jobs.

Mayor White said the board narrowed the search for city manager considerably and will meet again next Tuesday to discuss it further.

We tried to talk to commissioners, but they said they could not talk about personnel matters.

White has not yet returned a call for comment about allegations made against him.

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Here's hoping you are right about the next meeting! It sure would do the city good! People just don't know and don't want to know the truth about this man. He should have never been in that seat for another term or for any term as far as that goes. He is a crook and racist and sexually harasses women employees then threatens their job if they "tell". If he can get away with all of this, think what he can get away with in office!! What are people thinking when they say he is a good person and a good mayor?

You just had a chance to get

You just had a chance to get Mayor White out of office and could not convince enough of your fellow voters there was a problem.

I don't really think the

I don't really think the Mayor is the problem. He walked into a mess and it will take a while to clean it up. Give him a chance.

Mayor White

Your comment made me laugh so hard my eyes hurt!!! That was soooo funny! Mayor White walked into a mess? He is the one who MADE the mess!
People are saying the same thing about our president Obama, much time does anyone need to clean up their own mess???
Keep 'em coming....I love a good's healthy!

Jack Diddley

Jack Diddley was at the meeting.

Good Thinking

It is about time that Boiling Spring Lakes has some leadership that doesn't pussyfoot around about the problems of the city. The staff of City Hall is just about pathetic - their work ethic, or lack thereof, is shameful and previous administration - including former mayor and commissioner Kinney and commissioner Troscianiec - have done nothing to cleanup the long-over-due mess. Also, this article is incorrect that the BSL Fire Department does not report to any city officials - they are not part of the city government, not that I blame the city for not claiming them. Furthermore, cheers to Mayor White and the other commissioners - except for Craig Caster, a box of rocks could fill his chair if he misses a meeting - for cleaning house - get some hard working employees in this city!

the fire dept does not

the fire dept does not answer to city govt. Well futher more richard white lied about wasteful spending. what about the streets being paved? non of them have been paved as of yet.

Are your eyes, WIDE SHUT?

You are right about the fire dept not reporting to the city but, are your eyes Wide Shut on the paving issue? The reason no roads have been paved is because of the wasteful spending that went on long before Richard was mayor and Richard not being able to get past the 3-2 vote to cut back on that spending after he became mayor. You can't pave them for free and you can't get the money if others are not willing to cut back on spending senselessly. Will that change now? Duno, it depends on the two newbies. Caster of course is Caster and there will be no change there. Dead weight for another two years. Glidden? Duno. She has been quite quiet and we will have to see. Forte? Have not a clue. Loose cannon that if you ask what time it is he is going to tell you all about his connections with a watchmaker friend of his. Then he will tell you all about building watches and you still won't know what time it is. Just have to wait to see how those two vote when it gets down to the issues.

To Wide Shut

I'm sorry. I don't understand....if we can't afford to have the roads paved, how can we have a spillway? And why do we not still have the city water here, but instead, to the county? Doesn't help by giving away projects or starting two million dollar ones, does it? Help me with this one.....thanks

Lower water bills for you

You now pay less for water than you did when the city had it. What is your point? Would you rather to return to the old way and pay more? As a water user and customer each and every month you keep money in your pocket you would have paid. Do you not understand that was and is good for you?

Go to city hall. Ask for a tour. After all it is your building. See how much of that heated and cooled space is empty and not used. Right there is a wad that could have been roads.

The spillway is a project that from the beginning has felt that only with the help of grants and other outside money along with local money could happen. Not one person has ever said the city should buy in to this alone and it simply will not happen without outside funding to help. Hope this lifts the fog some so you can see.


Thats real funny stuff right there. I know one newbie wants to make cuts but not to sure about the guy with the watchmaker friends. I think Rich has finnally got the votes to get things done for the city. So sit back and watch the fireworks. oh and then theres chicken little. (grin)