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Pantano accuses McIntyre, staff of emailing personal attacks


WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- Wilmington, NC: Conservative Republican Author, Businessman and Marine War Veteran, Ilario Pantano who won the 7th Congressional district GOP nomination in 2010 issued the following statement today:

“On Friday my family and I were attacked once again in a seemingly “anonymous” email campaign. This is not the first time we have been subjected to attacks in the course of seeking to represent the citizens of North Carolina’s 7th district. The email string parrots attack lines that were used on an “anonymous” attack website,,earlier this year.

As Mr. Crow and Mr. Rouzer are both now officially filed candidates, and Mr. McIntyre is expected to file shortly, those three are the only beneficiaries of the derogatory and hateful slander that has been hurled against my family. I am asking all three candidates to call on their supporters to respect the sanctity of families and stop these attacks.

Naturally, the policy, ideology, and the professional experience of the candidates in this race are open for discussion as the voters evaluate their choices in the upcoming elections, and I am prepared for spirited debates along these lines. However, parents, spouses, and children aren’t, and neither are blatantly false and malicious personal attacks on a candidate’s character or faith.

This statement serves as the sole warning and reminder: As the only candidate with a wife and small children in this race, I consider my family strictly off limits.

I call on Congressman Mike McIntyre to stop any political messaging that even mentions my wife or my mother. I have shown the McIntyre family that level of respect and I deserve the same.

Congressman Mike McIntyre’s staff member, Tony McEwen is a Vice Chairman of the NC Democratic party which operates and funds the blog site ( slandering me, my mother Merry, and my wife Jill. It is regrettable that a member of Congress in concert with the NC Democratic Party would find that type of personal attack necessary.

I am also calling on my GOP opponents to respect the sanctity of families and disavow these attacks as well. It is unlikely that Mr. Rouzer or Mr. Crow are behind the seemingly anonymous attacks that have circulated in the past, but the fact remains that they are now beneficiaries of them since they are filed candidates and they both have histories of questionable personal attacks in GOP primary campaigns.

On May 1st 2008, Mr. David Rouzer and his campaign strategist Bob Rosser were served a civil summons by Rouzer’s NC State Senate primary opponent according to court documents filed in Wake County Superior Court (

On the 19th of May, 2008 Ms. Nena Reeves, Rouzer’s primary opponent, filed a formal complaint seeking damages of at least $10,000 and alleging the following:

“6. Plaintiff Nena Reeves and Defendant David Rouzer, in April 2008, were opposing candidates for nomination as the Republican candidate for election to the NC State Senate for Senate District 12.
7. In late April, 2008, to win the primary election, the Defendants (Rouzer & Rosser) conspired to issue written statements to thousands of people making accusations about the plaintiff that are false and defamatory…
23. The false words and statements knowingly published by Defendants have defamed and libeled the plaintiff in her profession, standing in the community and means of livelihood…
27. The actions of Defendants as hereinbefore alleged were done in the course of and scope of commercial activity in the State of North Carolina. Defendants’ actions were made in bad faith, were unethical, were unfair to Plaintiff, were deceptive to the public and were intended to harm Plaintiff in her personal and professional activities…”

Mr. Randy Crow has operated a blog site,, which has devoted thousands of words to attacking my family and me, including blaming me personally for the attacks on 9/11. On May 18, 2010, after being defeated in the primary, Crow staged a press conference where he repeated his assertions that I was part of the government conspiracy that had planted “chips in his brain.”

I have never engaged in personal attacks against the families of any of my political opponents and never will. I hope that my opponents in this race will disavow their history of personal attacks, and for the remainder of this race will avoid attacking my family or the families of anyone else running in this race.”

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It is obvious, you couldn't

It is obvious, you couldn't care less for this country. Please, what are Pantano's skeletons? He was totally cleared in the war incident, I don't blame him, I would shoot them too, had I felt threatened. I guess you proclaim to be a brave soul and would just stand there and let the insurgents take you out. Have you met Pantano and asked him questions, or just another coward hiding behind your computer screen? Go ahead and vote for mcintyre again, obviously, you are an obama supporter,and probably want to make sure you keep getting you obama handouts so you can continue to sit behind your little computer screen and lie about a true American christian conservative, one that actually loves this country, more than he loves himself. Shame on you and people like you.

Thank you for your shame

Thank you for your shame reference. I'll shelf it right next to the other propoganda spewed from the Tea-Party; right in my recycling bin. "Pa of 4" your kids certainly must be well versed on how to prejudge people, how to make coarse generalties and otherwise speak about nothing you have any education or knowledge on; me. This is the problem with people who stereotype any voter to think we all are waiting for our free bread. I'm not sir, I work every single day to make sure I provide for my family. I also make sure that they know to steer clear of people who want to spout off about Christian Conservative Values. They're fake.


Would you shoot them 30 times, reload, shoot them 30 more times, and then leave a note on them? If you would, then you are as sick as he is and may God have mercy on you.

Well my Vote

Well, I am glad my vote will cancel yours and I would vote for anyone before I would vote for a life long politician like McIntyre. It is about time we get people in Washington that really understand the local people.

Dog gone it!

If it ain't one wagging, I mean nagging "situation", it's another for this guy.
As a red blooded, All-American conservative woman, I say this:

"MIKE, YOU HAVE MY VOTE AGAIN" You have been pretty darn good for SENC and most of all, you voted against Pelosi. No way would I want a guy like this in public office at ANY LEVEL. If he is loony cry baby NOW, just imagine the Berger type mania that lurks beneath the surface. S-C-A-R-Y!


This Pantano guy is a winer, Mc Intyre is a proven winner and will have my vote until a REPUTABLE REPUBLICAN runs for this seat on Congress.

"IF you can't stand the HEAT, get out of the kitchen", Pantano!!!Or, return to N.Y. and strut your nonsense up there. Those Republicans that ran with you last time and won don't seem to be endorsing you. Hmmmmmm! Wonder why?

voted against Pelosi

Did you watch the vote that day? Mike passed on the first call and only voted against Pelosi when it was already a done deal..

Where does Pantano Work?

He needs a job where he can vote himself a pay raise! Heck, he just needs a JOB!
After all, being as "self-rightgous" as he has admittedly been during his entire adult life comes with a price...AKA LOW earnings.
And...this race is ALL about MONEY. He has none;he wants some!
The "Patriot" thinks it is TIME to cash in his chits.
Take a hike brother, get a job, work for a living, and forget the health benefits for Life...and other perks.
I am an AMERICAN unconditionally, can you say the same? America doesn't owe you a Congressional Seat because you served in the Armed Forces. But, thank you for your service to our country! Now, take a hike.