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Group against gay marriage ban ends cross-state trip in Wilmington

READ MORE: Group against gay marriage ban ends cross-state trip in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A North Carolina woman has run hundreds of miles in the past few weeks to raise awareness about a proposed Constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages in North Carolina.

"Now it's in the people's hands to decide whether they want to keep North Carolina on the right side of history or write discrimination into the Constitution," Jen Jones said during a visit to UNCW today.

Jones is a part of the group Race to the Ballot, and she has done just that. In the past five weeks, she has run 322 miles from Asheville to Wilmington.

"We figured they'd watch a 5'6", 240-pound girl try to run across the state," Jones said.

Along the way they rallied students against Amendent One, set to be on the May 8 ballot.

"It's not just going to affect me," UNCW student Alex Gibson said. "It's going to affect everybody in North Carolina who is not married. It's just a silly law."

Since Race to the Ballot started back in January, about 1,400 students from all over the state have registered to vote and signed the pledge to vote against Amendment One.

"It's an amendment that hurts families, it hurts women, it hurts children in our state, and it threatens protections for all unmarried couples in the State of North Carolina," Jones said.

The Port City is the group's last stop. It's a decision Jones says was very appropriate.

"We know you have a very inclusive and diverse population here," she said. "Lots of people who would be impacted by amendment one and harmed by it."

Race to the Ballot is having a rally downtown at Riverfront Park from 5 until 9 p.m.

We reached out to several conservative groups at UNCW for reaction. They have not gotten back to us for comment.

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I love how the Left claims

I love how the Left claims to be open-minded and accepting... yet if you don't agree with them, you're "Uneducated" and "Ignorant"

Pot/Kettle???? This debate


This debate is not right/left it is a matter of our constitution, and what it is meant to protect, what our founders wanted to protect: individual freedoms, the well informed and educated will realize the difference...I would vote no if it tried to say that a marriage is any union b/w two adults who love eachother regardless of sexual preference.

The constitution should not be used as a way to garner to should protect individual freedoms and define our governemnts responsibilities, not who should be marrying whom

Wow...looks like a huge turnout

Looks like you had a tremendous turnout to your bigotry demonstration. Go read a bible.

I'm human

I made a mistake and I quickly mis-read this article. I'm sorry.

Sounds Like

Kind of sounds like you're bigoted against Christians. Similar to the pot calling the kettle black.

They Did

They DID read it...that's why they're against it. Obviously, you haven't read it yourself.

confusing response

How exactly is someone who is fighting **Against** this amendment a bigot? She is not advocating passage of the amendment, she is fighting it.

Star News; please INFORM; please EXPLAIN the reasons...

There is nothing here to inform your readers about the dangers all unmarried couples, gay or straight, will face if narrow minded prejudice prejudice is voted into our constitution. Do readers know that every major company in the US, including Verizon Wireless and IBM, offers same sex you know how many jobs North Carolina will NOT attract if you vote this law in? NC used to be a leader in education...remember Terry Sanford? Now we rank 49th in the USA for per pupil spending. Might that have something to do with why ignorance is rampart? Will we now become 49th in the USA in attractiveness to new business investments? Regardless of your fears, please look at this law so that you will know what you are bringing to our wonderful state.

Then explain this reason?

Many, but not EVERY major corporation provides same-sex benefits to "un-married" gays. However, they DO NOT provide these same benefits to "un-married" heterosexuals! Why is that? Most would consider that to be descrimination. I surely do!

PS...North Carolina has NEVER been a national leader in education...ever! What you want to portray as "ignorance" to the gay community is actually only lack of acceptance and that simply will not change, not even for generations. You can throw your "lifestyle" in peoples faces all you want, but you will only be met with opposition and in some cases...disgust. Just the way it is.

Now, please provide another explanation for us. Where does the line get drawn? How long will it be before pedophiles and rapists start getting their rights. They have needs too, just like you gays, transvestites and trans-sexuals? They need to be "FREE" to act on their natural instincts in public as well, right? Explain THAT one!


If you really need an explanation for not giving rights to pedophiles and rapists you need help.

Un-married hetrosexuals can marry, they don't need the benefits.

Your arguements are getting weaker and weaker lately.

Un-married is un-married... matter how you slice it or dice it. It has nothing to do with the ability to marry.
It has to do with the current state of marriage or lack thereof. It is clearly descrimination against heterosexuals.

To my point about pedophiles, rapists...and the other freaks of nature. 25 years ago, gays were in that same category. The line of what is "acceptable" keeps shifing toward the weird, freaky, unnatural and bizarre. Everybody has to have their own little determined "rights" for their own little particulaur sect of personal practice, whatever that may be. Where will it stop?

Your spelling and grammar is by far weaker than my "arguements"!

pedophiles and rapists

pedophiles and rapists force their desires onto unwilling victims. People in the LGIT community only want to be open about their love. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Marriage instatuion is Gods

Marriage instatuion is Gods creation and was established many years before The US Government or any other Government. God hates sexual imorality so much that He dystoried a few cities with Fire and latter dystoried the world with water to wash away all the bad bloodlines due to sexual perverssion. Repent.

Exactly how does this

Exactly how does this ammendment hurt families and single people, Jen Jones? Your comment has just rendered you and your interview obsolete. The only ones it will impact are the homosexual families and single people. This law doesn't hurt me nearly as bad as Obamacare. That one is crippling. Last time I checked North Carolina doesn't honor gay marraige anyway. This is nothing new.

Say no on 1!

I am proud of Jen and her endevour to educate people on this issue. Our constitution says "All men are created equal." It is such a bigoted and hate filled amendment proposition. Really folks, it is 2012 and this issue is not about what we do in the bedroom, it is about love and family and equal rights, not special rights. I am ashamed of the folks that decided that this was a good idea. I fought for my country, and defended it. Why won't our government defend me? The military is finally doing it. Also on a financial note, think of the taxes we would pay as married couples!

Marriage Amendment

This is not a constitutional issue. Gays and lesbians make their own choices about their lifestyle, and no one prevents them from doing it. But when they try to impose their lifestyle on the marriage institution, others have the right to resist.

Yeah, robo... others have

Yeah, robo... others have the right to resist. Remember those pesky folks who thought is was wrong to own other people, those irritating women who wanted to vote, those uppity blacks who wanted to go to school and keep their seats on the bus... Hey, I hear tell that the Westboro Church of Fred Phelps is opening a branch in ILM. You joining?

What a load of crap. How

What a load of crap. How does this hurt children and families? All the government policies that hurt families day in and day out. No issues there. But if two homosexuals can't get papers on their "union" it hurst kids. I'm voting in May to protect marriage and defeat the weakening of our society.

Will constitutional amendment pass to ban gay marriage in NC?

North Carolina has many people who are educated. No one knows the outcome. It would be nice if they proved to be hospitable to their fellow human beings.

Most who do not try to understand the "gay" human, do not realize that these fellow Earth beings, are children of any parents, brothers and sisters of any siblings, Aunts and Uncles of any nieces and nephews. Not a single parent can pick which sexual orientation a child born will be. Adoptive parents have no idea what their children's orientation will be. Sexual orientation is not known until the struggles within a child start appearing when that child realizes, they cannot be like the majority.

It truly proves a symptom of a sociopath (Someone who is incapable of being empathetic toward others because of their own total selfish view) to not realize gay persons are part of our families and need to love. They have struggles in a society where clergy preach selective rejection and pulpits and Rupert Murdoch's media empire push bullying as though this is "Christlike".

Will the public of North Carolina stand alone in the southern states and prove they are for human understanding? It is this author's hope they will not join the ranks of the other southern states who have proven for centuries to be bastions of suppression and slavery to bronze aged ideas.

Strays and Gays

I do not want to understand or get to know any and all gay people. It is not a choice of lifestyle I agree with nor support. However, your conclusion of a sociopath is confusing.

For example, if I elaborate to a child to not mix or match socks, play on a busy highway, mix gasoline and a lighter, that makes me a sociopath because of my inability to empathetic of that childs curosity? My selfish view is to keep that child from hurting themselves or embarassing themselves. We, the grown ups, are supposed to be the responsible ones.

There was some merit to segregation. It keeps order and eliminates confusion. Just being honest. Not everyone can win. Someone has to loose. And it is either black or it is white. There is no grey.

I have never casted a vote on freeing slaves, giving women the right to vote and so on. I and none of ya'll were around then. But, I know where I would of and do stand if I had been.


Great post.

NC Doing plenty to prove its far from southern

With the highest gas taxes in the south and running close to the far left liberal socialist states of NY and California the Democrats have done a wonderful job jacking up taxes in this state. Not to mention the insane money thrown down a rathole repeatedly. My wife and I paid more in NC taxes then we did in Federal taxes (if that isnt crazy I dont know what is). The reason we are losing jobs and businesses is the tax structure in the state. The liberals have done enough damage in this state. Hopefully with Pat McCrory taking the Governors mansion in November we can finally finish what we started in 2010 in crushing the libtards and taking both houses.. BTW I have no problem with civil unions but Marriage is between a man and a woman PERIOD!!. The GLBTetc community should push for legal status of their own under civil unions or something to protect their rights in relationships and leave Marriage out of it.

FYI this amendment prohibits

FYI this amendment prohibits the recognition of civil unions and domestic partnerships as well. In plain english : if you vote for this amendment you agree that same sex committed couples deserve NO legal protections for their relationship. I personally feel that what you and others think is irrelevant. However, using the ballot box against us suits you all just fine. Put yourself in our shoes. Put your relationship up to a vote, see how you like it.

Wes, being a sociopath and

Wes, being a sociopath and being steadfast in moral behavior that provides the best foundation for society are not the same thing. As usual, you libs paint your deviant love affair in pseudo-intellectual dribble.

"Just the facts,"

GOP doing a heck of a job in Raleigh!

Not letting Gay folks get married is going to create how many new jobs in North Carolina?

About as many

Hmmm about the same amount of jobs if we allow them to get married.