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As election day approaches, both sides debate marriage amendment

READ MORE: As election day approaches, both sides debate marriage amendment

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)-- The most heated race this primary season may not be among any candidates at all, but between two ideals, on the subject of same sex marriage.

From now until election day on May 8th, we'll be offering you profiles of many of the candidates you'll see on your ballot. We begin though with Amendment One, a measure that would define marriage in the state constitution as between one woman and one man, and banning any other type of domestic union.

"Marriage was put in place by our creator. God is the one that defined marriage. Our Savior in the gospel of Matthew said for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife," said Berean Baptist Church pastor, Ron Bailey.

"It's just one of those doors that could be open that could cause so many problems for so many people, not just gay and lesbian families, said Jennifer Scott, with Wilmington Pride.

Although gay marriage is already illegal in the state, if passed, the amendment would also make it illegal in the state constitution, which would make it even more difficult to reverse.

The amendment would ban both gay marriage and civil unions. Even if you vote no, it would not legalize gay marriage.

For those who plan to vote against it, they say its not just a gay rights issue.

"Even unmarried straight couples, engaged couples, single parents who may have established previously accepted child custody agreements with their long term straight partner it affects those, impacts those, takes away those rights that have previously been established," said Scott.

Dr. Baity is from Winston-Salem. He has traveled across North Carolina holding rallies and meeting with other pastors to share his message of approving the amendment.

"Marriage is a commandment of God, not of the legislature, not of the judiciary, not of the people," said Baity. "It is a commandment of God and we believe that God will bless the people that will stick by, stand by and uphold his eternal word."

Both sides are confident that they are supporting what's best for the state and that they will prevail come May 8th.

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Bitness? Learn to speak English and then we'll talk. In the meantime, it doesn't mean someone is prejudiced just because they disagree with you. It just means they disagree. In THIS country, we're still allowed to have an opposite viewpoint. I'm sure that's discouraged where you come from. By the way, you're far from being "Dios" (God).

These values of which you speak don't belong to just one person (me). They belong to many, many people. But down the road, I can eventually see many, many "partners" dipping into my pocketbook if their "marriages" fail through Social Services (Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) There's far too much of that already. I also think numbers 1, 2 and 3 of your definition can be applied to you also. You don't seem to have a good opinion or "favorable opinion" of anyone who disagrees with you.

Adios, muchacho.

Disgrace to North Carolina

This amendment is a disgrace the state of North Carolina. It serves NO purpose other than to put this state up to national ridicule. Some of us have to work in this state and when companies start looking at alternative states for their headquarters, then I have a big problem. The fact is, I don't care who does or does NOT get married, but I do care about keeping my job and keeping business in North Carolina. We have enough economic problems in this state without bring more on ourselves through sheer stupidity. Same sex marriage is NOT legal in North Carolina NOW, so why antagonize the entire country and major corporations by voting an amendment into law that does NO good and likely will harm people. If you care anything about business and jobs in this state, then vote NO on this idiotic amendment.

You act as if we are the

You act as if we are the only state to take this kind of measure. You are right in that North Carolina already prohibits same-sex "marriage". This amendment just cements it so that the federal government cannot override the state. I don't think that prohibiting same-sex "marriage" will affect businesses being here. There are plenty of straight people in the state who are qualified to work.

Yes, 30 states have

Yes, 30 states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. But far fewer states have amendments banning civil unions and domestic partnerships. Indeed, if Amendment One passes, North Carolina will grant fewer rights to non-married couples than Mississippi. Do we really think that being less tolerant than Mississippi is going to attract businesses and tourists to our state?


You listen to too much propaganda.

This amendment takes rights away from people

Out of curiousity... to quote Dr. Baity

"Marriage is a commandment of God, not of the legislature, not of the judiciary, not of the people," said Baity. "It is a commandment of God and we believe that God will bless the people that will stick by, stand by and uphold his eternal word."

So why are we having legistaion write into our constitution anything. It's not a legal issue, it's a belief.

If you vote FOR, it STRIPS EXISTING RIGHTS AWAY from every unmarried couple,gay or straight.

If you vote AGAINST, NOTHING AT ALL CHANGES, the gays cannot all of a sudden get married, there is already a law in place banning such marriages.

What rights are being

What rights are being stripped away by this amendment? The amendment clearly states that private parties can still enter into contracts with other private parties and it gives the courts the authority to adjudicate said contracts.

Marriage has nothing to do

Marriage has nothing to do with God. It is simply a social arrangement for the benefit of children and government to deny individuals benefits that they would get if they were single, not to mention to millions spent on divorce lawyers.

Take Away?

"If you vote FOR, it STRIPS EXISTING RIGHTS AWAY from every unmarried couple,gay or straight. "

Not even close to the truth. Every unmarried individual still can choose to marry another consenting individual of the opposite sex.

The only change is that some town mayor of NC cannot decide to issue same sex marriage licenses followed by some activist State Judge (Walker)forcing the State to accept SSM as happened in California.

Moves any question to the Federal court system where matters of U.S.Constitution query's are duly served.


Right....and if you really believe that, there's a bridge in San Francisco I would like to sell you.

Read it for yourself

Jennifer Scott is wrong. The amendment does not in any way affect custody arrangements. In fact, it completely protects those kinds of agreements. Don't take anyone's word for what the amendment says. Read it for yourself.

The non-partison state

The non-partison state convention charged with explaining the Amendment said that the bill very well might affect custody arrangement, depending on how judges interpret it.

The term “domestic legal union” used in the amendment is not defined in North Carolina law. There is debate among legal experts about how this proposed constitutional amendment may impact North Carolina law as it relates to unmarried couples of same or opposite sex and same sex couples legally married in another state, particularly in regard to employment-related benefits for domestic partners; domestic violence laws; child custody and visitation rights; and end-of-life arrangements. The courts will ultimately make those decisions.


Yes on 1

As California has shown, from Civil union to Marriage is but a court case away.
Voting Yes takes the issue out of the State court system. Also prevents the Homosexual agenda from "buying" your elected officials vote.
It is your First Amendment right to define marriage as 1 man 1 woman. It is yours and your neighbours money that supports 1 man 1 woman marriage and the children's upbringing free from teachings that ALL sexual orientations are allowable to explore, regardless of risk.

So where does it end then??

So where does it end then?? Why do some think it's okay for same sex people to marry but bigamy is not okay. Slippery slope I say. The States have to draw a line as to what is a "marriage" and once you open the door to all manner of "other" it's hard to close it.

'Marriage' is the union of

'Marriage' is the union of two human beings.
'Other' is anything else.

Pretty simple, isn't it?

'Marriage' is the union of

'Marriage' is the union of a man and a woman.
Anything else is 'Other'

Pretty simple, isn't it?

Marriage is

“Because state supports religious marriage and because those communities have a place in defining public policy,” “it is imperative that religious liberty claims be considered.

'Marriage' is the union of two consenting individuals of opposite gender.

Pretty simple, isn't it?

This is a very dangerous

This is a very dangerous amendment. Not only does it have far-reaching effects which will not be known by many until it it passed, but it is just more intrusion by the government into our lives. Voting "NO" is not a religious matter, it is a common sense one. It is none of the government's business who we see, who we live with, interact with or marry.


Please explain why it is dangerous and what far reaching effects you are referring to. Please be more specific instead of generalizing. It will help us to make a decision.

If it just banned gay marriage...

I'd have no hesitation about voting for it. Marriage IS between a man and a woman and political correctness cannot re-define words.

Unfortunately, this amendment goes far beyond banning gay marriage and basically says that gays and Lesbians are not entitled to the same legal rights that you or I enjoy relative to taxes and probate.

If you truly respect the work of our Founding Fathers, if you believe in the Constitution, please vote "No" on this amendment.

If you want to follow

If you want to follow California and have the homosexual lifestyle taught in your public school system with you as the parent the right to OPT-OUT of such teachings then vote No.
if you feel that the sexual upbringing of your child is best served based upon your values then Vote yes for this amendment.

The red herring diversion of what may happen when this amendment passes is just that, nonsense diversion. None of the States that have passed similar measures have experienced the scare tactics used by the homosexual agenda.

If You Want to Follow

If you want to follow California and have the homosexual lifestyle taught in your public school system with you as the parent having "NO" right to OPT-OUT of such teachings then vote No.

Good luck!

If you think this amendment is going to stop the propaganda war, you're being very naive. They are going to push their agenda regardless, because nothing in this amendment will stop them.

If anything, its passage is going to whip them into a frenzy.

"If anything, its passage is

"If anything, its passage is going to whip them into a frenzy."

Yes, then the true colour of the homosexual cause will show itself

If you know the Constitution

If you know the Constitution you will know this is a state's rights issue and perfectly constitutional. If NC wants to prevent the sactioning of perversion it can. Commonsense, read the document; educate yourself.

Rights are Equal

Each consenting Individual may choose another consenting individual of the opposite gender to enter "As a Pair" into Marriage.

As A Pair Race alike are given "Equal Treatment."
As A Pair Gender alike are given "Equal Treatment."
As A Pair Ethnicity alike are given "Equal Treatment."

Sexual Orientation is not an immutable condition

Try reading the Fourteenth Amendment

Every state is bound to provide every citizen EQUAL PROTECTION OF LAW.

This amendment insures that we will be denying gays and Lesbians rights that heterosexual married couples retain. If you don't want them to marry, fine. If you tell them that they are inelegible rights relative to taxation and probate, then I have to step over and join their side. You see, I HAVE read the Constitution.

We have the Bible and we have a Constitution. Try not to mix them up. When you try to govern by the Bible you're no better than the Taliban.

"This amendment insures that

"This amendment insures that we will be denying gays and Lesbians rights that heterosexual married couples retain."

You make the assumption that heterosexual couples have a right to marriage.
Marriage itself may be a civil right but those that approach this right must meet the qualifying condition that society has set.

You are exactly right!

Society sets the laws for marriage, and when you bar someone from getting married, you have to find another way to insure that they enjoy all rights married people enjoy.

A man and a woman shacked up cannot file a joint tax return, but they can get married and file a joint tax return if they want to.

Two gay guys who are shacked up cannot file a joint tax return under any circumstance and by law, have no option for correcting that.

That's a clear violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. A gay man should have every single right you have. You may look down on his lifestyle, you may be disgusted by his actions, he may offend every single aspect of your basic core and religious values, but he's a citizen of the United States and deserves to be treated as such.

Filing Taxes a Right?

"cannot file a joint tax return,"

Is no "right" to pay taxes, paying taxes denies the individual to keep the product of their labours, if you want to go there.
However no one is stopping you from filling out the form and sending it in.