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FIRST ON 3: Body found is missing blind man


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Police say a body found this afternoon along S. Kerr Ave. in Wilmington is a man who went missing in the area two weeks ago.

Police say the body is Melvin Jerome Bennett, 60. He was last seen around 11 p.m. on February 15 at the K&D Mini Mart at 251 S. Kerr Avenue. His family had not seen or heard from him since.

The body was found just a block and a half away today. Investigators it was in a culvert under the road between Cox Christian Bookstore and Kerr Station Village.

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This was my uncle's roommate

My prayers go out to the families involved including my Uncle James. May his soul r.i.p.

Prayers go out to the

Prayers go out to the family. It's sad that people rather talk down about a person that you may or may not know. That's just plain sad.


Well it didnt take long for the race card to be pulled did it? Jcase get a life they have been looking for this man ever since his family reported him missing, it has nothing to do with weather he was black or white. This is a sad story, thoughts and prayers are with this family, and may they have the blessing not to see these comments that jerks post, some of yall need to get a life not ever thing is about race or past criminal history.

What a true statement.

What a true statement. Prayers for his love ones who will miss him so much. Hopefully they find out what truly happen to him.

If this had been a four year old white kid...

A visually-impaired man is last seen in a convenience store, and the cops take two weeks to search the ditch outside?

If this had been a four year old of any race...

people would have been out in force to actively look for him. Volunteers with orange vests, flashlights, candlelight vigils, the works. If you're gonna vanish, you'd better be a kid or a relatively attractive woman to get a lot of attention. Otherwise, you're just one more mention on the evening news or, if you're elderly, a silver alert. It's unfortunate that people are what we are but you'd better be a child or an adult woman who is pleasing to the eye to get the citizenry actively looking for you. There was an article on Yahoo a while back about a man who committed suicide in his house in Wisconsin four years ago and was only found when the city started inching toward claiming the house for zoning violations and unpaid taxes. He had an ex-wife, an adult daughter and friends. But because he casually mentioned that he thought about moving to New Mexico, no one ever looked for him again.

Get your facts straight

Get your facts straight before you post what you DON'T know....

Fail. Nice try but no

Fail. Nice try but no points.

body found

This is very sad and unfortunate. My prayers are with Mr. Bennetts family. Rest In Peace good sir.

He sure had a long criminal

He sure had a long criminal record for someone that was suppose to be blind!


why even post that? whats the point?


Please tell me what his record has to do with anything? Do you just sit at your computer looking up the records of people in the news? Or just the black people? And no I am not black. do you like the feeling you get when you see that someone who has had problems with the law and drugs has died? Does it give you the warm fuzzies? Why even look up his record? Some people.....

I cant believe this

I personally know this man but havent talked to him in about a year, wheather he had a crimal history or not doent matter. he hadnt always been blind either, he had a heart of gold and everyone who actually knows this man knows what im putting down, i know the family and friends well enough, they have search and im sure thats not where he has been for the past 2 weeks.