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POLL: NC Marriage Amendment has strong lead in final week


RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE FROM THE CIVITAS INSTITUTE) -- Marriage Amendment proponents appear to be ahead in North Carolina, according to polling done by the Civitas Institute on April 30 to May 2.

Support for the proposed amendment to the state constitution that would give the current definition of marriage additional legal protection remains strong as One-Stop Absentee Voting enters its final days. Applying survey results to current voter turnout trends and anticipated election day voting would project the amendment winning by no less than a 16 percentage-point margin.

A survey of partisan primary voters shows the amendment winning among Democrats by a slim 48-to-44 percent margin and among Republicans by a 78-to-15 percent margin. The largest supporters of the amendment among Democratic voters are black voters (38 percent of the sample), who support the amendment by a 2-to-1 margin -- 63 to 30 percent. Self-identified conservative Democrats (23 percent of the sample) support the amendment by an 82-to-13 percent margin.

Among Republican primary voters, the weakest support for the amendment was found with self-identified liberal/moderate Republicans (21 percent of the sample), who supported the amendment by a 49-to-46 percent margin.

“While there is still time for a strong advertising or grassroots effort to change the outcome, it appears supporters of the amendment have the momentum,” said Civitas President Francis De Luca. “However, as I have said before, this amendment is about deeply felt convictions affecting some of our most important civic institutions, faith and family. I believe we have not heard the last word on this issue.”

The Civitas Poll is the only regular live-caller poll of critical issues facing North Carolina. For more information on Civitas polling, see

Full text of questions:

Do you support or oppose a constitutional amendment that says: “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State?”


48% Total Support

44% Total Oppose

41% Strongly Support

7% Somewhat Support

6% Somewhat Oppose

38% Strongly Oppose

7% Don’t Know/ No Opinion (DO NOT READ)

1% Refused (DO NOT READ)


78% Total Support

15% Total Oppose

72% Strongly Support

7% Somewhat Support

3% Somewhat Oppose

12% Strongly Oppose

6% Don’t Know/ No Opinion (DO NOT READ)

-- Refused (DO NOT READ)

These two polls were each of 400 registered voters who were likely primary voters in their respective primaries in North Carolina and was conducted between April 30 and May 2, 2012 by National Research, Inc. of Holmdel, NJ. All respondents were part of a fully representative sample of registered 2012 primary election voters in North Carolina. For purposes of this study, voters interviewed had to have voted in at least one of the past two primary elections (2008, 2010) or be newly registered to vote since May 1, 2010.

The confidence interval associated with a sample of this size is such that: 95 percent of the time, results from 400 interviews (registered voters) will be within +- 4.9% of the “True Values.” True Values refer to the results obtained if it were possible to interview every person in North Carolina who had voted in at least one of the past two primary elections or is newly registered to vote since May 1, 2010.

More information on the Civitas Institute is available at

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How about we use your

How about we use your words:
That sentence, "...sorry, that's just how it is..." has been used to justify a lot of prejudice, ignorance, and stupidity over the years. Hmmm...slavery, that's just how it is!"

Seems you have a bit of prejudice and ignorance as well. That type of ignorance is how slavery got started in the first place, however you come here with the "holier than thou" attitude that many liberals have today. They think they are "progressive" and "ahead" of the others in society who have a more conservative point of view.

It's ironic that in the attempts to bring us closer together and more "progressive" in society, the only thing they do is to bring out more of the silent majority in our state to speak for what they support.

In closing, there are many other states out there who allow gay marriage, and others who do not. If a gay couple wants to marry, they just won't be recognized by our state, and with our mobile population of today, that's easily fixed. Point the car north and start driving.


Is that the only thing you liberals have to fall back on? If we don't agree with your view, well we must all be ignorant, backwoods, rednecks! That B.S gets old. While I have no issues with gay marriage or gays serving in the military, I do take issue with you damn liberals always cackling the same B.S. That's just how it is!!!!

gays in military

personally I do have a problem with gays in the military because of the logistical issues. Had the same issues with women in combat roles. Not doubting they can do it, just takes a lot of logistics to separate, medically care for, house, etc... Theoretically, if you have to separate a woman from a man to house them, then would you house a gay man with a straight man? A gay woman with a gay woman? How would you house them so as not to infringe the rights of one or the other? Now do this on a ship made to house 4000 men, and add gays and women. How many can you house now?

Marriage was a religious invention, why the civil part ever came into play I'll never know. I agree that any or all legal issues can be solved with powers of attorney and wills. Let marriage remain a sacrament obtained from each persons individual religion.

I personally also have no problem whatsoever with what anyone does in the privacy of their own home, or who they do it with. Just don't infringe on others rights.

Amendment !

Amendment 1 does not affect straight married couples in any way. Why is it then, that so many heteros are so strongly against gay marriage? People that love each other are going to be together regardless,so why take away something that would solidify and honor their relationship? People fear what they do not understand.
Besides, passing this amendment is just going to reiterate what many people think of the South-as being ignorant and backwards. Religion should not play any role in the passing of this amendment. Separation of church and state. If your religion prohibits same-sex marriages, then you cannot be married by that denomination. So allow the ceremonies to be performed by those that are not against it.
Besides, even if it does pass, it will just have to be re-amended a few years down the road when saner minds prevail in this state.

What does the Bible say?

Do you have any idea what the Bible says about homosexuality? Should we love all people? Yes! Jesus loved people. However, he hated sin. Homosexuality, according to God, is sin!

So? We're talking about

So? We're talking about government, not churches. This isn't a theocracy, stop bringing the bible into it like it's a valid argument.

People need to learn many

People need to learn many things before they open their mouth and comment..They should learn first..1)"The south (mainly NC) is full of in bred idiots"....well NC was one of the first colonies in the new world and many of our brethern across the US came from the loins of North Carolinians....think on that...2)In the end it does not matter what the US Supreme Court says.....Jesus Christ will be the final and ultimate judge. He will return to rule and reign....3)There are other religions but they worship dead gods....Christ lives! now and forever. 4)God ( in the same) hates sin! He said to stand against hate it...not the sinner..but the act they commit. 5)God hates "luke warm" He would rather we be hot or cold as opposed to luke warm. He said he would spew them (luke warm) out of his mouth. There are too many so called 'luke warm" Christians that in reality are not saved, that do not have a personal relationship with Christ. If they did, they would follow His teachings. One can not pick and choose from the WORD. He did come of a virgin..He did die on a cross for mans sin..He did arise the third day...He will return.......and he does hate the sin of homosexuality, no matter how people make it look like something else. He called it an abomination and America will be judged. I will live my life to the best of my ability, observing His teachings, and showing His love.....I wish each of you would as well. If you came to know the love of Christ that I as well would vote for the marriage amendment. Once Christ trully enters your will want to follow him. He will clean the darkest sin from our life and make the vessel new. "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature." Try him out, what can you lose...I promise you...He will change teh way you vote!

So is eating shellfish.

So is eating shellfish.

Just showed...

your ignorance about the bible....

Sad Sad day in NC.

Sad Sad day in NC.

We are human, too

"From far away we don’t see people as human beings, and when we stop seeing people as human beings and they instead become symbols, objects of envy or hate, people can do bad things to one another." (source)

Please read and share this open letter to straight, married couples from a human being who happens to be a lesbian, too: Dear (Heterosexual) married couples,

I fully support the

I fully support the amendment. I voted for the amendment and have encouraged my family and friends to do the same.


Why is that?

... because he is a lazy

... because he is a lazy bigot and doesn't believe in reading bills before they're passed. Sadly enough, in NC there are lots of them out there. Those people think that a mindless "ditto-head" is actually a compliment.