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Moms make statement by breastfeeding in Target

READ MORE: Moms make statement by breastfeeding in Target

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Shoppers of a popular department store across the country had an interesting sight this morning. Mothers went to their local Target stores, including here in Wilmington, for a nurse-in.

This national "nurse-in" all started with one woman in Houston, but moms sent the message here in Wilmington that it is OK to breastfeed in public.

"If you like to feed your baby in public, it should be OK," Rica Stinson said. "It's best for baby. It's best for mom."

Stinson is one of the more than a dozen Cape Fear mothers who greeted Target guests as they entered the store Wednesday morning.

This nurse-in was just one of many across the nation, as a show of support for the Texas mom who claims she was hassled by Target employees for feeding her baby.

"That's one of the reason we're here is to offer our services to educate employees and other people and let them know that you can't treat people that way," Stinson said.

Mom Emily Barnhill, "It takes a lot of mother and mother support, and even though none of us know the mother in Texas, it's just a matter of everyone kind of pulling together and saying it is OK, don't feel bad about it and everyone has to feed their babies."

Target welcomed demonstrations like this one in Wilmington. The store has made it clear to mothers that its policy has always supported breastfeeding

"As a family-oriented retailer, Target has always supported breastfeedings and mothers that choose to do so," store manager Matt Merritt said. "Any mother in our facilities can do that, and that is our policy. We welcome it and are certainly open to it."

While these mothers are all for nursing in public, a few shoppers who did not want to go on-camera did not agree with the practice. But other shoppers who are also moms applaud the national nurse-in.

"They're just trying to feed their babies," shopper Becky Graves said. "Just like you're hungry and you eat a snack -- you're out in public. You have you're baby, you have to feed them when they're hungry."

Another mother, Holly Bigness, said, "I love breastfeeding. He's my second that I have nursed, and it's ready and available any time any where they need to feed. You always got it with you. There's no bottles to juggle or formula to mix."

Despite the turnout, every mother we spoke with at the nurse-in said they have never run into a problem breastfeeding at the Target store here in Wilmington.

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OMG this whole Lactivist BS

OMG this whole Lactivist BS is too much! I intend to BF my bebes, and even do extended nursing into toddlerhood, I know breast is best and will do what I need to do to give my bebes the best nutrients and the nurturing affection from mami that BFing gives. THAT BEING SAID, BFing should be about feeding your bebe, not about making some political statement or trying to shove your views down other people's throats! People "need" to see you BFing so it can become the cultural norm? Give me a break, yes there are some cultures where breasts are on display, normalized and non-sexual, but in this society that is not the case. If you don't like it, go move to Africa or South East Asia! I'm so sick of this whole "lactivist" movement of imposing, self-righteous granola women with something to prove, thinking that they are going to save the world and change society with their breasts! GIVE ME A BREAK LADY YOU ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL. Yes, feed your bebes, yes, educate your friends and family members IF they are interested, yes nurse in public, with our without a cover, but don't make it about proving a point to society! At that point it's not even about mami and bebe connecting anymore, it's not about feeding anymore, it's about trying to change people's views, which is so "udderly" stupid (yes I said it, lol).
But I digress, my main point is whether you are sexy/beautiful or not, whether you use a cover or not, whether you BF in public or not, the BOTTOM LINE IS that BFing should be just that, about BFing, about making a special connection with your bebe and feeding, NOT ABOUT CHANGING SOCIETY OR MAKING A F-ING STATEMENT! Just feed your own damn bebe, there's no need to look down your nose at other women who BF in a different way, or even women who bottle feed. To each her own. And it's not your job or responsibility to "teach" society a lesson, stop acting like we as women/mothers have such a huge cross to bear!! GET OVER YOURSELF and just feed your own bebe!


This is so sad to read and even more sad to know that you actually believe what you are writing. It is amazing that women are still taking a stand and making waves to inform and uplift other women. Do you think we were allowed the right to work or vote by sitting quietly and minding our own business and only sharing information with people who "wanted" to hear it? Very sad.

Breast is BEST

Breastfeeding is what breast are made for. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing a woman can do, and the best thing a mother can do for her children. My son will be getting breastmilk for as long as he will take it. If someone has an issue with me feeding my child, they can just move on. How I feed my child is my business, not yours. If you don't like my built-in bottles, than don't look at them.
Breastfeeding is NOT a vulgar act. It is natural, healthy, and yes, a great bonding experience. Breastfeeding moms should be treated no differently than a mom who pops out a bottle.
There is no comparison to a man aimlessly walking around without a shirt on. A woman who is Breastfeeding has meaning in what she is doing.

Those of us who feed our children the best nutrition possible should not be criticized for it. Just as no one should be criticized for eating a healthy meal.
Pumping is Not always an option. Anyone who breastfeeds knows that.


I don't see any problem with a mother breast feeding a baby in public. It has been done since the beginning for human time. How ever I do see a problem with a stunt like this. It sort of like saying I have a right to scratch an unsightly itch in public if I can't help it and then getting a group of men to sit in front of Target scratching their gentailia just so as to try and make a point.

What's truly amazing about this whole scenario is....

...while we have young girls going to church dressed like they're going to an all-night party, walking around in malls with skin tight pants sporting "PINK" across their tales with their fat bellies hanging out, virtually any and every curse word used commonly on television, radio and music, we ACTUALLY have a bunch of stick-up-their-a&& prudes that want to whine and make issue of a woman breastfeeding a baby in a public place. Beats all I've ever seen or heard.

It really sounds like the majority of you whiners don't even realize that the female breast is actally intended for feeding, not the secondary purpose of sex. I fail to grasp the concept of breastfeeding being an "offensive act" when open, in-your-face displays of flagrant homosexuality is supposed to be considered acceptable.

One could only assume

One could only assume that you are one of the exhibitionist flaunting your boob in public. My penis was given to me for the purpose of urinating but if I whip it out in Target I would become a registered sex offender. Your argument is weak. My point is that any part of the human body that could be considered offensive to ANYONE should be kept under wraps. If I were a pathetic loser I would file a lawsuit against Target for asking me to leave because I tried to prove a point by entering a store with no shirt on. True story. I was told it was against store policy and was considered indecent! Why is my bare chest considered indecent, and a boob not?

Your ignorance is commendable. Congratulations on...

...posting some of the most assinine comments that have been made public here.
First of all, we ALL know what ASS-U-ME means. I happen to be a male heterosexual with a full and educated understanding of human anatomy, you are severly lacking in that knowledge. Let's take for example you description of the purpose of your penis. You do not need your penis to urinate, you DO need your penis to naturally procreate (BTW, that means father a child). It is considered offensive worldwide to openly display your little thingie. The primary purpose of a womans breast is for feeding her young baby, that's all. There is nothing offensive about that.
Secondly, lets discuss the pathetic loser part. You are right on the mark in identifying yourself. According to the federal and state health regulations, you are required to wear a shirt and shoes in any public facility where food is served. It's simply unhealthy, you dolt. Nobody wants your stankin' armpit hair in their proximity. Is it offensive? Well, that depends on the observer and your physical stature. My best guess is that when you display your ignorance so blatantly without thought, you likely do the same with a roly-poly gut placarded with inappropriate tattoos.

Doesn't Make It Right

The girls you mentioned at church and at the mall are wrong too, but that doesn't justify pulling your boob out and letting junior suck in the presence of others.

It's a private matter and it's a time of bonding between mother and baby. How can you bond when you're checking out the latest styles at Target? How can they protect that baby from illness and disease when they're exposed to all kinds of germs all over town?

Modesty is something most young girls today have no concept of. That why you see them dressed like you do at church and at the mall. Some things should just be done in private, and this is one of them.

I for one have no problems

I for one have no problems with the actual act, but I do have a problem with the attitudes that motivated this demonstration.

As for those complaining about it, take action! Bring your camera and take pictures as they're feeding their kids. You have as much a right to photograph them in a public place as they have a right to breastfeed. I'll bet most of their tones change when they find out that you're going to be posting their pictures on Facebook! :)

Here are my thoughts on

Here are my thoughts on this. Although seeing a woman breast feeding is a little uncomfortable to see out in a public place, I completely understand why they are doing it. The ONLY issue I have is when women do it purposely to prove a point. If its time to feed the baby, then feed him/her but do not make it a point to be in a crowded place just so you can prove to everyone that your breast feeding in public. The people on here claiming exhibitionism arejust plain ignorant. I have not once, seen a breast feeding mother walk around flaunting their boob while feeding and while most try to cover it up( some what) you can see more of a boob at the beach nowadays. Bottom line here is if you are uncomfortable, STOP LOOKING!!

Breastfeeding in public

Guess what else Target does??? SELLS BREASTS PUMPS!! So you don't have to whip one out in public. I am a mother of 3 and would never have dreamed of whipping out a boob in public. If Target or any other store wants to do something for breast feeding mothers, then make a nursing room, where it can be done in private. Most stores now days have parking spaces outside for expectant mothers. Maybe they need to look into "parking" inside for breastfeeding mothers!!

No shirt

It's ok for women to flop a teet out in public, but as a male when I walk into a store with no shirt i'm asked to leave because i'm considered obscene. Bottom line is that this behavior makes people uncomfortable. Guys don't want their wives checking out some half naked dude while shopping, gals don't want their husbands checking out some gals teet show it and people are going to LOOK - exhibitionism. If having to feed your child in the car before you go shopping, or go to the bathroom while shopping to feed is such an inconvenience the you should have considered adopting a dog - wait, they can be inconvenient as well.

I was in upstate NY several years ago and witnessed a woman trying to have a man arrested for looking at her breast while she was breastfeeding on a bench outside of a PUB.....heck, I should have been arrested along with 200 others that saw her nip as well. Luckily for the gentleman he was allowed to move on without the embarrassment of being hauled away to jail. Next time I catch a baby toting mom checking me out while shirtless I think i'll call the law.

breastfeed with discretion

I breastfeed in public if I happen to be out when it's time to nurse. And I don't use a cover. I wear a nursing tank under all my shirts and try my best to be discreet. Most comments (by those who know me) when I'm breastfeeding say they thought I was merely holding a sleeping baby. There's definitely a difference between nursing your baby for his nourishment and nursing him just to make a statement. There should be no more hype over breastfeeding in public as there is bottle feeding in public.

Breast is BEST

I breastfeed my son. Why? Because that's what breasts are made for!
Breastmilk is the most natural and healthy way to feed a baby. There is no intelligent way to deny that.
Do you cover your mouth when you eat? Do you cover a bottle? There is no difference!
If it makes you uncomfortable, look away! That baby needs food. Stop being selfish.

Selfish Adults Breed Selfish Children

The overwhelming majority of posters on this forum disagree with your opinion. If you took the time to read ALL the posts, you would know that.

Like most of the young generation today, it's all about YOU. You're determined to do things your way, no matter what others think or say. It's impossible for you to have an open mind. Why? Because your mama spoiled you and raised a selfish child, and then you will spoil and raise a selfish child...and so on, and so on. Generation after generation. That's what's wrong with the world today.

Human history is the sad result of people like you only looking out for themselves, with a total disregard, disrespect, and lack of concern for others.

You obviously have no clue what you're talking about

I'm going to assume that you have nothing better to do than try to stir up drama. Your way of attacking mothers proves that you would rather try to hurt someone's feelings than prove a valid point. You have obviously never breastfed a child. It can be more painful than childbirth. It can leave you with scars, torn bloody nipples, and horrible infections. It is a very very selfless act. For you to say that we are selfish just makes me giggle.

I'm just trying to make my

I'm just trying to make my point, not stir up drama. That's apparently your job. And I'm not trying to attack mothers (I'm one myself) or hurt anyones feelings (although you seem to be trying to hurt mine, which you failed miserably).

I breast fed all three of my children. Unlike these women who so love to call attention to themselves and flaunt their "selflessness", I chose to be selfless in private and not seek out others visual approval ("Oh, look at me...aren't I wonderful and selfless syndrome"). There are some women who just do it and don't seek credit for it. That's the ones who are truly selfless.

Giggle all you want. It fits right in with your selfish, immature, narcissitic exhibitionism.

Breast is BEST, no matter what excuses are made against it.

It doesn't matter what others say against it. Breastmilk is the best thing for babies. And Breastfeeding has been going on for much, much, much longer than bottle feeding. Why is that? Because breasts are built-in bottles. That is their purpose.

Feeding my son is not selfish. If I were to force him to wait to eat just to avoid someone getting a glimpse of my boob, THAT would be selfish. I feed my son because I am a good mother, and I want what's best for my baby.
And no, I can't just not go out. Doctors appointments 3 times a month, grocery shopping, and days out for fresh air are very important. For both my health, and my son.

No matter what weak excuses you try to make against me feeding my baby, I will still feed my son.


I agree that breast milk is best. I just don't agree that it's best to breast feed in public.

Make all the excuses you want, but feeding your baby out in public shows that you're a poor planner and put your own needs ahead of your baby's. Don't you think that baby would rather have a bonding time with mom instead of mommy walking between racks trying to pick out the lastest styles?

Nobody said anything about not going out at all. But if you feed your baby at home, then go out for 3 hours, that's enough time to be out dragging that baby around town. I had three kids, so you can't tell me a thing about doctor's appointments, grocery shopping and needing fresh air that I don't already know. But the bonding time (and some sense of modesty) was more important to me that dragging my baby around town.

Healthy? How healthy is it to expose your baby to all the germs around town from people who might be carrying the flu or viruses or who knows what else? It's healthier to keep your baby home when you feed, especially the first year.

It would help if you grew up some so that you can teach your baby how to grow up. You can't help your baby grow up if you're a baby yourself.

I breastfeed whenever, wherever and I don't use a cover.

I have an 8 week old baby and I feed her whenever/wherever. I don't use a cover. I like to be able to make eye contact with my baby. If you have a problem with it, don't watch. It's completely natural. If you have a problem with your kids watching, educate them. I will not pump and take a bottle with me. Refridgerating breastmilk reduces the nutrients and antibodies in the milk. I will do what is best for my child and I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks about it. I find it amusing how ignorant so many of you are. Breast is Best.


By your letter, we can see how selfish you are. It is all about you I guess!!!!! Nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public - just cover up. Is that too much to ask? I guess it is for a selfish person such as you.

And you say it is natural? Well so is going to the bathroom. Wonder how you would feel is some man walked up a tree near you and just went to the bathroom. Would that be natural t you? Doesn't he have rights? God has given us common sense to use - use yours!!!!!!!!!!

Not selfish

Feeding my baby is selfish? Are you serious? If a man gets turned on by watching a baby eat, he needs to see a therapist. If you think peeing in public is comparable to feeding a baby the way God intended, you need to educate yourself.

You Know

She wasn't saying feeding your baby is selfish, but I'm sure you already know that. She was saying that the attention you're trying to receive from doing that is what's selfish. But you know that too.

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with Breastfeeding in public. If you can eat in front of people, so can a baby. Breastfeeding is natural. To think otherwise is pure ignorance. Breastmilk the best food for all babies.
Bottom line, trying to make people feel bad about feeding their baby is selfish.

Oh Yes There Is!

Nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public? That's your opinion, not a fact. The majority of posters on this forum disagree with you. Take the time to read ALL the comments and you will see that, unless you have your blinders on.

"If you can eat in front of people, so can a baby." That's just an asinine statement. Most people don't eat in front of others with a teat stuck in their mouth. Get real.

apples & oranges

I really have a hard time seeing the comparison between a man's genitals and a womans breast. If she were urinating and exposing her genitalia that would be the same. So you are comparing grapefruit to bananas. Doesn't really work for me.

On this selfish part you spoke of in your post. If you are worried about YOU being offended and demanding someone to stop, wouldn't that be selfish of you?

It's just an inconsiderate

It's just an inconsiderate thing to do when you're in public. My wife breastfeeds our 4-month-old, but she wouldn't dream of doing it in public. Not only does she not want to expose herself to the world, but she doesn't want to make other people around her uncomfortable. Believe it or not, not everyone wants to see an intimate part of your anatomy. If we're in public and the baby is hungry, we either make sure we have a bottle we can heat up, or my wife goes to a private place to nurse -- like the back seat of the car, which has tinted windows.

A little common courtesy goes a long way.


Finally a Dad responds who is level headed. This man I can support. He has the b**** to say he doesn't want his wife to show the public her breast. Gals, you need to read this, and so does your spouse, if you have one. Follow his lead and see if you can improve your behavior in public.

addressed to Target

This comment is for Target. I didn't come in the day these silly girls lined the entrance to Target to make their point. It's such a good thing, too. I probably would have gotten very vocal about the whole embarrassing thing. But hear this. I go to Target a lot. I fell out of love with Walmart months ago. However, If Target ever pulls a stunt like this again I will never enter their parking lot again. Leave these silly issues for the street corner.

About the pump

For all of you that think the pump is the answer think about this..
When can you pump milk out your breasts? When they are full of milk.
When are they full of milk? Around the time your baby is hungry.
So when i feed my baby, you expect me to also pump some out and keep it cold so i can then have to warm it up later when he is hungry just so i can go out for errands. And by the time i can give him that bottle, guess what, the girls are full of milk again. Its got to go somewhere, should I take my pump with me and do that in public? It's not pretty!!!