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ONLY ON 3: Family says it caught cop peeping on teenage daughter

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Family says it caught cop peeping on teenage daughter

NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- A scene no parent wants to stumble upon: A peeping Tom outside their daughter's window. A North Topsail Beach family says that's what happened to them. They were even more horrified when they say they realized the man outside their home was a police officer. The family did not want to speak on camera, but told us their story by phone and let us come to their home and get video.

"I'm just scared, I guess," the alleged victim, 17-year-old Caitlin Pretty, said. "I hate being outside. I hate being in my room now. It's just terrifying."

Pretty doesn't feel comfortable in her own home after she says she fell prey to a peeping Tom. Caitlin's mother Shannon says her fiance caught the man early Wednesday morning.

"He sees a figure that is crouched down at my daughter's sliding glass door watching her through her blinds," Shannon Pretty said.

Shannon told us her fiance began yelling at the man to come down, and when he started walking down the stairs from the second-floor balcony, the fiance realized it was an officer in uniform.

The cop, who the town says was Ofc. Casey Simpson of the North Topsail Police Department, told Shannon's fiance he was called to the area to look for a suspicious person.

"He actually told my fiance he went up there to see what a person would be looking at, and now he knows what that is," Shannon said.

"I started off in a towel, and then I changed into my bra and panties, and then I just sat down on my bed and started doing my make-up and blow drying my hair," Caitlin said.

"The Chief of Police and the major of the department came to the house that morning and apologized on behalf of the police department that this could happen," Shannon said. "They said the officer was terminated and that he would never work in law enforcement again."

We tried contacting the North Topsail Beach Police Department, but no one would comment. The town told us the incident is under investigation, but that they can't talk about it, because it's a personnel issue.

We tried to contact Simpson at his home, but his wife said he had just stepped out. When asked whether her husband is still employed with North Topsail Beach Police, she refused to comment.

The Pretty family is pressing charges for trespassing and secret peeping. They have been told the SBI is also investigating.

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The chief will squash this

The chief will squash this and enjoy a thick envelope from the corrupt cop union, like every other xmas.

Haha wow...

Moron!!! They don't have unions here. You must be a yankee come lately.

Actually, there are unions here

FOP, PBA and AFLCIO are local police unions.

No unions here

You damn Yankees have nothing better to do but come down here because you like it here so much and then you screw it up by putting homeowner associations and try to get unions here. Worry about yourselves and love thy neighbor instead of being two faced idiots. The police department is compromised of a percentage of the community. So think about it. If you want to bad mouth someone, why don't try getting hired on a police department and go through all of the training if you can then you can bitch all you want.

You fail

Sorry chuckles, I'm a North Carolina native and have only lived in this state. Just not as backwoods as you were raised, Jed. Therefore, I don't quite qualify as a yankee. Secondly, nowhere did I advocate unions nor attempt to bring one here, I just stated a fact that there are 3 police union organizations here already.


If they were the officers that belong to these fine oganizations would be out of their jobs as quick as you can say preverts! Of course not for the AFLCIO. They don't fit into the equation at all!

Hmm never know

Maybe Tim Jayne will hire him for the LPD he seems to fit the mold for the bottomfeeders that permeate the department. On the other hand can we please clone the Chief of North TopSail we need him down here to clean out the festering pile of crap that resides at the Police Station'

Are you kidding Me?

Why in Leland this officer would have gotten promoted and given a raise. There, one can point his weapon at other officers, shoot their weapon into the air on New Year's Eve while he was drunk and his wife had to wrestle it from his hand, punch another officer, have sex with informants and other officers in town buildings, cheat on sergeant's exam, lie, shoot fellow officers causing injury with simmunition rounds and tasers, hit each other in the crotch, make traffic stops without reasonable suspicion or probable cause so that they can look at the women and drive like they want too anytime they want too.
So yes I agree that there are Chiefs of Police that have scruples and can do the right thing! Thank you Chief for being a stand up guy not somebody that only wants to save their namby pamby job!


TIMILLICKY!!!! last 2 posters rock!!!!Say's who? Say's Kblue!