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ONLY ON 3: Wilmington business closed in honor of Robert E. Lee's birthday


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Many businesses and schools were closed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday. Today at least one Wilmington business was closed in remembrance of another American leader.

Neighbors noticed Woodbury & Co. Commercial and Personal Insurance off Military Cutoff was closed today in honor of the birthday of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The controversial move has people on both sides of the argument speaking out.

"I think they shouldn't shut down for Robert. E. Lee's birthday, because it's not a holiday, and they're missing out on their money and their business," Christopher McDougal of Wilmington said.

Jack Stanfield of Wilmington said, "If the business owner feels he needs to close for respect to what our nation has stood for, then he should have the right to do it himself."

Many small business owners we spoke with said they were open on both MLK Day and Robert E. Lee's birthday, because they say they could not afford to close.

We were unable to reach anyone at Woodbury & Co. to see why they chose to take Lee's birthday off.

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A Northern transplant who finally GETS IT!!! Congratulations, Common. My hat's off to you. You, sir, are a gentleman, and I am most grateful for your comments.

Their recording said they

Their recording said they were honoring his birthday; they made no reference to it as a holiday. And Woodbury is not a "store", it's an insurance agency. And if you never heard of Woodbury, you're definately not from Wilmington.

I applaud Woodbury & Company

I applaud Woodbury & Company for recognizing the Birthday of a True American Hero & Leader, who by the way was against slavery and an advocate for peace. I wish people would take time to research history and get the facts. I revere and respect the Confederate Flag as it is part of my heritage. I had a Great Great Grandfather who was at General Lee's side at Appamattox. Our flag was never seen as racist until the klan began carrying it in the 1930's after the federal goverment cracked down on them. Before that this hate group carried the American flag at all their events. So people please don't judge a flag or it's people just because a few extemists try to use it for a different purpose. Happy Birthday General Lee!!

Robert E. Lee

Well said! Robert E. Lee was an honorable man.

Way to go Woodbury! Hope

Way to go Woodbury! Hope more businesses will do the same. They will get my business.

Nothing wrong with celebrating General Lee

There was more to the man than the Civil War. His surrendering at Appomattox saved 10's of thousands of lives.
If it makes anyone feel better we can get together for a bonfire on General Sherman's birthday on February 8th.

Robert E. Lee

Come on, you in the South. Get over it.

Yeal, Right

Yeah, like we're going to obey you just because you said it. Northerners are idiots.


Sorry about the typo. "Yeah".

closing for Robert E Lee


Robert E. Lee does have an

Robert E. Lee does have an official holiday in North Carolina and I applaud Woodbury & Co. for honoring it.

It's about time! Robert E.

It's about time! Robert E. Lee was a southern gentleman and fought in the Civil War in support of his home state VA. He was opposed to slavery and his views had nothing to do with racism. He was a true gentleman and a positive symbol for the South. I think WWAY is trying to make this a controversial issue when it should not be. I'm moving my insurance to Woodbury and Company. If Woodbury and Company wants to close in honor of Robert E. Lee's birthday, they should be allowed to do so.