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Brunswick Co. DSS having trouble finding an attorney


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- It was business as usual for the most part at the Brunswick County Commission meeting Tuesday night. The agenda followed the standard budget and report items. Work continues extending water and sewer services.

This meeting lacked the fireworks of a previous meeting when Commissioner Charles Warren was asked to leave and then was escorted out.

One item of interest is the dispute over the DSS attorney.

"That's up to Mr. (Charles) Warren," Commission Chair Bill Sue said. "He was provided a list of over 25 attorneys with highlights for about seven of them that had experience on a board and experience with DSS, and apparently, by his own words, he has tried to contact all of those to get them to serve, and nobody is willing to serve."

Commissioner Warren, as chairman of the Social Services Board, will continue to seek an attorney.

Warren may face another challenge. Fellow Republican Joe Agovino of Southport says he will run for the Brunswick County Commission seat held by Warren.

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Who in their right mind would want to represent this fruitcake?


Who wouldn't want to moderate the Charles Warren/Pat Sykes Comedy Hour?

Of course he's having a hard

Of course he's having a hard time getting an attorney to work with the DSS Board.

Nobody wants to work with a mentally unstable, unprofessional, bully.

The voters in Brunswick County need to understand that this man doesn't get along with others and can't compromise. This makes him useless as a County Commissioner.

I've attended Comission meetings in the past and this man is an embarassment to himself and our county. When you listen to him speak, it's obvious that he has mental issues.

Vote him out in the next election and replace him with someone that can work with others for the benefit of everyone in the county.

Of course they're having trouble...

finding an attorney. Who in the right mind would want to work with this disfunctional group?