Recently adopted dog that was abused missing on Oak Island

OAK ISLAND, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- This is Molly, she is about 9 months old. A chocolate lab mix.

She is very shy especially around men. She is sweet and would not harm anyone.

She was just adopted from SOAR and slipped her collar at her new home on NW 3rd St on Oak Island.

Please contact Southport Oak Island Animal Rescue 910-457-6340

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My husband and I saw her standing by the side of the Middleton Road Bridge yesterday as we were heading out of town. She looked sad. Please announce when she is returned home.

According to an update on SOAR's website, Molly has been found and is safe.

hi did you call the number above to let them know where he was ? please do it thanks

If she slipped out of her collar, I suppose she was tied. I cannot understand why SOAR would adopt out a dog that the owner was going to tie. A dog belongs in the house or in a secure kennel or fenced in yard. Maybe the new owner was walking her and she slipped out of her collar. Hopefully, somebody will find out and let us know.

I agree. It breaks my heart to see dogs chained up outside alone in the elements, not to mention that treatment creates a barker. This poor dog seems doomed to never ending sadness.

Was she chained? I hope she is found safe. I have a rescue who wouldn't be around a man for over a year without cowing down. A LOT of love goes a long way. She can be turned around to a social dog with time. Good Luck!