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Police: Clerk socks would-be robber in gold store


HENDERSONVILLE, NC (AP) -- Police say a would-be robber who demanded money from a store clerk got a fistful.

Before he could run off with any cash, the clerk at the We Buy Gold store in Hendersonville punched him in the nose on Friday. Sgt. Dale Patton with the Hendersonville Police Department tells the Times-News of Hendersonville that 25-year-old Mostafa Kamel Hendi dropped to the floor.

The clerk, 26-year-old Derek Mothershead, then grabbed the gun - which turned out to be a pellet gun - and called police. Hendi lay bleeding on the floor until he was arrested.

Patton says the clerk was on high alert because the store had already been robbed once recently. Authorities are looking into whether Hendi was involved in that heist.

Jail records did not list an attorney for Hendi. He was being held on $100,000 bond.
Information from: Times-News,

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waste of time

Don't waste your time fighting these criminals, shoot them dead.

You Must Be Anti-White

Anytime a story about a white criminal is posted the anti-white racists come out in droves and comment how they need to be shot dead. Look how many comments are made on stories about bad whitey. Tongue in cheek Guesty...I'm with you no matter what color these maggots are.

Why'd you have to bring race

Why'd you have to bring race into it? Anyone that engages in violence should be killed. That should be a good deterrent for most, and will eliminate those others that don't get the message.

Waste of Time

It is not right to just shoot a person like that. We should always insure the person being charged is given a trial before you shoot him. It's like the days of the old west when they used to catch horse theives. They always hanged them but not before they had a trial.

you have been watching to

you have been watching to much T.V. i wouldn't wast the taxpayers dime or time. they want to come in and rob someone, then they need to be prepared to receive the consequences. a busted nose will heal,but not lead poisoning!!!

No need for a trial here.

No need for a trial here. He walked in to the store ARMED, the encounter is on VIDEO. If he'd been killed outright, we wouldn't have to worry about him trying to do this again.

Sounds good to me

That would work for me. If we were to start executing criminals, the recidivism would drop to zero.