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Residents petition against public housing in their backyard

READ MORE: Residents petition against public housing in their backyard

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Many Pine Valley residents are up in arms over a possible rezoning vote.

The Wilmington Housing Authority wants to build public housing off John Barry Drive and 17th street. Nearby property owners are not happy and they're letting city council know it.

"We've got a big investment here and we're hearing a decrease in valuation of 30 percent," argues Jim Stirling.

He has lived in the Preston Woods neighborhood of Pine Valley for 17 years. The area being discussed for Section eight public housing for older residents is right in his back yard.

"The houses closest by would be affected. If we sell our house and we have to take a hit to sell it because of the property back there, our house because of comparables for the rest of the neighborhood, and ultimately it's going to affect everything in the neighborhood," Stirling said.

The Stirlings, along with many of their neighbors, signed a petition against the Wilmington Housing Authority's rezoning request.

Homeowners aren't the only ones upset.

"The road that they're going to put right beside Spring Arbor, my residents walk around the building at all times, so I'm just a little fearful that that's going to impact their well being," said Spring Arbor Executive Director, Loretta Thomas.

Wilmington City Council will hear from both sides during a public hearing at Tuesday night's council meeting.

Despite the planning commission denying the ordinance five to 0, council member Kevin O'Grady is not leaning one way or the other.

"I'm trying to keep my wings nice and level, listen to both sides, and then make a decision," O'Grady said.

We contacted the Wilmington Housing Authority today for their side of the story but they have not called us back.

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You can't find compassion in your heart for ELDERLY PEOPLE so that they can have affordable housing, in a SAFE neighborhood?!? I just can't imagine that elderly folks are going to cause the neighborhood to go downhill. . .shame on all of you.

Move Back to Wilmington

This is good news in a way, we are planning on buying our second home in Wilmington, after being gone since 1999. Pine Valley was a place I was considering, but with this news, I would not even think on buying there.

Dumb move City Council...

Well that rules me out

After being gone from Wilmington, we are finally going to buy a get away home back there, Pine Valley was in consideration. But this news it TOTALLY out of consideration.

City Council Imperialists

Wilmington City Council cares not whos throat they cut, whos job they kill, whos family they tear apart. From Forced Annexations to Baseball Stadiums & Beyond - What Wilmington City Council wants, is what goes down. The Citizens are secondary and, deservingly so - you get the government you dont bother voting against. Get out and VOTE !!

Who can blame them for their opposition?

This entire concept of forced mixed income neighborhoods is crazy. People bust their butt to escape from poverty, buy a nice home in a middle class neighborhood, and we think it's a good idea to ship what they escaped out there to them?

There is plenty of room to expand public housing adjacent to all the existing public housing.

who can blame them

don't you feel silly

so you went with the inaccurate story anyway

you did not get the wha..but you went with the story anyway:
first, the neighbors are wrong about valuation and you did not do anything so substantiate their claims.
secondly it is not public housing it is subsidized housing for seniors only.
finally there is a petition FOR the housing that far outweighs the one against it and there is a great need in that area alone for that very housing.
Just sloppy and irresponsible.

Are you kidding?

Are you kidding? All you have to do is mention "Wilmington Housing Authority" and people go running for cover. If you examine the past, you will see that everything they touch they destroy for those they are trying to help and for those around them. Back off Guestasfg.


Than place it next to Porters Neck, Brunswick Forrest, or Tidal Walk.

Section 8 for Seniors or not...

Once Section 8 comes in with Seniors the door is open. This is the same thing that happened in Nesbitt Courts in the Senior Annex. You will open the door for future problems if you allow this to happen and your property values will plummet.

Location...Location..Location. It never changes.