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Fletcher reinstated as West Brunswick football coach


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- After finishing the football season with a 4-7 record last season, West Brunswick High School Athletic Director John Floyd decided to go a different direction with a head coach.

Floyd dismissed Jimmy Fletcher as head football coach three months ago, but that decision has been reversed. Fletcher has been re-instated as the Trojans' head coach effective immediately.

Fletcher contested the move from the outset. A school district spokeswoman says personnel law prohibits any further discussion regarding Fletcher's reinstatement.

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Reinstated, so here we go again! He will be running the same old plays every down, he will be playing favorites again with the players and only starting the ones he likes. I guarantee the sons of a certain biology teacher at west, will be playing and starting no matter how many game changing mistakes they make or how many practices they miss because of baseball. I guess it's who you know. The are alot of kids at west that won't play because of favoritism. Fletcher, let me suggest something, start by letting every kid try out for "any" position and then make your decision where they play. Oh and remember, Coach these kids, and make your decisions not Based favoritism, but by who Wants it the most and has heart. You know some of those players want to play football in college, but won't make it if they not given a chance to prove themselves. Coaching is a hands-on job, correcting their mistakes and inspiring them to be better players and young men.

Coach Fletcher has returned

Coach Fletcher has returned a sense of priorities to the athletic department at West. I, for one, am tired of the win at all cost philosophy that relegates academics to a distant second behind sports. Most of the young men who play for Coach Fletcher face slim to no chances of playing college ball. What they need is a decent education and, unfortunately, the miserable academic reputation West has is well deserved.

If you really want what is best for these young men, you should be more concerned about the SAT scores they post at the end of their high school careers than the plays they make on Friday night.

Who Decides What's Best for Our Kids?

I'm wondering if the players, the other coaches, and the AD will ever be able to work as a real team again. WHO OVERFULED WHOM? Yes, academics should be foremost in any educational setting, but we must also realize that there are many of these players who may not be gifted students, but are blessed with great athletic ability. A GOOD coach will be such an encourager that he can instill the desire to DO YOUR VERY BEST in EVERYTHING you attempt throughout your life and can equip these players with the knowledge to utilize their skils to the utmost. Who has the right to make the statement "most of the young men WHO PLAY FOR COACH FLETCHER face slim to no chances of playing college football?" Perhaps not if Fletcher remains the coach, but under good coaching, many probably would have that opportunity.


footballmom, i agree with your post!!!! also as parents need to question the coaches and voice our concerns. then maybe they will start returning calls and giving us answers, other than "i dont know". there are kids that can make it in college football, but we will never know because of the coaches at west.