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Three-year-old's death linked to blunt force trauma; drugs found during search

READ MORE: Three-year-old's death linked to blunt force trauma; drugs found during search

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A three-year-old is dead, and tonight we're learning more about what happened. Last week, Jaronn McAllister II was pronounced dead at Brunswick Novant Medical Center. Search warrants obtained by WWAY paint a picture of chaos leading up to a police chase through Brunswick County.

According to a search warrant, a preliminary autopsy says McAllister was killed by internal bleeding of the liver due to blunt force trauma. But how did the three-year-old receive his injuries? The affidavit explains the situation that may have led up to the child's death.

Candice Young told investigators that Montey Murray was babysitting her son, Jaronn, Febuary 29th while she was at work. The warrant says Murray and another man, Jessie Holt, were at Young's apartment in Shallotte that night, watching the boy. Murray said he went to bed and Jaronn was fine, then woke up the next morning and found the boy laying on the living room floor, hot to the touch. Holt says Jaronn was up throughout the night but he never knew he was sick.

According to the warrant, after Murray tried to cool Jaronn down with a damp washcloth and a cool bath, he said he needed to borrow a car to take the child to the hospital. A neighbor drove them to Brunswick Novant. The warrant says during the drive, Murray said "if you pump his stomach he will be OK."

Fifteen minutes after Jaronn arrived at the hospital, he was pronounced dead. That's when Murray left, reportedly punching walls on his way out, and later led police on a chase.

A number of items were collected from the Shallotte apartment during the search. The most notable: two plastic bags full of white powder, two bottles of prescription drugs, a wash cloth covered in vomit, and five bags of marijuana, found in the little boy's room, as well as multiple blood samples collected around the apartment.

An official autopsy and toxicology report could take up to eight weeks to get back from the state. Jaronn's funeral is scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. at New Hope Free Will Baptist Church in Leland.

Murray is still in jail under $1 million secured bond.

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RE: stop being stupid

I am very disappointed in all the comments I have read. One person had sense enough to acknowledge that a momma has lost her only child and sure enough who have to suffer for the rest of her life. It's not easy, I'm sure, to deal with the lost of a child. No one can point fingers as to who did what. She thought she could trust a friend to watch her son while she went to work and make a living. How do you know that the guest or boyfriend could not have put the drugs in the room to hide them or brought them in once she left. We all dont know what happen that night and really it's not our business. I dont believe Guest 888, idjones, or anyone else had to pay for a funeral or go home tonight and deal with the loss of this little angel. Stop being judgemental and pray for the families of all that are suffering: the mother, father, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, and so forth. No one judged that white chick when she drove her kids off the bridge to get a peter! Stop it Stop it Stop it! And just pray as I will for you


It is very disturbing to me to see that some people are so quick to defend the mother knowing that all of the facts are not in and others are quick to condemn the mother for the same reason. The only innocent victim in this whole scenario is the child. My heart goes out to the family, but how many times must this type of story play out over and over again. Some Young, attractive girls seek out and are sought out by drug dealers because of the fast money. Jail is not a deterrent, nor is the possibility of losing what is most dear to us.Two cannot walk together unless they agree. Drugs, drug dealers, and children do not mix. How long will we as a people continue to make bad choices and shirk our responsibility. The most important job for any mother or father is to raise our children right and to keep them safe. Please pray for this family, and for each other, God Bless.

1St thing,race has nothing

1St thing,race has nothing to do with it.The white chick as you called her was a flat out killer.We might not know what happened ,what we do know is a child has lost his life,because of three grown people doing and making bad choices.The mom may not be on drugs,but dont try and tell us she hung around Known DRUG DEALERS and was unaware drugs were in her home.come on,wake up! .Its up to you,as to what and who your children are around.If I am not mistaken the one guy was the moms boyfriend,so cut the ,SHE DIDNT KNOW crap.