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Latest numbers show surge in area unemployment


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The latest unemployment numbers show a worsening jobs situation across the Cape Fear. All five of the counties in our area saw an increase in the unemployment rate between December and January. According to new numbers from the Department of Commerce's Labor & Economic Analysis Division the unemployment rate in the Wilmington area was 11.3 percent in January. That's 0.7 points higher than December, as well as one year earlier.

Columbus County saw the biggest increase in our five-county area. The rate there grew from 12.9 percent in December to 14.3 percent in January. That's the 12th highest rate in the entire state.

Brunswick County was also up more than one percentage point from 11.9 to 13.0.

The Department of Commerce says seasonal factors contributed to an increase in county unemployment rates in January. Rates increased in 95 of North Carolina’s 100 counties, decreased in three counties and remained the same in two counties.

The unemployment rate in Bladen, New Hanover and Pender counties all increased 0.7 points. Only New Hanover, at 10.4 percent, is below the statewide rate of 10.5 percent.

Wilmington Metro11.310.6+0.7
New Hanover10.49.7+0.7


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This is the Obama recovery

This is the Obama recovery in action. More people out of work, more need for entitlement programs, more need for government workers, more federal hiring, more government dependency, more votes for Obama (both alive and deceased). So what if America suffers. America's economic health is not the point of the Obama recovery.

Yet Hairspray and Munchkin (O'Grady)...

and the rest of City Council wants to spend millions on a baseball stadium...oops...multi-use baseball stadium. I forgot that Saffo said the stadium could be used for...wait...weddings!

Nothing brings a tear to my eye than watching a proud father walk his daughter...down the first base line.

What about the third base

What about the third base line?

Third base line...

I didn't think about that. Maybe they could market the stadium as a facility for double weddings...and charge each wedding party the rental fee.

Oh, this can't be right!

The president has assured us that he's turned things around. Happy days are here again! We're "recovering," remember?

Aren't these guys using the same phony-baloney formula that the White House and Department of Labor are using?


Is this an example of the great "logic-based arguments" you were so proud of "formulating" in another post?

Here ya go, pal!

This guy does a fine job of explaining the TRUE unemployment rate.

Thanks once again for contributing nothing beyond your OCD regarding anything I post. Even negative publicity is better than none at all, so thanks for calling attention so other folks canb read!

He is the best president

He is the best president ever.