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As election day approaches, both sides debate marriage amendment

READ MORE: As election day approaches, both sides debate marriage amendment

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)-- The most heated race this primary season may not be among any candidates at all, but between two ideals, on the subject of same sex marriage.

From now until election day on May 8th, we'll be offering you profiles of many of the candidates you'll see on your ballot. We begin though with Amendment One, a measure that would define marriage in the state constitution as between one woman and one man, and banning any other type of domestic union.

"Marriage was put in place by our creator. God is the one that defined marriage. Our Savior in the gospel of Matthew said for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife," said Berean Baptist Church pastor, Ron Bailey.

"It's just one of those doors that could be open that could cause so many problems for so many people, not just gay and lesbian families, said Jennifer Scott, with Wilmington Pride.

Although gay marriage is already illegal in the state, if passed, the amendment would also make it illegal in the state constitution, which would make it even more difficult to reverse.

The amendment would ban both gay marriage and civil unions. Even if you vote no, it would not legalize gay marriage.

For those who plan to vote against it, they say its not just a gay rights issue.

"Even unmarried straight couples, engaged couples, single parents who may have established previously accepted child custody agreements with their long term straight partner it affects those, impacts those, takes away those rights that have previously been established," said Scott.

Dr. Baity is from Winston-Salem. He has traveled across North Carolina holding rallies and meeting with other pastors to share his message of approving the amendment.

"Marriage is a commandment of God, not of the legislature, not of the judiciary, not of the people," said Baity. "It is a commandment of God and we believe that God will bless the people that will stick by, stand by and uphold his eternal word."

Both sides are confident that they are supporting what's best for the state and that they will prevail come May 8th.

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Common, ususally....

Common, usually I agree with you but on this one we part company. I understand your trying to give an analogy and make a point, but please do not compare the Bible with the Taliban. Thank you.

sorry, but Commonsense is 100% right

He is making a perfectly valid comparison. The Taliban believe in Sharia law, where laws are based on the teachings of the Quran. All the right wingers are clamoring for this Amendment because they want marriage to be defined solely by what is written in the Bible. Plain and simple, they want everyone in this state to live by laws based on the Bible. Sure sounds like a step towards Sharia Law to me. Common is right, you are no better than the Taliban when you try to institute religious-based laws and force everyone to live by your Bible.

I'm NOT comparing the Bible to the Taliban

I'm comparing those who choose to ignore the Constitution because of the Bible with the Taliban.

This isn't rocket science - the most effeminate queen or frightening butch you can dig up downtown is entitled to every single right as a citizen that you or I are entitled to.

Do I appreciate or encourage their lifestyle? No. The Bible is quite clear regarding God's view of homosexuality. Our country, however, is not governed by the Bible. We are governed by the Constitution and sinners are protected by that Constitution. people have a right to sin.

Commonsense, again you

Commonsense, again you document your ignorance of American history. We are a nation very much founded on Christian principles. And to compare us to the Taliban is just pathetic. Please site the exact reference in the Constitution that gives the federal government the power to stop states from protecting traditional marriage.

Review: It's not about marriage

Let's go over this again for the slow ones. The amendment doesn't only address marriage. It addresses rights and privileges that we give married couples but want to permanently deny to gays and Lesbians.

I've been married and I thing gays and lesbians are NUTS to even want to get married! I've stated numerous times that I'm totally opposed to letting them "marry." A marriage is between a man and a woman.

Gays and Lesbian couples do, however, have a legitimate right to ANYTHING the government grants to married heterosexual couples, to include equal tax treatment and probate rights.

If the term "equal protection of law" confuses you, then you will simply never understand why many conservatives are opposed to this law. It simply goes too far. It codifies some perceived inferiority and second class status to citizens of the Unites States based upon their sexual preference....

...and that's wrong.


Equal protection of law...OK, so what protection do they NOT have now? Don't they already have equal protection under the law as individuals? The same equal protection that all of us have, gay or straight? What would this add? I know what it will subtract; money from my pocketbook when they start applying for all the Social Services they can get out of the system. Let's face it; they're in it for the benefits, which will come out of all our pockets. Everybody says no, no right now; but just wait, it will happen. And my viewpoint has nothing to do with religion; it's just my own viewpoint. individuals.....

...but not as a coupled entity.

For example, while I'm a big fan of doing away with taxing income and instead taxing consumption (such as The Fair Tax), until we do that it's wrong to afford heterosexual couples a reduced tax rate that gays or Lesbians cannot achieve through a registered domestic partnership.

The best example of probate issues I know of is a guy who died up in Wayne County. He had specific wishes regarding his funeral and cremation, had even written down his wishes, but his long-term partner had absolutely no legal standing to bring about those wishes. The guy's estranged daughter came in like gangbusters and his partner was frozen out completely. Nothing the guy wanted was done. He wanted to be cremated and have his ashes scattered off Beaufort, he wound up getting buried in a cemetary up in Lenoir County.

The easiest way to solve the issue of gay rights is for the states to get OUT of the marriage business. The states/counties should register domestic partnerships, only, be they man-woman, man-man, woman-woman. People should then go see their priest, minister, rabbi, or imam to get "married." It should be the clergy that throws you out of their office, not the clerk of the court.

I blame two groups for this controversy: The GLBTXYZ community, for wanting to get "married," when that's plainly ridiculous, and the Christian Taliban who simply can't accept that the Bible is secondary to the Constitution when we discuss the rights of citizenship.


And my viewpoint is that they SHOULDN'T have it as a coupled entity, only as individuals.

To Christians, the Bible should never be secondary to the Constitution or anything else. To us, the Bible is the Word of God and will always come first.

Yes, it should come first for YOU

You have absolutely no right to impose YOUR religious beliefs upon others and deny their rights in the process, Mohammed.

It's a shame you can't behead them, huh?

amendment one

First, this amendment is unnecessary as we already have a law against gay marriage in NC. Second, this law affects many unmarried couples who are NOT gay. It can negate health insurance protection, child care provisions, medical emergency decisions, domestic violence protections, just to name a few "unintended" consequences that will result from passing this amendment. I am a happily married heterosexual person whose marriage does not need "protection" from gay people!


Marriage started as civil unions and the only part the church had in it originally, was saying a prayer. In NC common law marriage was legal until the 1950's and all that is, is people shacking up for 7 years and then saying they were married. You could also jump over a broomstick and you were married. Where is the religion in those rites?
Everybody knows this is another non-issue smokescreen by the the religious Right hoping to divert the public's scrutiny of the real issues. Everyone should mind their own business. If you think your marriage is compromised by letting same sex people get married then you don't have much of a marriage anyway.


a like me wanting people to mind their own business that are trying to get prayer banned everywhere and crosses taken out of site...the time to sit back and get beaten up for being a Christian is OVER...


Amen. Christians should have spoken up long ago. Never be ashamed to voice what you believe in...even if it's not popular. It's still America, and we can still voice our own opinions.

Kind of

Are you one of those violent "Christians"? No one wants to "beat up" people like you; they just want you to leave them alone and let them live their life. Isn't that what everyone wants?

Amen. I hate it when

Amen. I hate it when someone wants to defend what is in the Bible and be branded a "hater". Marriage is defined in the Bible as one man and one woman. If homosexuals want some type of civil union that offers all the same rights as marriage, fine. Just don't try to call it marriage.

I hope you know that

I hope you know that Amendment One bans civil unions as well as marriage. Also, it is worth noting that Arizona voters rejected an amendment banning civil unions and then subsequently passed one that banned marriage, but allowed civil unions. If you primarily concern is about making gay marriage unconstitutional, you should vote against Amendment One and then get the legislature to approve a more narrow amendment.

Thank You

It's nice to hear someone with some actual common sense. Gay's being allowed to marry affects no one but them. And just because some find it offensive, does not mean it should be illegal. I find people shoving the bible down my throat offensive, but I don't think it should be illegal. If marriage was strictly a religous union, then you would have to get married in a church, and we all know that is not the case. Bottom line, this is a BAD Ammendment, and if it doesn't pass, that won't make gay marriage legal, but if it passes, it will surely take away alot of rights, whether or not your gay or straight.

Gay marriage

I am pretty sure that I am straight. Last time I checked anyway. I was also, last time I checked 73 years old. It would not matter much whether I was gay or straight. . At my age, the main reason for going to bed is to get a good nights sleep.

"Howsomever " I do not see how it is anybody's business what any two people do to each other in privacy as long as both are willing.

NC already has a law against gay marriage. This is much ado about nothing. I do not care about your politics. Let me give you a short list of things that do matter: 1. The climate is warming. It is undeniable to all sane people. 2. Crime continues. There are not enough prisons to hold all the bad guys. 3. The parole system obviously does not work. The same bad people end up right back on the street. 4. Most of this crime is drug related and would not exist if Yuppies were notout there every night buying the stuff.

Have a good day!!


So, does that mean that you are another non-issue smokescreen by the non-religious Left hoping to divert the public's scrutiny of the real issues? Just wondering....



Has anybody noticed?....

How few people sign their own names to these posts. I would not ever state anything on here that I would not be willing to debate with you down at Java Dog.

You might win the debate. After all, I am an old man and my brain is not as fast as it used to be. I always put my name on there.

How about you?