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Berger escorted from DSS Board meeting

READ MORE: Berger escorted from DSS Board meeting

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger was escorted out of a DSS Board meeting today. Berger, who fellow commissioners removed from several boards, including DSS, yesterday, says what is happening to him is against the law.

"I'm not one for making scenes, and I don't like drama, but the law is the law, and America is a nation of laws not men," Berger said after leaving the meeting.

Berger had yet another dramatic day, as he arrived early to the New Hanover County DSS Board meeting early and sat down at the board table. The problem is that yesterday the County Commission replaced Berger on the board.

Once Commission Vice Chair Jonathan Barfield was sworn in, Berger was escorted out.

"It's not a very good indication when a member of the County Commission does something that is a flagrant violation of the law, as Mr. Barfield has," Berger said.

Berger believes there is no concrete reason for his removal from the DSS Board. He even said he thinks he is still a member of it. DSS Board Chair John Craig says although Berger was removed, Craig did not ask for it.

"I can't really criticize him, except that he was never on time. That bothered me," Craig said. "But as a board member, I really don't have a complaint about him."

Craig and a sheriff's deputy spoke to Berger before the meeting.

"I tried to get him to leave voluntarily, and I explained the options to him: that he could leave voluntarily or I was going to have the sheriff's department assist him in leaving," Craig said.

Barfield says what happened was not a surprise.

"When you think it's getting better, it's not," Barfield said. "For the most part it's not frustrating. I think that I'm built for this, and I think the board is built for this in terms of making tough decisions, and you just do what you have to do."

Berger says he is considering all his options to keep his spot on the DSS Board and other boards, including taking the County Commission to court.

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You're showing some real class, bottom dweller!

There's no call for a filthy mouth on this! You're disgusting!

Disrespect the man, not his physical characteristics

Virtually everyone except Mr. Berger himself reaizes he's a train wreck. Virtually everyone except Mr Berger himself has something negative to say about him and for some very good reasons ... BUT ... Attacking the way his voice sounds or the way he looks is simply the wrong thing to do. It has no bearing on the issues at hand and at best could only be described as mean sprited behavior. Please, don't be a "K-bully".

On another note: Mr Berger certainly seems more than capable of incorporating no small amount of irony into his ongoing polical soap opera. Now that he's no longer on this board he shows up early. Perhaps if the commisioners had removed him at an earlier date he would have been on time more often.

Allow me???

Although I like when people do it? I would suggest not replying.....You will only get your feelings hurt. Kblue? WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Disrespect the man, not his physical characteristics???

Are you serious right now? Be a bully but not a bully? "more than capable of incorporating no small amount of irony into his ongoing "(polical)"<-------"Political"? soap opera? So by bullying his caricature it makes it okay? Wow you have gone down in history as the quickest Kblue moron in history! Congrats! You are King Dumb Dumb!....Anyone you want to thank? Say's who? Say's Kblue!


So now the uneducated, works at a four man PD, and wanna be cop thinks he is smart enough to correct someone else's spelling? It took you months to figure out the proper use of the four letter word YOUR. Hahaha. Stay in leland WANNABE. We have no use for you else where. Say's who? Say's kblue don't have a clue!!!


You are my hero baby girl!!!Say's who? Say's Kblue!

Thanks for the correction

Guess I missed the "t" key when typing the word "political". Gratified that someone was able to determine what the word was without the "t". Almost didn't recognize the word myself because of the brackets you put around it. Nice to know we have someone in our community willing to be so helpful.
Mr. Berger is responsible for his actions and is subject to critique based on what he has chosen to do. That's called having an opinion. Mr. Berger is not responsible for the tone of his voice or his appearance. Making derogatory remarks about someone's physical characteristics is being a bully. Period.
Perhaps this example will help you on your road to enlightenment: If I was to make fun of you simply because your ego is three times the size of your ability to think rationally, I would be a bully. That wouldn't be fair because you obviously can't help that. That's why I chose not to say that to you. It just wouldn't be fair.

Kblue, I think a new word

Kblue, I think a new word has been discovered. Polical which may be seen as a contracted merger of the words political and comical.


You'll notice 2B that most make it very easy......Say's who? Say's Kblue!

Kblue, you have done a

Kblue, you have done a spectacular job as a citizen journalist keeping the doings in the Leland PD in the forefront of attention!

I'm very pleased to see you taking an interest in life over here on the east side of the river.

Musical Chairs

The only reason Berger showed up early this time is because he was hoping to get a seat at the board table before anyone else could beat him to it. He thought if he was seated, it would be harder to get rid of him. I think he forgot the sheriff was going to be there.

Tardy Berger

Berger says the County Commissioners cannot legally remove him from a board to which they appointed him. I am of the opinion that if he was appointed to the boards he serves on then the same source that appointed him can remove him, however, if he was elected by a majority of the County Commissioners to serve on a board then it should also take that same majority to remove him. I think Mr. Berger has a bigger prroblem. He has often publically spoken of or made accusations of corruption in local government without offering any support for them. He claims confidentually prevents him from further addressing the issue. If that does indeed prevent him from further addressing corruption, then he could find himself in a legal pickle with other County Commissioners.

Just how LOW can things get, BERGER is PATHEDIC!

Our local Republican delegation should step in and fix this mistake before things get even worse!


Berger needs to go.

Berger & all Commissioners Must GO!

Let's fire Berger, Davis, Catlin, Barfield, & Thompson. They are all hypocrites. Term limits for those bozos!