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FIRST ON 3: Leland resident starts website to "fix Leland police"; Begins petition to disband department


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- Leland resident and WWAY viewer Earl Goodman announced he's started a blog to, "do what Leland Town Officials, Federal, and State Authorities will not do and that is fix the Leland Police Department."

A link to his blog is below. Here's what he wrote on the site....

Welcome to this site. My New Years Resolution is to do what Leland Town Officials, Federal, and State Authorities will not do and that is fix the Leland Police Department.

As a citizen of the United States, I will be utilizing all of my Civil Rights to expose criminal and unethical misconduct by Leland Officials. I will also pose the question as to why the Brunswick County District Attorney waited so long to do anything when the allegations first arose. Our District Attorney knew about allegations against the police department soon after taking office. As recently as October, he stated he had no knowledge of any accusations. This movement will show an existing knowledge. This movement also has contacted terminated employees of Leland Police Department, former colleagues of the Leland Police Chief, former employees of the District Attorney. All of this will show a patter of misinformation, misleading statements, and downright incompetence by local and state officials.

After the holiday, I will be contacting town officials, county officials to begin the process of organizing protests/demonstrations. I will also be working on marketing material(T Shirts and Bumper Stickers) to help promote our cause. Yes, I say our cause because this is about my future, my kids future, and the future of your children. I hope to use a grassroots campaign, similar to that of the Occupy Movement.

I invite you to join me as part of the "Fix Leland Movement."

If you have a story or have information, please share in confidence to our Fix Leland email address. That is address is

I realize I will now have a target on my back from the Leland Police. Growing up in rural America, I am no stranger in having to rely on myself and my own instincts.

The "Fix Leland Movement" will be a peaceful, legal, organization. We do encourage, nor will participate in the violation of state, federal, or local laws. Our mission is simple, expose the corruption by those hired to protect us!

We have started an online petition to present to the Town Council of Leland and, if needed, the Governor's Office of North Carolina. Our petition will ask the Town of Leland to disband the Police Department and have the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department take over until a new police department can be formed.

The town council has the ability to make this request. If they choose not to act and the Governor's Office feels it warranted they can ask the Sheriff to take over Town Municipalities.

If you wish you remain anonymous, you MUST CHECK THE BOX TO HIDE YOUR INFORMATION.

We realize with the criminals running the police department, citizens are in fear for their safety.

Click below for the petition. We will be gathering signatures until February 4, 2012.

Stay tuned for updates.


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I do plenty of thinking

and I have plenty of inside info and either you are one of the Jayne thug clan or your drinking koolaide. Trust me Jayne, Blasingame and the other cronies are all going to be answering to the State and possible the Feds for whats been going on and I cant wait. Jayne is like every other idiot sheriff and Police chief in NC and VA among others who think they are above the law only to be brought down to earth when they hear the cell slam shut at the Fed Prison farm.


Before you go attacking Mr. Pickey and WWAY, search through Star News and WECT Archives. They all have done multiple stories on Leland. Remember the "What's The Story with LA Law" segment Star News did.

I don't know Mr. Pickey and personally don't watch WWAY that often but I do love to read these message boards.

You Leland Red sound like the one with the smear campaign.

RE: A conspiracy is afoot

Who are you? And why would you have a problem with weeding out the corruption that every Leland resident who has been targeted by the LPD is well aware of?

Do you work for Leland?

Guest 4000:

Do you work for Mr. Jayne? Do you work at the Leland Police Department? Do you get this paranoid normally when someone stands up against wrong doing? Does it matter if he ever went to a damn council meeting?

LPD is screwed up. Leland is screwed up. The town needs new leadership.

Guest 4000

I don't know Goodman but I do know Leland PD. So I think I'll stick with Goodman until I'm given a reason not to.
I think you too know that Goodman is on to something, don't worry the truth will set you free.

It begins for you, Earl

Do tax-paying, law-abiding, concerned citizens have to have "credentials" to take action against an obviously corrupt PD? I hope the right people or enough people step in to support you, Earl, because you are going to be in for one heck of a fight. Just look at how they treat their own. So far they've been untouchable and people that deluded and unchecked do some crazy things.

LPD Unpaid Property and Vehicle Taxes

What a great idea Guest 4000! Officer Blassingame will go first. He has unpaid vehicle taxes from 2007 in the amount of $111. His wife owes a little something as well. Who's next?


For the record...... We sold the Honda Civic 5 years ago and I have NEVER received a letter or anything saying we owed $111 dollars in taxes, but I can assure you it will be taken care of. I do the bills, not Jonn, so this is on me. Thank you for your deep concern for our financial wellbeing! It is greatly apprecited. It's nice to know there are still some GOOD people in this world that have a genuine concern for others!!!!

You were so concerned that

You were so concerned that it took you two and a Half months to pay once u were made aware of the amount owed. Either money is tight or you just don't give a damn.

Dearest Stephanie

You nor your husband are good people. Especially YOU! Nice try! Everyone will know all your dirty secrets soon! You must be made of plastic, you're so fake. I hope the pain you and him have caused others comes back on you times ten!

Pay your bills! Are you going to take blame for all of the accusations made against Jonn? Maybe you should!

What are her dirty little

What are her dirty little secrets?

More concerned

We are more concerned with your husbands mental state since he seems to think it is ok to pull his service weapon on co-workers as well as fire rounds off into the air. I'm much more concerned about that than a past due tax bill.

What's the big deal

What's the big deal about his taxes? I don't pay mine until time to renew my tags, just like millions of other Americans. Just because somebody owes 30 bucks for their taxes shows nothing. We all have a right to our opinions but some of you people are taking this overboard... And since we brought in taxes, it doesn't look like Mr. Goodman owns any property in Leland but instead is a resident of New Hanover County. Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Don't have to own property

You don't have to own property to be a resident of a town. There are these new dwellings called apartments, maybe you have heard of them.

You must be a LPD officer bc ur investigative skills suck

You might want to check those records again. He owns at least six pieces of property, mostly all appearing to be in Leland, and he even has a street named after him. How many does any LPD officer have named after him? Um NONE. Hmmmmmmmm.


Take Village road to "TIMILLICKY" Drive!!!Say's who? Say's Kblue!

Good Stuff!!

It's a dead end no? You're the bestest Blue!

Holman can't afford his taxes either

Check it out Holman also can't afford to pay his $26.31 overdue car taxes either so what's the big deal?

The response is simple

Holman is too busy dodging punches. Besides, his taxes are a few months over due. Blassingame's are five years overdue. Big difference. Chill out, Rany Rhodes.

The Big Deal

My name is "tax collector",but I'm really just an ordinary tax paying citizen. My tax dollars pay for his and others' salaries so he can skip out paying his own tax bills? I don't think so. I also think FIVE years is adequate time to pay what is owed. Financial irresponsibilty is just a symptom of this person's dysfunction. This is only what could be found through public records. I can only imagine what else is out there.

I also ask that you go back and read the title of my original post. Since Holman is no longer a member of LPD, I have no idea why my imitator brought him up.

The answer is simple.

The answer is simple. Blasingame is a sociopath, a loose nut behind the firing mechanism of his gun. Holman is a victim of hostile work environment. Jayne is a turd in a punchbowl.

This epitome of the kinds

This epitome of the kinds of people writing and believing this garbage be spewed by Pickey and his ilk...

123, did Blasingame ever pay

123, did Blasingame ever pay for the rounds he expended into the air?


You're research will show that not every officer has been a part of the conduct listed. There are good officers that work for the Leland Police Department and there's no reason they should suffer. Get rid of the problems and let the officers who have tried to do right and keep from becoming victims themselves move on to serve our community.

Very true. All of the

Very true. All of the officers are not bad.. Please give them a chance. Its only a few that are at a wrong doing.

another bad apple

Officers know once a corruption is exposed in a department they will all be labeled according with what bad decisions another officer makes. In respect to this issue the good officers need to step up and make the difference, I understand that is alot of pressure. As an officer I was sworn in to protect the laws of NC not to break them. I was told yesterday about a Leland officer who decided to drink at a local bar and later became disruptive this past weekend. Enough is enough I am truly disgusted at the actions of most of the leland officers. For the couple of professional officers at the PD good luck.

I agree

Not all of them are bad, some of them are good Officers but the bad list is longer. I would rather see a new Chief come in and clean house and get rid of everyone involved, it would be nice to to see the bad group leave. If your not in the group then they don't care about you and want you gone. As for the ticket comment if you get a ticket from one of them go to court like me and everyone else has done and when the Judge decides that its a petty violation then mybe he will take care of the problem.

So Lewis, Foss, and Holman

So Lewis, Foss, and Holman are the problems? Maybe only to Jayne and his henchmen. They are VICTIMS, not problems. The LPD must really think citizens are stupid.