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FIRST ON 3: Three Wrightsville Beach Police officers under investigation


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) - Three Wrightsville Beach Police officers are on administrative leave and are the focus of an internal investigation, according to Chief Dan House.

The chief says the officers were not involved in the same incident, but would not release their names or say what they are being investigated for.

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Thank you there is Justus

Thank you there is Justus after all it is about time someone step up to solve these problems before they run everyone off.

Oh my...

Let's hope they run your illiterate ass off too. Justice not JUSTUS stupid. Do you even have a clue what is going on? Or are you just pissing in the wind?

Goes against town policy...

Easy enough to find who the three employees are - it's the town's personnel policy (chapter 11, Section 11.1) that the date of most recent promotion, demotion, transfer, SUSPENSION, separation, or other change in position classification IS PUBLIC INFORMATION. With only 23 sworn officers to report on, it shouldn't take long for WB to release that info for each...if they are asked to.

The town manager must release this info if asked directly about a specific employee!

Kudos to Lumina News!

Lumina News just released the three names - two are FORMER detectives recently serving as uniformed patrol. The third is a sergeant.

This makes me want to go

This makes me want to go down to the police station and get the info. Although I think they would still not give it up.


I hope they are in big trouble. I blew a .34 and they still gave me a DUI?!?!?? I deserved a warning

you are an idiot. If you

you are an idiot. If you blew a .34 you deserve a DUI and you should still be in jail and never get your license. I am guessing that one of these officers is the one that arrested you

Umm no

In NC, .08 is drunk so if you blew a .34 you should have been arrested. You want a warning? Don't drink and drive. There you go, you got your warning.

Its about time someone

Its about time someone cleaned that place up. out with the old.

Town attorney just too old to control police behavior

Wrightsville Beach is not the only town that has this same guy representing them as town attorney.


Wow! Way to put your officers on blast, chief!

Lame Reporting

So why is this news without any facts