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Family of disabled student files complaint against New Hanover Co. Schools

READ MORE: Family of disabled student files complaint against New Hanover Co. Schools

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- For the second time in the last month, a family has filed a civil rights complaint against New Hanover County Schools.

New Hanover County Schools Assistant Superintendent Rick Holliday says complaints filed with the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Right (OCR) are fairly routine for school districts. He says NHCS receives five or six each year. He says what's not routine is how the two most recent have been handled in the media. Dr. Holliday says the school district never sees OCR complaints. Instead, he says OCR usually sends a letter alerting the district to the nature of the complaint and often asking for data. Holliday says OCR then handles the investigation and follow up.

According to the group NC Fear Free Education, the family of a child enrolled in the school district filed a 98-page complaint yesterday with OCR. The complaint, the group says, chronicles specific incidents of discrimination listing times, dates and witnesses to the events.

"The reason we filed this Office of Civil Rights complaint is because our child is entitled to, under federal law, a free and appropriate public education just like non-disabled peers," a parent of the child, who wishes to remain anonymous, said in a statement. "This means that our child is entitled to participate with non-disabled peers without being excluded from school functions, field trips and curriculum."

According to part of the complaint released by NC Fear Free Education, the family says the boy was discriminated against for various reasons, including allegations that teachers did not follow his individualized education plan, accommodate his needs by using assistive technologies, not providing homework, excluding him from a field trip and even making fun of him.

Dr. Holliday said because the district has not received any information on the complaint and because of privacy laws, the school district cannot comment on this specific complaint.

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Whats frivolous about it? The parents just want their kid not to be put in a corner and treated like a freak. No one is asking them to make the child play quarterback on the football team or to be the lead in the school play, they just want the other kids not to treat him like a reject and give him a chance to try to learn. No one expects the child to invent the next fuel for cars or how to get to Pluto, but have a little consideration for the disabled.

I'm sorry - I respect your opinion that there is no responsbility for the school to bring the kid up to the level of the others, but its a little rediculous to think the child cant at least be in the same school with the other children, don't you?

Or are you one of those who pointed and laughed at the child with down-syndrome and called him a retard? I bet you were.


When I was in school they were all in schools for the disabled, they were not mainstreamed. It worked because the staff and teachers there were trained to handle the kids and didnt have the distraction of 40 other non special needs kids.

Teachers have their hands

Teachers have their hands full with their classes. They have to control unruly, barbaric and aggressive students while trying to teach others. This is not a place to have a child with special needs. Teachers are not super human. They have their hands full on a normal day.


is retarded, that's they it is. Put them in a special class and be done with it. Other kids education should NOT be ruined by your child..quit trying to be so politically correct. If they are not normal so be it. Some of you parents kill me with your it's all about my kid attitude..guess what it is NOT.

Its about all the kids

Do you know why it is hard to find many people from Wilmington? I will tell you, it's because we are running you off! You make me sick. The only thing ruined is having people like you around with zero tolerance for anything different. Its not about one kid, its about them all. Black, white, asian, smart, special needs, blind, name it. make me sick.


YOU WON'T RUN ME OFF THAT'S FOR SURE...Most people leave here because they are tired of the bleeding heart rude yankees that have moved here. Too much tolerance is what has ruined this country.

ILM Native, I am wondering

ILM Native,
I am wondering if your comment is for real. I feel very sorry for you that you should judge a child and their parents so harshly. I do not think it is all about my child. But if your "neuro typical" child or non-disabled child was left behind from a school function or field trip on a regular basis and the school gave you a reason such as "Johnny just doesn't behave well outside of the classroom setting" (for example),"so we decided he can't attend these events." wouldn't you make it YOUR business ? Wouldn't you work with your child, his teacher, and the school to find a way to make it work? Or would you just say, "yeah, you're right, he's too much to handle outside the classroom. Go head and leave him behind.". Because it seems like that's what you're saying. And I'd like to think that you would care about your child more than that. And you would keep working towards a solution until you found one. And if you had to file a complaint because you'd tried everything imaginable, you'd probably do that, too.


That is exactly what I am saying if your child cannot behave then he should be left behind. Why does he need to be included in something that will ruin it for everyone else. Maybe he misbehaves because he was not taught to behave at home and just plainly babied too much.

Can I see your Doctorate?

What medical school did you attend? Do you have any background on special needs attention and childhood education for children of special needs?

I hope someone leaves you behind, we don't need any more southern close minded, stuck in the past. A child with down syndrome or autism may be acting out because of his mental condition. Does that mean he should be left behind? NO! He needs special attention maybe that doesn't come in the same room every time with a able bodied child but you can't just cast him out. Maybe if the able bodied children we're taught TOLERANCE and educated on how to act and interact with special needs children you would find everyone benefits in the end.

But since your a "native" of a demographic that only rescinded segregation 50 years ago, I'm not surprised you want to leave the special needs children behind.


Just how can you reasonably expect everyone to have to have their experience on say an outing or event to be interuppeted by some child that cannot behave their selves? If they cannot behave themselves then YES they should be left behind. That is just as unfair to the other kids as it is to your child. Face facts everyone is not the same never have been, never will be. When I went to school they had schools for kids with mental and physical problems, seemed to work then..why change it. Every parent wants their kid to be perfect but realize they are NOT. You cannot force other people to always be politically correct some people tell it like it is, sorry if it hurts but that is life. Teachers are there to teach and not be some kids one and only support group, there are others also that need attention.
Children that run around like they are on speed and cussing out teachers and parents are not ADD OR AHDD or whatever the correct term is it is because they are not taught right and wrong from the first place and made to mind and act with some sense. It stems from BAD parenting, period. We never had kids act this way when I was a child because we had parents who would NOT tolerate it.