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Perdue: MLK wouldn't like voter ID, education cuts


Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- Gov. Bev Perdue says the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. would be troubled by efforts in North Carolina to require photo identification to vote and by education spending reductions.

Perdue made the pointed comments Friday at the annual state employees' observance of the King holiday at a church next door to her old Capitol office in downtown Raleigh.

While the Democratic governor said later her words were directed to the entire state, it's Republicans whom she's criticized in recent months for sending her a voter ID bill and a budget that cut state public school spending by $459 million. She vetoed both bills, and the Legislature overrode the budget veto.

Several hundred people attended the program. The featured speaker was James Joseph, a former US ambassador to South Africa.

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WOW ,,,,,Whats next??

What in the heck gives her the right to say anything at all that Mr. King would want??? Lets Compare Mr. King was a man/ shes not. Mr King was black/ shes not. Mr King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 64 / shes has not yet. So pull your head out of your @%$ Perduee and start making SENSE!!!!!!

The People's Democrat

The People's Democrat Workers Party needs voter fraud.

Perdue comment on Dr. King

Gov. Perdue has no idea of how Dr. King would feel about voter ID or any other subject. Comments like this confirm that she is out of touch with reality in government.

What does MLK have to do

What does MLK have to do with it anyway?

I think Martin Luther King

I think Martin Luther King would support voter ID. The concept of one person, one vote with some basic assurances against fraud follows right along with what he stood for. I can't see him supporting a system that leaves the door wide open for voter fraud by any political party.


He probably didn't like eugenics either but Perdue's North Carolina Democratic Party had no problem giving that atrocity wings!

For someone who "probably

For someone who "probably didn't like eugenics", he didn't have any problems aligning himself with Margaret Sangor who was extremely big on eugenics.

From the sitcom.....

.........The Big Bang Theory:

My Mother used to say that people who lie for personal gain make Jesus cry.


there are more teachers now than there were before you started crying "wolf" over the spending cuts.

That may be true...

but the majority of the citizens of North Carolina aren't troubled by it. I believe Dr. King would not condone voter fraud.

Thank you. Some people

Thank you. Some people never cease to amaze me.