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Man, woman arrested in largest heroin bust in New Hanover history


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A drug arrest last week turned out to be the largest heroin bust in New Hanover County history. They say it was enough to produce more than 15,000 bags of heroin.

"Each one of these bags represents a life that was saved by not allowing this poison to hit the streets of New Hanover County," Sheriff Ed McMahon said.

Wednesday detectives wrapped up a month-long investigation of Tierre Henderson that netted more than 300 bags of heroin worth about $9,000, large amounts of packaging material and paraphernalia. Detectives arrested Henderson and charged him with multiple counts of trafficking opium.

A search warrant at his home at 7310 Konlack Ct. led detectives to find large quantities of packaging material, including glassine bags, digital scales, stamps and ink pads. The bags of heroin were stamped with "Breaking Dawn" and "Dream Catcher."

Detectives continued their investigation of Henderson, which led them to Chrissy Joy Sinclair and a home in Holly Ridge. With help from Holly Ridge Police, a search of the home found 5.5 ounces of pure, uncut heroin along with $60,000 in cash.

Both Henderson and Sinclair are in the New Hanover County Detention Facility.

Henderson has a history of drug convictions dating back more than a decade. Sinclair also has been convicted on drug offenses.

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ok first of all thats my

ok first of all thats my brother. im not going to allow you to sit and run your mouth concerning him. she made her own choice to become apart of that life. race has nothing to do with it. theres as many white drug dealers as there are black drug dealers. white drug dealers usually get a slap on the wrist and everything gets pushed under the tell me whats wrong with this picture since you want to throw racial cards..


I am incline to agree what in the HELL does Race have to do with it and you are right there are just as many whites as blacks blacks are just the main target especially if they are dating the other Race as we all know that is a nono with the suppose to be master race they don't date blacks because we are beneath them!!!!!!!HaHaHa As Tupac said and no better!!!!Only God can Judge Me


What's wrong with this picture? I'll tell you.

#1 - You're his brother. Instead of making excuses for him, you should be giving him some tough love and helping him face up to the fact that he's ruined his life and others lives by what he's done. Tell him that bad men excuse their faults; good men abandon them. If he can't trust you, his brother, to tell him the truth, who can he trust? Being his brother, I'm sure you were well aware of his selling drugs, and probably knew Chrissy too. Will you be taking over his business now that he's going away for quite a while, or will you do the right thing and run like hell to avoid it.

#2 - I have zero concern for Chrissy. She made her bed, now she can lie in it. My only concern is for her children, who are innocents in this situation.

#3 - If you think anyone believes that "theres as many white drug dealers as there are black drug dealers", then you're're only fooling yourself. It's a well known fact that the opposite is true; mostly because of economics and sociology, and nothing to do with any perceived differences between the races. White drug dealers are given prison sentences, just like black drug dealers. Prison is no "slap on the wrist".

#4 - "A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with -- a man is what he makes of himself." - Alexander Graham Bell

What does dating a brother

What does dating a brother have anything to do with all of this your so stupid. And you wonder why she went to a brother. Any way no matter what color or who she is with she made her own decisions and she got herself in this its sad but true.

You used to date Chrissy?

First off you sound ignorant and EXTREMELY racist!!!! I have known Chrissy for quite sometime and our children play together and her and Tierre have been together for 8 years and before that her boyfriend was a "brother", too. so maybe YOUR ignorance sent her running towards the "brothers"

Good job Chrissy

I only feel for your 3 kids. Because of your poor life choices, 3 innocent lives get a terrible start. On the other hand, maybe it will be better for them not to be in the environment you provided for them. But I doubt you'll get to read this anytime soon.

Great job

Great job NHCSO!! Hope the courts will put this guy and his gal pal away for a long time.


Too bad some of the strong stuff won't make it to the users. They take their regular dose and end up dead because it is more potent.

Spoken like a true moron.

Spoken like a true moron.

Moron? I'd say that he has an accurate assessment....

...of their general value as human beings. There is no loss to society when a junkie ODs.

there have been many times

there have been many times when addicts have turned their lives around and have become productive members of society and helped others. No loss to society? Tell that to the parents that have lost their children to drugs and alcohol. Which brings up another point. According to you, should the millions of people addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and prescription drugs die also or do you just want the " real junkies" dead?

I'll tell it to anybody, and have

I believe it was right here on this website where I told a mother that her daughter was dead because of her own stupid choices. Political correctness and sensitivity cannot alter the truth. If they OD they obviously haven't "turned their lives around yet," so no loss.

As for your last sentence, if you know ANYTHING about my positions, you know that I hold everyone responsible for their own actions. I don't care if it's alcohol or cigarettes, intravenous drug use or having unprotected sex, when you come down with a terminal illness related to your recklessness, NO SYMPATHY. If you eat half a pizza and three cheeseburgers every night and drop dead of a coronary at fifty, NO SYMPATHY. If you drive drunk and kill yourself, NO SYMPATHY.

Life is cheap and over too fast. Don't hurry it along by being stupid.

Yes, you are

And you sound like a liberal. Sorry, criminals don't provide any benefit to society therefor there is no need for them.

Their human beings too

So you have never broke any laws no matter what kind? So there must be no need for you either.

Yes, I am

a liberal. I think it is a great thing instead of being a close-minded tea bagging conservative. Criminals provide jobs for guards, nurses, administators, support personnel. They also provide jobs for the people that build prisons, and do the maintenance. They provide jobs for court clerks, judges, lawyers and law enforcement personnel. They provide jobs for manufacturers of tasers, pepper spray, nightsticks, uniforms, sirens, lights, etc. If you had a bigger view of the world, you would know that some good comes from just about everything no matter how bad.

And also

Criminals also give you bedwetters something to have a hissy fit over.

never learn do they

never learn do they

Thank you

Thank you for keeping this stuff off the streets and for arresting the scum reponsible. Where are all the comments from the family members defending these dangerous criminals - you know "they didn't mean nothing" "just messing with the wrong people" - those type of excuses?

Surely someone will defend them - perhaps those waiting for the drugs or their so called friends.

Lock em up - throw away the key!

ok first of all their not

ok first of all their not scum. they are people just like you are. one of them is my brother and ill set the record straight with you too. for your info there arent any excuses since you want to make an assumption about us. that was their choice but us being family we will defend them regardless. its funny how people post things and think people arent watching. in reading this comment i can place you under the same category of scum as well..

Tough Love

Whether they are scum or not apparently depends on the view of the poster. It's an opinion, which everyone is entitled to voice on this public forum.

I take exception with "they are people just like you". They aren't. I would never, ever use or sell drugs. I would never put my children in harm's way and chose drugs over them. I would never sell poison to another human being.

I understand your need to "defend them regardless", but that really doesn't help your family member face the terrible choices that they made in their life. They need to man/woman up, accept responsibility for their choices, pay for their crime, and perhaps come out of this a better person. It may be too late for that already, but maybe not. Freedom is a package deal; with it comes responsibilities and consequences. I truly hope your family member comes out of this a better person who is able to make better choices.

I'll set the record straight as well...

They are not scum, they are trashy scum. Do you really think ANY of us care who is "watching"? I don't care if they are your family members. They need to go away and go away for many years.

its funny how ignorant you

its funny how ignorant you sound. im not saying they shouldnt go to jail. they are wrong for what they did. but how would you feel if someone called your brother, sister, mother, or father "trashy scum". based of your word choice that lets me know you as well are not that intellegent and unable to think on a mature level....take that and run with it...

I would agree

If one of my family members were selling drugs I would be the first one to call them TRASHY SCUM ! BTW "Intellegent" is spelled i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-t. Run on now...

Cudos NHCS Dept

Good job guys! Looks like Mr. Henderson may be off the street for a while? Question? Are the numbers right in this article. Having spent many years in various Chem Labs and R& D facilities, I find it strange that this kid could blend (cut) 5.5 oz. into 15,000 bags. Don'T know where he got his degree but if he pulled this off, He's good. It doesn't appear what you found at the scene would allow for such complicated work. Maybe this guy was transporting? Maybe there is a bigger fish?
Maybe I just don't know enough about the Heroin business!

Big Heroin bust by NHSO Vice

Most bags of heroin weigh less no more than .02 grams. That's about fifty bags a gram.These dope pushers cut their product at least once so it isn't as powerful and to make twice as much money. So .02 x 50 bags would be one gram. Doing the math 5 1/2 ounces equals 154 grams. At fifty bags per one gram, that would be about 7700 bags. The heroin was uncut, so the dope dealer was going to at the very least cut it with equal parts of additive to increase profit margin and reduce the strength of the dope. That would make those 7700 bags now become over 15000. Business major at Clemson.

Actually most bags weigh

Actually most bags weigh around .1 to .2 of a gram. The general street value would be 10 dollars for a .1 hence the term dime bag, but for some reason, and my guess would be that most of it has to be transported here from new York, in this area some stamps sell for as much as 25 dollars. I know this not because I buy it obviously, but I work at a needle exchange and speak to a lot of the consumers.

Business major...

"Business major at Clemson."

How'd you like the Orange Bowl! WVU 1977 BSBA


Thanks for the info. I can do the math, I just cant imagine this kid having that ability based on the equipment found. The article refers to a digital scale. I never saw one that could go below .1g I'm sure I'm missing something. I appreciate the feed back.


means he was doing what they call "stepping on it" another words "cutting it" w/ something to expand the volume to make more sales cheapens the product dangerously but what they care?