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ONLY ON 3: City Council says it might be time to look into cab shortage downtown

READ MORE: City Council says it might be time to look into cab shortage downtown

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington City Council has not said much on the taxi cab shortage in downtown that occurs during busy nights, but on Tuesday the majority agreed that it should be looked into.

"I think it might be time for us to chat with the cab companies again about getting more cabs out on the street, especially at busy times," said Councilman Kevin O’Grady.

WWAY has spoken to many cab drivers that say the problem with the number of cabs downtown lies in the number of permits from the city. These drivers say if more permits cannot be issued than an exemption on busy nights like New Year’s would solve the cab shortage. Councilman O'Grady says he's not sure if that is the best first step. The majority of council do agree though that the conversation regarding the cab shortage downtown is worth bringing up, especially with the cab companies who hold the majority of the permits that allow drivers to pick up downtown.

"They have always ensured me personally that there were plenty of cabs downtown,” O’Grady said. “I guess the question is why can't we get them out on the street when they are most needed."

Even though some city council members have acknowledged the cab shortage on busy nights, there is no word yet if council plans to bring the topic up during an upcoming meeting.

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Problem is distribution and leasing

The problem as I see it is that on a normal day there is no profitable way to keep 155 badged cabs on the street. IMO there should be broader distribution of the available badges to include more independents and smaller operations. The city should also allow leasing of the badges so that the larger companies could lease out unused badges on holiday and event weekends to smaller companies and independents.

Micro-managers of commerce

Here is a novel idea,how about let the free market determine the number of taxis that are necessary duing high volume days.It is encouraging that there is a high demand for taxis downtown because this suggest people are making responsible decisions not to drink and drive.

From regulating the numbers of signs in storefronts and taxi permits,our city government waste too much time micro-managing issues that could be sorted out without intervention.The City of Wilmington is not good at their core responsiblities...providing adequate services and imfrastructure.They are to preoccupied with their money grabs(forced annexation) of balancing their budget on the backs of taxpayers.In the business world, if you are not good at your core business, you sure as hell do not look to expand a dysfunctional operation.It does not help that your operation is ran by imcompetent personnel in the first place.Due to a lazy and disengaged city electorate, you get these political retreads year after year,who run roughshod over the taxpayers.

While the folks in the City of Wilmington are in a slumber,the political dynamics in our state are changing for the better...conservative, responsible government after 100 plus years of corrupt, Democratic rule.Some of the remnants of this corrupt culture remain with Gov. Happy Perdue and AG Roy Cooper still in place.This will in all probably change next election with Pat McCrory knocking off Happy and a conservative veteo-proof General Assembly in place.Bill Saffo and his liberal cronies will be isolated once this change takes place.There will be few political favors coming his way.A good history lesson for Bill Saffo would be to look to his homeland of Greece.Liberal policies eventually run your people into the financial ditch.


FIX a problem YOU novel...

This is a self-induced problem

"Gee....we can't figure out why we don't have enough cabs after initiating our wonderful plan to limit the number of cabs we permit to pick up fares in Wilmington. It's a mystery!"

Perhaps you brain trusts need to budget $80k so that one of your cronies or relatives can conduct a study? Whose turn is it to lap at the gravy trough?