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John Edwards asks to delay trial, citing illness


Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- Former presidential candidate John Edwards is seeking to delay his criminal trial over campaign finances. He says he has been diagnosed with a medical condition that will make it difficult for him to attend.

Edwards's trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 30.

In a motion filed Thursday, Edwards' defense team asked a judge to delay the start of the trial at least two months.

His illness was not publicly disclosed. Edwards's lawyers filed sealed records with the court.

Federal prosecutors filed a separate motion opposing the delay. The start date has already been put back once after Edwards said he needed more time to prepare his defense and attend his daughter's wedding.

Edwards is charged with six counts related to campaign finance violations. He appeared healthy at a court hearing last week.

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Quite frightening to think

Quite frightening to think of Edwards as the president of the US. However, speedy and complete recovery.

Do you think Edwards seeks to delay the trial until a verdict is reached in the trial of his confederate Pierce O'Donnell ? See @:

No! It can't be.....

....CANCER can it? Surely he wouldn't have to endure what his wife went through (perhaps 10X)?

No more delays, get it over with. Put a video camera and mic at his hospital bed. He can testify between meds...sorry, lowlife a$$hole!

A diagnosis

So he was diagnosed as a sleaze? That shouldn't interfere with him slithering into a courtroom. I bet if he was still chasing those ambulances he would find a way to ooze in there.

White Trash with money

This guy is such a liar.He has absolutely no credibility.Prison time will be good for the Brecht girl.This man is scared to death of the likely outcome!

What a load of bovine droppings

How many delays has he requested, for how many reasons?

Do Vets treat worms?

What's he suffering

What's he suffering from...terminal liar's nosegrowth?

Edwards has a medical condition alright

Its called Imgoingtojailitis aka Crookedlyingpoliticitis

I say go on with the trial

What medical condition?? Is it the epizoodicks of a guilty man trying to delay the inevitable??? Or maybe his 'roving eyes' caught some sort of . . no, not going there.


watch him work the Presidential Campaign for the White House occupant and score a pardon.