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ONLY ON 3: Families say coach came looking for alleged victims night before assaults

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Families say coach came looking for alleged victims night before assaults

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Hoggard High School teacher assistant, who is also an assistant football coach, is charged with assaulting several students at school. Sheriff's deputies charged Joseph Clinton Brown Jr. with five counts of simple assault and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

Today the families of some of the alleged victims are speaking out.

"My feelings was hurt," said Donna Price, the mother of one of the boys allegedly assaulted. "I wanted to go jump on the coach and punch him upside the head."

Brown can usually be found behind Coach Scott Braswell on the football field, but Wednesday night Coach Brown found himself behind bars.

Investigators and the alleged victims' families say it all started over an i-pod.

Cynthia Bowen, the grandmother and legal guardian of alleged victim Brian Bowen, says Brown hit Brian in the head multiple times March 8.

"It was not right for that to happen to nobody. Not my grandson. Not the other boys. Coach Brown went too far. He went too far," Cynthia Brown said.

Families of those Hoggard students say the most disturbing part about this whole situation is that Coach Brown came to their house the night before asking about his iPod.

"That was real ridiculous, because I feel like if he had a problem he should have addressed the parents," Price said. "You was at our house. You could have talked to us about the situation, not take matters into your own hands."

According to the arrest warrants, Brown hit multiple students in the head with a closed fist, grabbed the throat of another alleged victim and even took a yard-long wooden stick and threatened the students with it.

Price took her son to the hospital with what she calls a bad contusion on his head. The other families remain extremely upset about what happened.

We called Brown for comment today, but he has not returned our call.

New Hanover County Schools says Brown is still suspended with pay pending the outcome of an investigation. That investigation is expected to be done by Monday.

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Here we go again. We have a good coach with a nice family and a teaching license. He tries to make a difference with young men so they don't end up on the streets of Wilmington and in the NC prison system. How do they repay him? They steal from him. They surround him. They attack him. Hoggard High School is a good high school but even in my children's day, it was full of thugs and wannabe thugs. My daughter was groped by these thugs in the halls every time there was not a teacher around. She had items stolen by these thugs. Half of these morons already have juvenile rap sheets. WHY do we keep giving them more chances? So they can grope more students? Steal from more students? Ruin the careers of good coaches and teachers? When does it stop? Any student who has dealings with the police of any kind should NOT be in our public school classrooms. These "boys" are NOT good kids. They are NOT students. Oh, they may be enrolled but you can bet there is not a teacher at Hoggard High School that will be willing to stand on camera and claim that even one of them has ever made ONE attempt at being any kind of student at all. They go to school, thug their ways through the halls, harrass the girls, tease and bully the small kids, spew hate and vulgarities, STEAL, maybe show up when they feel like it, and now another GOOD TEACHER is going to go down. Oh, and for those idiot do gooders who actually think these kids are redeemable? I'd challenge you to go to the school where my son works where the third, fourth, and fifth grade animals reside and who spend their days attempting to maim, injure, and kill each other daily. His career is being ruined before it ever starts because the animals who are procreating more out of control animals who don't know how to behave in civilized society and HE is accountable for 700 who can't read, can't write, can't spell, can't type, can't be kind, can't be nice, steal, throw, hit, pick chairs up as weapons, use rocks as weapons, brawl, beat, steal, and I'm sure I have forgotten some. I know one thing. I am saving my money because I do not want ONE future grandchild of mine to have to attend a school in a system that has to pretend to educate "students" who we all know are thugs and criminals. STEALING IS A CRIME. I don't care if it is an iPod, a phone, or a CAR. It's a CRIME and criminals do not belong in public schools. Get the THUGS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS!!! I'm over them and their trashy mouthed "parents" who obviously aren't capable of raising decent, law abiding children. Can we send their parents to jail with them? I hate living here. I really do. There is no way a teacher would be on the line for something like this where I came from. The public would be holding a parade for Coach and shaming their parents who dared show their faces after their children STOLE from the coach trying to help make them better, responsible, law abiding citizens and MEN. Shame on these parents. Shame on those thugs. And shame for every single person blaming this coach.

This is so sad. When I

This is so sad. When I graduated from high school, 30 years ago. We had that 2-3% that were animals. They were simply expelled. It allowed the other 97% to be educated in a civilized enviroment. We never even saw a cop on our camupus.

Now the gangster thugs know they can do anything they want. And all they get is another "warning". You are so right. If a teacher even dares to tell the truth, they are fired.

Excellent post. Agree with

Excellent post. Agree with you 100%.

I love it

These are some great comments that you can't just make up.

"My feelings was hurt," said Donna Price,

"You was at our house." Another Price gem.

I thought that's just what Asst. Football Coaches do...

is rough you up, tell you to drop and give them twenty, get in your face and yell "You gotta problem with dat, son?!! Now let's hit the showers!" That's what they always did to me anyhow after a long day of teaching history or special education. Just kidding.

It was his football students

It was his football students he beat up, it was a class of kids he taught

He did not "beat them up",

He did not "beat them up", they surrounded him! Put yourself in the same position....being an educator does not make you a saint it makes you a scapegoat for an irresponsible society..


You are wrong, none of the trash that he allegedly hit were football players. Period! They were not eligible to play any sport, just eligible by no child left behind to rape our school system of respect...These kids are TRASH...Send them somewhere else, like juvenile detention..then prison..


To call a child trash,is super low.You are a waste of space on this planet.Why were you created again? Are you human? Do you have a soul? Are you the spawn of satan? So just abuse and neglect children that were in a "bad" kids class because it is ok,right? They are loved and have family too.You all are a bunch of ignorant and dumb people.I wonder if the children of columbine were in the "bad" class..umm no they were not and they still shot up the school.So while you are ignoring little billy thatgets picked on for taking honors classes to focus on Jason in the "bad" class,think twice.Your tongue should be cut out of your mouth,for that comment.That is why America is in the state it is in now,because these children have no one to look up to.Have IDIOTS playing the roles of adults.Crawl under a rock.

Just watched the 5:00 news

Well it seems the coach showed up at the house of the victim the day before with other kids to beat up the victim. I hope all of you praising this so called "educator" who flipped behind an Ipod realize that this man seriously wanted to harm these kids. Yeah, they were wrong but let the police handle that. As an adult, you dont show up with a mob of children behind you to beat up another child. Whats wrong with this picture?

Whats wrong with this picture?

Whats wrong is that these thugs are used to not being accountable or respectful to teachers or authority. This teacher did what used to happen to those of us that grew up with respect, he demanded it and enforced his position.

There is A LOT more to this story than whats being told, I'm sure.


Why not take responsibility for the kid's actions, since they were the precursor to what has transpired, and make them give the farking ipod back.

I will offer you this, if they show up at my house, they won't need the police to protect them from me. They will be leaving in a hearse because I parted that melon with the hydrashocks and laser dot.

Don't sing it, just bring it.

Really...? Come on

We have less of these so called "thugs" because the enforcement of the school rules but some just won't go away. Ive witnessed several vugar and direspectful acts and its a tough job that Coach has. He keeps them away from all the kids trying to get a serous education and your going to take that barrier away? Good job school Board, now let some of your stuff get stolen and then have someone swing at you and see what yout reaction is. We are all watching, go right ahead.


He had no right to hit any

He had no right to hit any of the kids, whether or not they took his stuff. He deserves to stay behind bars.


I'm a student at John T Hoggard so I know the types of people these "students" are, I know what type of a person Coach Brown is, and I think that all these ignorant cyncial comments about the school system and teachers are incredibly biased due to the one sided opinion of this horrible written report.

These delinquents are horrible little demons with no respect for anyone, they are impossible to talk to, will randomly promote violence in the hallways and randomly say insulting and uncomfortable things to people they don't know in the hallway. Once I saw a huge (220+ pound) delinquent push a 5'2" freshmen girl who probably weighed 90 pounds at MOST, just because the girl's bookbag made contact with the delinquent. So the guy figured he'd push her violently onto the floor and then said something very insulting to the girl and left.

Coach Brown isn't some sort of authoritize junkie who needs power and physically abuses his children. He does what he does with the sole intention of trying to help these irrepairable children...

These kids are being made as the victims in this report! I can't beleive that all they mentioned was his Ipod being stolen. And to all you un-informed parents out there: If you (Teacher or Student) lay a hand on a delinquent for whatever reason, the others will assault you from behind. I guess its some sort of gang mentality but I know for a fact Coach brown didn't assault these kids. Smacking a ruler on a table to frighten the students? Loud noises seem to be effective to frighten wild animals(these kids aren't that intelligent obviously, no offence), so Coach Brown was probably trying to force these kids into submission by frightening them. That's alot better than using self defence to beat up these kids even more. I think that he did his BEST at attempting to control the situation.

Personally I think these kids should go to a convent. This would give them a whole new reason to fear the ruler, but they would still probably frighten the nuns.

Coach Brown should be praised, these kids needed a beating. This is almost as stupid as the reason Mr. Wright got fired...

Brown is human

So some 'retarded' kid swipes an ipod from you and the other supposedly retards in the class all want to get in your face what are you supposed to do. These kids are labeled special needs because they are out of control. They know what they are doing and they know exactly how to push buttons. Joe is a good guy, I seriously doubt he did half the stuff he is accused of. Did he get upset someone stole his property? Sure who wouldn't? Some of these kids need a good smacking around.

teacher of EC-your a poster child for birth control

"Did he get upset someone stole his property? Sure who wouldn't? Some of these kids need a good smacking around."

"So some 'retarded' kid swipes an ipod"


your teaching license is a joke !
you will be a future cell mate with the coach.

wway should trace your ip and submit you to your school system

that's your apple for today.

skrew u all

That's not true about us being demons or whatever your callimg us u guys its not rite im one of those victims and i can tell u that i didnt steal from Mr.Brown because i have too much respect for him to do something so disrespectful like thats very ignorant how all of you ppl are slaundering our name as the IBS class so my opinion to all of you nobodys that dont know us is skrew u

Who are you to call kids

Who are you to call kids retarded in a public statement. If you're not helping the youngin's or the coach, refrain from the inflammatory comments. Cause when something else happens behind this it will be on your conscience. Its an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. My nephew was punch in the head by this guy. My nephew don't steal. We don't know who stole the man stuff. A grown man PUNCHED a child, children. Mr Brown should have never been allowed tocoach or teach children. The screening process is flawed with the board of education, or however they hiring 'assistant' coaches. My nephew is traumatized and is dealing with new stress because a grown man didn't address the situation properly. Both sides lose.


Might as well put these idiots in orange jumpsuits. The filth of our society is winning this battle which is sad. I am a father of a female student, good student, A student. Hoggard is full of children just like mine. There is no place for the animals that are in that classroom. Have you ever wondered why they are in there....because they are dangerous. There have been over 25 cell phones and Ipods stolen in just the last few weeks by kids just like these. We need to bleed the system of the infection so that good kids have a safe place to go to school. I do not want my daughters going to school with convicts and criminals. If you are an intelligent person, I think you will side with me. Bottom line is these kids are evil. They give a great school like Hoggard a bad name.


This class is full of nothing but thugs...that is all Coach Brown deals with. So, if your nephew was punched he is definitely a thug. Every thug in that class should have been expelled a long time ago but thanks to that no child left behind bull crap, these thugs are allowed to remain in school. Just look at How's record from the post above...he has a history or stealing. And don't give me this crap about your nephew or nobody else knowing who to the iPod...every thug in there knows who took it...WAKE UP

In the eyes of the law those

In the eyes of the law those kids are adults...not only that, these "kids" have no respect for anyone and they think they are adults. At least until something happens then they run home crying to grandma

Stupidity, yours.

Really? I don't have a dog in any of these fights but, really, don't try to come in riding the high horse re: education with such atrocious use of the English language. How do you like that apple?

Teachers in New Hanover County

When is the madness going to stop? First it was teachers soliciting students, then teachers texting students, then teachers moving students in their houses, then teachers sleeping and marrying their students and teachers beating up students. I bet you guys didnt know that the Laney principal moved to GA to be near her "student". You better start home schooling your child to protect them from the leeches. This just didnt start either. Try going back 20 years and ask some older people about the relationships that went on in the school systems here in New Hanover County. Disgusting!!!

God bless the teachers in

God bless the teachers in new Hanover county. Ignore the ignorant blind that use you modern day saints as scapegoats. There is a deep appreciation for all that you do. Unless you are in the classroom, Damn you for judging.

Both male students that

Both male students that stayed with the Principal both go to school around here (community college). Not only that she was never charged with or found guilty of any charge.


I think its clear from the news reports that this man did nothing wrong. Its a shame, how in our society, the victim is made out to be the culprit in a lot of situations. This is sad. I hope the coach gets cleared and these punk kids get criminally charged. These thugs are the reason my kids aren't in public school.

Such a shame, I am a parent

Such a shame, I am a parent , I go to all the games, I have watched this coach do so much for these "thug" students, and then they disrespect him by stealing from him. I am on the coaches side 100%. These kids will prob not graduate and if they do manage to , it would be interesting to see how long it is before they are in jail. Such a loss for Hoggard High School......


Coach Brown is a great Coach as well as a great mentor to ALL of the students at Hoggard High School. You could not pay most of us enough money to do the job that he does for the money that he does it for, dealing with the element that he deals with. One question I would have, is has the Coach's personal property theft been entertained as this certainly was the original crime that prompted this event or has that been pushed to the side in order to sensationalize this event. Coach is a victim here as well and remember, there are always two sides to a story and you have not heard his yet. He's been a great mentor to many of those athletes and students who have come through Hoggard and yes, it is a tremendous loss to Hoggard. He's saved many kids such as the ones who have now turned against him. Let's hope it has not all been in vain. WE SUPPORT YOU COACH BROWN and most of those commenting here on this site would not have the nerve to WALK IN YOUR SHOES.....