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Komen, Race for the Cure expanding to Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A big-name ground that helps raise money for breast cancer research and treatment is coming to Wilmington.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced today it is expanding its footprint from the Triangle to the coast. The group will also bring the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to Wilmington next spring.

Along with raising money, the Race for the Cure celebrates survivors and honors those who have lost their battle with this disease. Event coordinators and local leaders hope to have more than 5,000 people take part.

"My hat's off to you for the hard work that you do to support breast cancer awareness, breast cancer screening and working toward a final cure for breast cancer," state rep. Susi Hamilton (D-18th District) said at a news conference announcing the expansion to our area. "No one in this country - uninsured, insured, rich, poor or otherwise - no one in this country should die from breast cancer. Not in the 21st century."

Organizers say Wilmington is a great place to hold the race and look forward to seeing all the participants next spring. The event is scheduled for March 2, 2013.

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Breast Cancer

I will continue to support the American Cancer Society. The are 2nd to the Gov in giving money to research. Moment only gives alittle amount the rest goes to pay checks. I have researched this. ACS has a Breast Cancer walk every Oct. downtown Wilmington.

response to breast cancer

Unfortunately, your research is only partially correct. ACS may be second to the government in funding "General" research. They have also been around since 1913 (nearly 100 yrs.). Komen is second to the government in Breast Cancer research, funding well beyond ACS and Komen was founded in 1982 (30 yrs.). I don't know what you were trying to say in your third sentence "moment"?

To compare - ACS spends 29 cents of every dollar on general/administrative expenses, and Komen spends only 17 cents of a dollar on general/administrative expenses.

You can choose to give to whatever organization or cause makes you feel good. If you care about, breast cancer, supporting services in your community for people without resources, supporting an organization that returns 75% of net profits back to the community, funds ZERO administration at the national headquarters, AND invests at least 25% in national breast cancer research - more than ACS or any other cancer charity - you may want to do a bit more research.

Thank you Susan G. Komen Org

This organization saved my life! Thank you Susan G. Komen. I am so grateful for how you have taken something that was once was so shameful and changed the tune to a message of hope and survivorship.

Its About Time

Looking forward to next March


They have lost so much support with their latest bad press that they have to expand. Lost a lot of support. Amazes me that these "charitable" women make 6 figures, huge money making scam.

Komen 2

Someone whose name means "The old bag" really should be thankful for organizations like this. They do good work.

Maybe he has a point. What

Maybe he has a point. What good is a fund raiser if the CEO and other high-ups get all the proceeds? I'll keep giving to the Salvation Army.


You're German isn't good is it?

Been busy

Somebody has been busy with Google translate.


And he still got it wrong. German words have different meanings depending on how you use them.

I think

As best as I recall, your name has to do with a common name for a female dog?


Good memory.

Well maybe, but

In this case, I think he was right the first time.