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UPDATE: Sunset Beach shooting ruled a suicide


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office says no foul play is suspected in the death of a 28-year-old mother of two in Sunset Beach.

Megan Tysinger was a long time Brunswick County EMS worker. Tysinger leaves behind daughters aged seven and four. Relatives say the younger girl was playing in the yard at the time of her mother's death.

Family says she had only moved to Sunset Beach about three weeks ago and that they are "completely blown away" by the death.

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office initially responded to the scene on Sea Lane for a shooting.

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speaking of people who have no clue what they are talking about

You dear sir are wrong. Someone who constantly berates the people that they are supposed to love, causing physical and mental harm to them, is a horrible person. Any man who will tell the mother of their children that she would be better off just to blow her head off several days before she dies, is a horrible person. Anyone who would beat the mother of their children in front of their children, is a horrible person. I have been present to hear the things that were said to her, so I'm not calling shots from the sideline or whatever it was you said. There's a difference, I've seen the bruises, I've heard the abuse, I know what this person is capable of and what he did to her. Maybe you should take a good long look in the mirror and realize you have no idea what you are talking about.


I totally agree with you and am in the same situation as you. All you said, is exactly what I've been wanting to say for two days now. These comments are making me sick. And I can't help to share to the one that said this... it's pretty ignorant to say women don't shoot themselves. Wow.

Please people stop making assumptions and placing blame. Just let the Brunswick Sheriff's Department do their job without your assumptions.

I agree that it is a

I agree that it is a sensitive subject. I would need more evidence to make an educated opinion. However, statistically, a female shooting herself is very rare. And especially if there were TWO gunshot wounds, which is speculated. But, if the autopsy shows that, it will be hard to convince many that a person shot themself twice, regardless of gender.

I have known Megan for many

I have known Megan for many years. I know what a devoted Mother she was; I will never believe for a moment that she committed suicide. She would never leave her children vulnerable to the world. RIP My Dear Megan!

somethings not right

Megan would not have taken her own life. Those two little girls were her world! BCSO needs to investigate this more! Megan you are missed by so many! May you live forever in the hearts of those you have touched!

Megan wouldnt have done that

Megan wouldnt have done that to herself. Those who know her KNOW the kind of relationship she had with that particular man and I would HATE to think that he would do something like that to her but I also know that he hasnt hesitated to hurt her in the past. Megan is going to be greatly missed and even if she did take her own life (which i still have a hard time believing) i still believe it is the fault of the person who pushed her to the edge. Thats all I am saying.

If this was suicide, she

If this was suicide, she alone made that choice. Yes she may have been pushed to the edge, but she alone made the choices she made. She alone must face judgement for it.

This is complete crap! Megan

This is complete crap! Megan would NEVER leave her babies, they were her world. There are many empty holes to this case and it only seems the ones closest to her know that she didn't do this. Her ex is part of the problem, he should be the number one suspect in all this. All you need to do is question family and neighbors to know who he truly was.

A mother like Megan would never do this to her babies, and if she were to do this, she wouldn't do it with them in her care. She was not an unstable woman! We have all seen the pictures of the police with metal detectors and looking in the crawl space, with the ex husband's truck in the driveway. Why would the police search like that if the gun was right there? You can't hide a gun after suicide.

She did not care for her ex, she wanted nothing more with him in her life. She was moving forward, there would be no reason for him to be there, her girls were in her care and it was not his visitation then. It doesn't make sense and the police need to do a better job!

amen,I know your speaking

amen,I know your speaking the truth about all of this.

my god

These kids are going through enough with the loss of their mother...they don't need to hear about their lives being aired on the news channels website. Right now all we can do is pray for the family of Megan and all of those graced by her presence...and pray for those 2 little girls. They both have a long road ahead of them but the last thing they need is their family life aired to the community. RIP will be missed.


I read the headline and thought what a tragedy: two babies left without their mother, and what could she have been thinking? Then I read these comments and think, what a travesty. What on earth are the authorities thinking? I pray that the whole truth comes out. RIP to this young mother who served the public, may God watch over these two innocents and may they be cared for by someone who is pure and guilt free.

SUICIDE? You have GOT to be kidding me.

Suicide? You have got to be kidding me. BE THOROUGH Sheriff's Department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP beautiful Megan, and may God comfort your baby girls.

Women do not shoot

Women do not shoot themselves! and esp Megan would not! Why would they be looking outside and in crawl space if it was suicide? why wouldn't the gun be next to her. Sounds suspicious!!!! You have a killer that needs to be caught and I think we all know who that is!

BC death

It seems odd that a mother would kill herself with her 4 yr old outside playing in the yard. what mother would want to think that after she was dead her child would come in and find her or even that they may wander away while unsupervised playing alone outside at such a young age.
Why were metal detectors being used outside the house and crawl spaces being checked?? for the gun??? If she killed herself wouldn't it still be in the house beside her? this sounds odd.

No matter. Our prayers and condolances to her family and friends.
I certainly hope the little girls are with loving family members.

What an ignorant

What an ignorant stereotypical thing to say? Anyone is capable of doing all things. And even more so, no one knows knat someone else is capable of doing until they actually do it.

Women do not shoot

Women do not shoot themselves in the head, they do otherwise shoot themselves. Let the officers do their job! People need to stop making assumptions about what they think is going on.


Robin, a girl who was a close friend of mine shot herself in the head, in front of her husband. They were fighting and in her letter noted that she was going to do this in front of her husband so he would always remember it. He had no powder burns, note in her hand writing, he was not the greatest guy in the world, but she alone shot herself. Robin had the powderburns on her hands. And we all said the same thing, "She would never leave her kid". Sorry, but until the investigation is over no one can say that.

Not saying she did or didn't do it. Just noting that everyone's preconcieved notions sometimes can be wrong.

too many things dont add up.

too many things dont add up. i cant imagen either of these two people in a situation like this. it is truely heart breaking. i am very sorry for the families involved and those of us that know them. my thoughts and prayers are with the children. R.I.P. M.E.T.

Absolutely No Way this was Suicide!

Why did the neighbors hear them arguing before the shooting then? How come that didn't come out in the investigation b/c that's what I was told?? Why did she recently buy a gun and tell family it was only to protect herself from her idiot ex-husband? Why would she do that with them there? Why wouldn't she wait until he left? This makes absolutely no sense, and it's ridiculous that murderer is going to get off scott free!!!! I think this needs further investigation!!!! BCSO please listen to the family and the friends and do not close this case!!!

the facts?

outraged!! says Why did the neighbors hear them arguing

Because they were arguing.

>Why did she recently buy a gun and tell family it was only to protect herself from her idiot ex-husband?

to protect herself from her idiot ex-husband

Why would she do that with them there? Why wouldn't she wait until he left?

maybe so the daughter would not be alone or to show him?

> that murderer is going to get off scott free

The paper says he was with the daughter when the shots rand out. You make a strong statement if the daughter says "daddy was with me when we heard the shots"

You could wait for the facts

i don't believe this for a

i don't believe this for a second. She was crazy about her girls and wouldn't leave them this way. There are so many different things being said in different articles. None of this is adding up at all. RIP Megan, you were a wonderful mother and friend.

I don't buy it!! Something

I don't buy it!! Something is not adding up. They need to continue investigating. This is not something she would have done. RIP Megan...XOXO

I think this is crap! I've

I think this is crap! I've been praying for her girls and family and knew her to an extent. She was in no way suicidal! I think they need to investigate more since her ex's vehicle is in the driveway and he is a former cop. >:(


The ex husband is my family he is a EMT he saves lives dont take them he loved her very much and he in no way shape or form could hurt anyone. What you have implied is very hurtful. Megan was a very sweet girl an will be very missed


#1 if he's an EMT (& I know he is) why would he not respond like an EMT? if he went to her immediately after hearing shots, trained as he was, he might have saved her, he did not even know if she was alive when he ran to neighbors to call 911.

#2 why didn't he tell 911 he was an EMT?

#3 why would a grieving father stay on hold with 911 while his daughter was left with out her mom (forever)? wouldn't jumbo to her?

those are answers that are needed...

Megan, rest in peace love... you are greatly missed!

Anonymous Opinion

No offense, this guy may be your family, but that does not mean that you know EXACTLY what goes on in their head...for all you know the ex-husband could be an undercover abuser and has everyone tricked into believing that he is this PERFECT person. Prime example...John Wayne Gacy entertained children and was believed by all to be this loving, caring, individual, but then his TRUE NATURE was revealed!!! Don't let some BS masquerade fool you!! And for those who DO KNOW THE TRUTH...not meantioning any names....50....the public deserves to know the truth! Her family deserves to know the truth!!!

I don't care if he's your

I don't care if he's your family or my family or anyone else's family! He was THERE at the time of shooting, had been arguing with her, she was shot TWICE in the chest!! How does one succeed in shooting themselves twice in the chest??!! And while her baby girl was outside playing?! Not a chance. AND he didnt call 911 after the shooting??! ANYONE who knew her knows this is not something she would ever do. Sorry he's your family, but he's a murderer.

Another cackling hen...

According to the report.....HE DID CALL 911, further more the autopsy confirmed she was shot ONCE!!! People like you disgust me. You have no clue what the hell you are talking about, just spreading rumors.

Go listen to the 911 tape,

Go listen to the 911 tape, he didn't call 911, the neighbor did, and his phone was with him the whole time because he confirmed it was at the end of the call