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FIRST ON 3: Videos mocking Charles Warren continue on YouTube

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Videos mocking Charles Warren continue on YouTube

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- There's yet another video online mocking Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren and the controversy surrounding him. The latest video posted yesterday shows an animated figure reading an open letter to the "Brunswick Beacon" from Warren that was published last week in the "Wilmington Journal." In the letter, Warren calls fellow Commissioner Marty Cooke and Beacon reporter Caroline Curran, who Warren through out of a DSS Board meeting last week, racists. The video includes a few additional comments that were not part of the letter.

The video was posted by a YouTube user calls Brunswick1764. That user also posted a video New Year's Eve that shows the sign at the Brunswick County Government Center with an animated message board reading, "Happy New Year to all non-racists who voted for me. Love, Charlie."

Those two videos come after Warren filed a report with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office last week claiming Brunswick1764's first video was threatening. That video mocked Warren by using video of North Koreans mourning the death of dictator Kim Jung-Il as if they were mourning Warren being removed from the DSS Board. Another video used video of Warren leaving last month's Brunswick County Commission meeting after he was ejected and reedits it to make it look like he's dancing.

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People are getting tired of

People are getting tired of hearing about Charles Warren ????? Yes We The People are FED UP with this clown. Charles Warren needs to be voted our of office at the next election. We the People demand responsible government for all. We the People need to see how our elected officals act and what they are thinking and doing. That is how We the People can hold them responsible for thier actions.

Demanding total respect for any outrageous action such as failure to comply with North Carolina Open Meetings Laws is OUTRAGEOUS. Saying that someone disrespects you by asking a civil question is likewise OUTRAGEOUS. Calling others racists is also OUTRAGEOUS. Respect is EARNED Mr Warren.

It is time for you to go.

Leave it alone

Okay, whomever it is posting the videos. You have made your point. We all know that Mr. Warren is a fool and has continually made a fool of himself. He can't blame anyone else for what has happened. If he had any sense at all, he would resign and disappear into the private sector but he won't because he is getting too much publicity, whether good or bad.

Time to move on. The first video was funny but it has run its course and now it just makes whomever is doing it looking foolish. You have had your laughs now find something else to do.

Hopefully everyone can move on from this ludicrous behavior and get back to working to make the community better instead of the laughing stock of the country. Kind of reminds you of Columbus County and all the shenanigans there. People are getting fed up!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know who this is

I don't know who this is making these videos but I must say he/she is a pretty smart techie. Thanks for these laughs...keep them coming.

if you dont want your bubble

if you dont want your bubble busted or your feelings hurt, keep your name off the ballot on election day!!

If you want to be man or lady with a brain

you post here, with the courage it takes to mock anyone, while hiding behind anonymity and a gang of weak coawards who need you too, your oversized arse unable to fit your cubicle chair, aware like everyone who knows you that you are just a timid little coward, 300 pounds of LOSER...covered in ketchup dripping from yer open mouth and with a lap full of Doritos crumbs in yur overweight, lap full of lipids and no stones.

Stones are earned. Diplomas are too, maybe you saw one once at a cousin's house, since your obviously fake machismo can't hide that you never passed 8th grade. Wonder Why?

Is it because you've never read the Good Book, and pride yourself on mocking those who (legally or illegally) accomplish more in a day than you will acheive in a lifetime. Makes you mad, don;t it. How inferior you are...YOU REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY: "low class trash, low intelligence, no humanity, no courage, no honor, no cajones, the Port City's home for juvenile cowards is perfect for adolecents. Your 40, give or take, going on your mom and dad must be so proud to have a son (or daughter), who's greatest acheivement in life is a cowardly rip on somebody that had guts, brains, probably very few but SOME honorable, all smart enough to keep ketchup drool off thier shirts and doritos grease out of their lap.

Maybe if you lose that gut instead of pathetically making stupid jokes with no guts, life will improve for you and eventually maybe grow a pair like those who put themselves out in public while you run and hide. Get a job, volunteer, soon you;ll have a life and potential.


Why don't you post your name when you are cyber bullying?


This is as entertaining as the Commissioner himself. In my vast experience (I live in Durham) I have discovered the ones who cry racism are the likeliest to be racist.

Somebody needs to tell

Somebody needs to tell Charles Warren that the best thing he can do now is keep his mouth shut, stay out of the media, and hunker down until this controversy is over.

Of course, he won't....he isn't smart enough.

This story right here is proof that you are searching youtube..

Either you guys are searching every hour for youtube videos concerning our local area or you know who is posting this youtube video and they are contacting you when you are they up for viewing? Ask yourself, is this really news? Its the coldest day of winter, why not report on the homeless shelters that will be filled to the limit and have to turn people away or people who will have to sleep under the bridges or in the woods tonight? that would be hard hitting journalism? this is the second youtube story you reported on in less than three days? I just searched the starnews and they dont have this nonsense, why not take cue since you guys were just up in there bragging about your awards.

This wasnt a story until Warren made it one

Reality check. Charlie "Im a whiny little BLEEP" Warren is the one that turned this into a news story when he essentially filed a "false police report" with the Brunswick County Sheriff for Communicating Threats.. I want to know when the Sheriffs office is going to arrest Warren for filing a clearly false report.


This is at least his SECOND false report. He filed one over the summer on that deputy that checked on him when he was parked on the side of a dark road and then screamed discrimination.

Oooh! The poor baby!

As far as WWAY's conduct, have you ever heard of an anonymous tip? Someone calls a media outlet and reports that a new video has been posted? I doubt the reporters have the time to search YouTube or know the identity of who is tipping them off....but heck, a conspiracy charge is always the first shelter for those justifiably under fire or their embarrassed supporters.

Second point, WWAY and most television stations have a large audience over multiple counties. The Star News likely isn't covering this story much because Brunswick County is rightfully covered by The Brunswick Beacon and The State Port Pilot.

Third point, how in the world do winos and addicts sleeping under bridges have anything whatsoever to do with a an elected official abusing the power of his office? Just like Charles Warren, their conduct is what has written the tome of their life.

If WWAY is guilty of anything, it's not launching a full investigative effort to connect the dots and expose exactly why Warren and his fans want to maintain their death-grip on DSS.

Do you work for WWAY?

I hope so since you are on here 24/7 instead of working your real job because you seem to claim to know the ins and outs of WWAY research in finding "newsworthy stories". hmmm, maybe you are the youtube uploader since you are on the internet more times than people can count on this board. The star news covers brunswick county as well, duh so to even suggest that brunswick county has a paper comparable to the star news is just not using "commonsense"..duh again. For you to sit there in your mom's basement and generalize the homeless population only proves your sign on name is an oxy moron of your true character. Get off the couch and stop defending name calling and youtube/tmz journalism and report on matters that actually affect people with real problems, not on some story about a couple of idiots sitting on a board calling themselves representatives of a community and a youtube uploader who clearly has too much time on his hands.

Blah, blah, blah

How does my (greatly exaggerated)frequency of posting somehow mean that Charles Warren is NOT out of control and violating state law regarding open meetings?

BTW, over 70% of the chronic homeless have substance abuse and/or mental problems. You can find that figure in about fifty locations on-line. Those facts are real butt kickers, huh? But for the sake of the other 30%, I'll simply say that ANYONE who winds up sleeping under a bridge got there through their own life mismanagement.

One of my FAVORITE aspects of posting here is when I cause someone to have a total meltdown. That's when I know I'm onto something.

Perhaps the Star News SHOULD be Why IS Warren throwing people out of meetings for asking questions....or being reporters? Why IS Warren defying the County Commission and refusing to leave the DSS board?

Keep It Up

Funny, I actually thought you've been posting LESS (since the Wanda fiasco). Keep it up, Common. You're always entertaining.

Remember the words of Billy Idol, "I love it when someone insults me. That means that I don't have to be nice anymore.”

I missed it

What was the Wanda fiasco?


I think it was something to do with Common posting as someone named "Wanda", but it was clear in the body of his post that it was Common.


Obviously, he doesn't work or he couldn't wax eloquently about every subject known to man every day, all the time.

Is this what you've been reduced to?

You used to make SOME attempt to argue, to post opposing views, to say something.

Now, you can only come up with "Yeah, me too?"

You're a hanger on? A backup singer? Second violin?


Actually, I'm just getting tired of the same old know-it-all rhetoric that spews from your mouth every day. We should all feel so lucky that you know so much about everything(yeah, right) and choose to share with those of us less fortunate. If we're doing musical connotations, I guess you would be a bagpipe. I mean, isn't that a big bag of air?


You should know.

CommonSense and SurfCityTom

you can catch them at WWAY 5 days a week with a 5 minimum drink tab (you have to be drunk to tolerate their ignorance). Sometimes you may catch them on the weekends if WWAY is "open" to posting. Admission to these ranting sets only costs your intelligence in thinking they are bestowing their superior knowledge onto the masses. Standing Room Only! BYOB is not allowed!

Hey 228, leave my

Hey 228, leave my "superzero" pals Common and SurfCity alone. Remember that they are war heroes, successful businessmen and the sole taxpayers for ALL of southeastern North Carolina.

SurfCity..a melting pot..according to Tom

LOL!! yeah, Tom loves to think that Surf City includes New Hanover County and Brunswick Counties, he is so KNOWLEDGEABLE about the comings and goings of everyone including people living in public housings. I sometimes look over my shoulder when I am on this site thinking he may walk up behind me. WWAY wouldnt post my comment to him on the story of the newborn born on New Years Day. He loves to single out the poor and disadvantage and brings issues with anything that dosent fit his conservative views. Must be nice to be good friends with Mr. Scott Pickey. Common and Tom spend so much time on this board that they need their names highlighted in Brown instead of blue for top commentor/brown nosers.


I have to ask how my name entered this post as I made no comment or posted anything.

As to knowing Scott, we have never met.

As to the poor and disadvantaged, think about that. When first elected, Bill Clinton stated, as one of his policy initiatives, that anyone physically and mentally able would have 2 years to get off of entitlements. The bleeding heart Democrats quickly shot that proposal down.

If a person is physically and mentally disabled, they should be entitled to reasonable help. That does not mean some unmarried babymaker should be supported while she produces new entitlement seekers.

And parents should be held accountable for the behaviour of their children.

But again, I made no post so I have to question how my name entered this discussion.

Yep! When you can't debate the issues.....

...all you have left is empty, meaningless, and ineffective insults.

Did you want to defend Warren while you're here? Nah....I didn't think so....


I think they are pretty effective insults, myself.


I had forgotten why I had come here.

Get Over It!!!!!!

Tell Warren to just grow a set and get over it. I am personally tired of hearing it. This is getting old really quickly.

Now if only we could get Brunswick1764 to post some LPD stuff

If we could get him to post some videos of the Leland PD stuff Id personally donate to the cause ;) Despite the fact Im sure Tim Jayne probably wouldnt agree with Charlie Warren (because in fact Jayne is a biggoted racist individual himself and has let loose more then one racial slur in private) a little more heat on Timmy and the Dept is happily welcomed to clear up the climate of corruption in this town.