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Berger's case continued


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It was back to court today for a New Hanover County Commissioner.

Brian Berger hurried out of the courthouse after his case was continued until January 27. He was supposed to have a hearing for allegedly violating a protective order by going to a meeting at the building where his ex-girlfriend Heather Blaylock works.

Berger is scheduled back in court later this week for a hearing related to his arrest back in June after a fight with Blaylock

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The Berger File:

Chicken Crap Berger. What a weenie. Has to run out the back way. Too scared to face the media BBBBBBrian? Can't afford an attorney? One will be appointed for You.

Just make it stop

Please... case continued! Our misery continued!

Notice the door

So he was in court due to personal criminal charges and was not there on county commissioner duties, yet he took a door clearly labeled "Not a public exit" Sorry big bri, you are just a citizen in court. No special privileges should be allowed.

Berger is not a lawyer, is

Berger is not a lawyer, is not an officer of the court, is not a law enforecment officer, is not a other words, he is really just "John Q Public" whom works as a county commissioner.

I guess Berger can't even read the sign on the door!

Ya can't fix stupid.........stupid is forever!

Berger is cooked

The photo shows Berger's best side. What a hypocrite.