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ONLY ON 3: Families say coach came looking for alleged victims night before assaults

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Families say coach came looking for alleged victims night before assaults

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Hoggard High School teacher assistant, who is also an assistant football coach, is charged with assaulting several students at school. Sheriff's deputies charged Joseph Clinton Brown Jr. with five counts of simple assault and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

Today the families of some of the alleged victims are speaking out.

"My feelings was hurt," said Donna Price, the mother of one of the boys allegedly assaulted. "I wanted to go jump on the coach and punch him upside the head."

Brown can usually be found behind Coach Scott Braswell on the football field, but Wednesday night Coach Brown found himself behind bars.

Investigators and the alleged victims' families say it all started over an i-pod.

Cynthia Bowen, the grandmother and legal guardian of alleged victim Brian Bowen, says Brown hit Brian in the head multiple times March 8.

"It was not right for that to happen to nobody. Not my grandson. Not the other boys. Coach Brown went too far. He went too far," Cynthia Brown said.

Families of those Hoggard students say the most disturbing part about this whole situation is that Coach Brown came to their house the night before asking about his iPod.

"That was real ridiculous, because I feel like if he had a problem he should have addressed the parents," Price said. "You was at our house. You could have talked to us about the situation, not take matters into your own hands."

According to the arrest warrants, Brown hit multiple students in the head with a closed fist, grabbed the throat of another alleged victim and even took a yard-long wooden stick and threatened the students with it.

Price took her son to the hospital with what she calls a bad contusion on his head. The other families remain extremely upset about what happened.

We called Brown for comment today, but he has not returned our call.

New Hanover County Schools says Brown is still suspended with pay pending the outcome of an investigation. That investigation is expected to be done by Monday.

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he is a good man and teacher my a..!

According to the arrest warrants, investigators say Brown hit one student in the head multiple times, hit another in the arm with a closed fist, hit two students in the forehead with a closed fist and grabbed another by the throat. The warrants also say Brown assaulted another student with a deadly weapon by striking "a yard long square wooden stick... on a table by the victim, placing the victim in fear."

an adult always has- i repeat always have choices other than fighting,assaulting.

where are the evaluations of red flags that administrators missed that ultimately caused this.

when they sue they need to go after the whole school system to failing to protect them from a animal.

look and you will find red flags.........if you look!

No money

Unfortunately, there is no money in our school system to get the type of environment and program that these students need which means that too many of them are in the same classroom. This creates an extremely stressful situation for the teacher

Don't steal

I bet those students will think twice the next time they get the urge to steal something from this coach.


"a yard long square wooden stick... on a table by the victim, placing the victim in fear."

How about sayin he took a yard stick (ruler) and slammed it on the table.. really ? Afraid of a yard stick? The jerk that took hi IPOD is prob a thug that carries a freaking gun in his off school days!
Give me a break...this teacher prob did nothing more then any of us would... Those kids prob needed a good kick in the @##. The real question I have yet to see... Di dthey in fact take his IPOD? If they did.. they deserved EVERYTHING they get..nothign worse then a petty thief!!!!!

Step Slowly

Put the steroids down and step sloooowly away from the children....

Preppy parents

Football coaches demonstate hitting opponents in their practices. THIS IS A TOP OF THE STATE FOOTBALL TEAM. I really don't get this?

With all the truly qualified

With all the truly qualified folks, trying to become teachers. We shut the door on them, and waste thousands of positions on criminals.

In our justice system people

In our justice system people are innocent until proven guilty....therefore you are not a crimnal simply because you have been charged with a is ingnorant to base an opinion of a person on "pending charges" when we know nothing of the circumstances related to the incident and there has been no judicial in fact he is not a criminal......please, if you must comment.... make it an educated comment.

What justice system?

The judicial system of the United States is broken into millions of pieces. It's a joke. I firmly believe in vigilante justice. That is swift, to the point and makes your point. Don't call law enforcement, that's a waste of your time, their time and the court employee's time. Handle your problem yourself.

Violence is the answer.

We had a problem with the indigenous population we solved with violence. We had a problem with England that we solved with violence. We had a problem with the Japanese and Germans, solved it with violence. Now we have a problem with violent criminals in the schools. It's obviously too late for critical thinking at the public schools but of course you fight violence with violence. I think that would be a good home-school lesson.

children these days

I amnot going to say that the kids were thugs but I will say that children these days have absolutely no respect for authority. they have parents that have not done thier job and now they have teenagers that dont know anything other than what they are taught. A kid will curse you out because they know nothing can happen or will happen to them in a school system, but take them around a tougher kid and you wouldnt hear a pin drop. It's funny how we lable a kid by age but yet these kids do not want anyone telling them what to do, they smoke, they drink, they go to night clubs, they hangout all night, they curse like sailors, they have sex, they think and act as if they are already grown but the same parents who have been making excuses for them their whole life can not understand why they have no respect for adults. I understand a parent being upset because their child was hit but these are the same parents getting cursed out at home that are not worth two nickles themselves as parents. it is sad that if you are a teacher and a child accuses you of anything you are automatically wrong regardless of your side of the story.